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WhatsApp Guides & Tips 2020 – Part 1

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Whatsapp Guides & Tips 2020: WhatsApp was launched in January 2009 by two former Yahoo! developers, Brian Acton, and Jan Koum. After the pair left Yahoo! in September 2007 they spent some time traveling and, as Internet rumor has it, frequently found it difficult to stay in touch reliably with friends and family.

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Once they returned home they applied for a number of jobs, one of which was at Facebook HQ. Sadly, or rather thankfully, they were turned down and about that time Koum, living off his saving from Yahoo!, purchased an iPhone and immediately saw the app industry as the way forward.

Koum began exploring the possibility of developing an app that would allow mobile users to interact and communicate with each other better than with what was currently available. Teaming up with Acton, they began to develop the foundation of WhatsApp, which was to sound like ‘What’s up’.

Installing “WhatsApp on a PC”

Due to the differences in the platform, from mobile to desktop, installing WhatsApp on a PC isn’t going to be the same process. However, it’s just as easy. All you need to do is ensure that you have permission to install programs to the PC beforehand and you’re running Windows 8 or higher.

Whatsapp Guides & Tips

1 To begin with, you need to visit the WhatsApp website, specifically the Download section: www.whatsapp. com/download. Here you can see the screen split into two sections: the left side for mobile devices and the right for desktop systems. Click the Green Download for Windows (64-bit) button to continue.

Whatsapp Guides & Tips 20182 After clicking the button you’ll be asked to Save the file to your desktop, do so and wait for it to download. You can find the program executable in the Downloads folder of your home area on the PC. Just double-click the WhatsApp Setup program to start the installation.


If you’re unfamiliar with a QR Code, it means Quick Response Code and is a more complex form of a barcode. A QR Code can hold far more information than a traditional barcode and can be used to automatically take you to a website or activate an app such as in this case, with WhatsApp for the PC.

Whatsapp Guides & Tips 2018

3 The install is a little different to most other apps you may have downloaded in the past. After a short while, WhatsApp asks you to scan a QR code with your phone’s version of WhatsApp. You will need to open WhatsApp, tap on the three vertical dots in the top right, followed by WhatsApp Web.

Whatsapp Guides & Tips 2018

4 There are full instructions on the WhatsApp mobile version as to how to scan the QR code and once it has successfully recognized it, the PC version will automatically be loaded up, complete with your account information and contacts.

Installing WhatsApp on a Mac

Installing the desktop version of WhatsApp onto a Mac is done similarly to the PC version. To begin with, ensure you have the relevant permissions to be able to install programs to the Mac and have your mobile device handy with the WhatsApp app already installed.

Whatsapp Guides & Tips 2018

1 From the Dock, click on Safari to open the WhatsApp Downloads webpage: www.whatsapp. com/download. Click on the green button to the righthand side of the screen labeled Download, for macOS to start the download process.

Whatsapp Guides & Tips 2018

2 Once the WhatsApp.dmg file is downloaded it will appear in the Downloads folder in the Dock. Expand Downloads and click on the file to start the installation. After a short time you will be presented with the WhatsApp Installer window; simply drag the WhatsApp icon over to the Application folder icon.

Whatsapp Guides & Tips 2018

3 Double-click the WhatsApp icon in the installer window and click Open in the confirmation box that appears. Just like the Windows desktop installation, the WhatsApp window will display a QR Code which you can scan with WhatsApp on your mobile device.

Whatsapp Guides & Tips 2018

4 Once you’ve scanned in the QR Code, the Mac desktop WhatsApp synchronizes with the WhatsApp account you’ve created on the mobile device. You will be able to view any contacts and conversations you have started.


Thankfully macOS is a more stringent operating system than that of Windows. While the wall-gardened approach to macOS may infuriate some, it does have the advantage of not allowing fake apps or those that carry potential threats, through to the core system. However, be careful as Internet-borne threats are continually evolving.
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WhatsApp on Android

1 Camera – Tapping the Camera icon instantly activates the mobile device’s camera function. Options within allow you to attach an image from your Gallery or via either of the front or rear facing cameras. Videos can be shot by long pressing the relevant button.

2 Messages – The main bulk of the screen is taken up by the messaging window. In here you can quickly view any recent messages and replies or tap the person or persons to continue the chat. You can also see any created Group conversations separated from individual people.

3 New Chat – The green icon to the bottom of the main message window is where you start a new chat or message with one of your contacts. It’s also where you can create a new group chat, invite friends or get help with adding Contacts from your device’s address list.

4 Feature Bar – The Feature Bar along the top of the main message window is where you can view messages, set your own status for your WhatsApp contacts to see or start a voice or video calls through the WhatsApp service. Any new notifications will be represented by a spot next to the relevant feature.

Whatsapp Guides & Tips 2018

5 Search – The Search function is self-explanatory but it’s also surprisingly powerful. With it, you can search for contacts, keywords, and groups within any of the messages you’ve already sent or been a part of. The results are displayed allowing you to choose which message you want to view again.

6 Status – The Status indicator in the main message window tell you whether your message has been viewed by the recipient, as represented by ticks. One tick means the message has been successfully been sent to the contact and two ticks mean the contact has read the message.

7 Options Menu – The three vertical dots in the top right of the WhatsApp screen hide the options for the Feature you’re currently in. For example, the options for Chat are different from that of Status or Calls and so on.

WhatsApp on iOS

1 Edit – The Edit link in the upper left of the screen will let you alter and edit any content depending on which particular feature you’re currently in, such as Chat, Calls, Status and so on. You can archive messages or even delete them from here.

2 Broadcast Lists – The Broadcast Lists link will allow you to send a message to multiple contacts at the same time. You can also broadcast a message to any Groups you are part of.

3 Feature Bar – Along the bottom of the WhatsApp screen you can see the Feature Bar, which houses Status, Calls, Camera, Chats, and Settings. Tapping each one will display a different screen, enabling you to dig deeper into the app’s options, update your status or set up a voice or video chat etc.

4 Camera – The Camera feature, as we’ve mentioned, enters the app’s camera mode. You can take an image with either facing camera and instantly post it in a message, or choose a previously taken shot from the camera roll. You can also make video calls from this feature.

5 Main Screen – The main screen is where all the action takes place, naturally combining messaging, Calls, Status and other options within the entire area. You can scroll through contacts, messages, and settings here.

6 New Group – Tapping this link, as the name suggests, will start the process of creating a new group message/chat, ready for you to populate with your contacts. The contacts and Group content can be edited from the main screen.

7 New Chat – The icon in the top right of the WhatsApp screen starts a New Chat. When you tap it you can choose a contact and enter the message.

WhatsApp on the Desktop

The desktop view of WhatsApp is signi?cantly different from that of the mobile versions but it’s still just as effective. There are a few more menus available, neatly tucked away as well, but overall it’s a functional layout.

Whatsapp Guides & Tips 2018

Messages – The main section of the WhatsApp desktop window is taken up with the chat screen. To begin with, this area is blank but once you click on a chat session the screen will be populated. Images aren’t loaded by default but you can click to view them.

2 Emoji and Chat – The bottom of the chat screen is where you will enter your replies and new chat messages. To the left of the text box where you enter your chats is an Emoji, which when clicked will extend upward to display the available Emojis, symbols and so on.

3 Contacts – The left-hand side of the WhatsApp window contains the current list of contacts you’re messaging as well as any Groups you belong to. To the right of each contact name is a downward arrow; clicking this will display a menu offering Archive, Mute, Delete, Pin and Mark as unread for each contact.

4 Feature Bar – The top of the lefthand panel contains your Profile (as indicated by your profile image), Status, New Chat, and Menu. These work in much the same way as the mobile versions, offering different screens depending on which feature you’ve selected.

5 Extra Features – To the top right you will notice three extra icons, representing Search, Attach and Menu. Search allows you to find anything within a message or a specific contact; Attach lets you send photos and videos, files, camera content, and contact information; and Menu lets you drill down into specific details of the contact and message.

6 Settings – Within the Feature Bar Menu option there’s a Settings Option. Clicking it will replace the left-hand panel with a number of options. These let you change Notifications and Chat Wallpaper and view Blocked contacts, Desktop Settings, which only allows you to start WhatsApp upon booting into the computer, and a Help link.

Setting Up Your Profile

WhatsApp’s profile setup process differs slightly depending on whether you’re using an iPhone, Android or some other mobile device. The main profile creation is the same but different platforms ask different questions, to begin with.

1 The iPhone version of WhatsApp will ask you if you want to enable notifications, whereas the Android version will ask permission for WhatsApp to gain access to the phone’s location, Wi-Fi connection information and so on. You will need to Accept these to continue.

2 You may also be asked to grant WhatsApp access to your contacts, as well as the device’s photos, media, and files. Agreeing will allow WhatsApp to create a contacts list based on your current contacts (if any of your contacts already use WhatsApp) and allow you to send media via the service.

3 Across all devices, after you’ve agreed on access to notifications and the phone’s setup, you will be asked to enter your country code and phone number. WhatsApp is built on top of your device’s phone number but uses data to message. There will be an SMS message sent to the device to confirm the account, to ensure it’s the correct number you enter.

Whatsapp Guides & Tips 20184 You will get the chance to review the number before the SMS verification is sent. If all is fine, then tap OK and once the SMS has arrived, enter the 6-digit code contained in the message into WhatsApp. The profile is now complete and you can start using WhatsApp on your phone.


One last element that Android users may be asked is whether they want their WhatsApp messages and media backed up to their Google Drive account. You can opt for Daily, Weekly, Monthly or Never and even include any videos in your WhatsApp feed.

How to Add Friends and Contacts

Whatsapp Guides & Tips 2018

1 To begin with, tap on the green button in the bottom right of the main WhatsApp screen in the Chats tab. This is the New Chat icon but it’s also used to set up any new contacts or message existing contacts.

2 As mentioned, WhatsApp automatically adds contacts that are already using the app; these will appear in the list, taken from your phone’s available contacts.

Whatsapp Guides & Tips 20183 Scroll to the bottom of the WhatsApp contact list and you can see a button for Invite Friends. Tap it and a window scrolls up from the bottom of the screen asking which app you want to add the contact through. The list scrolls to the right, so swipe from right to left to see the available apps.

Whatsapp Guides & Tips 20184 Once you’ve decided on which app to use to add the contact, WhatsApp will automatically populate the chosen app with an invitation. All you need to do is enter the name of the recipient and hit the Send button. The contact will then be added to WhatsApp once they accept the invite.


Whatsapp Guides & Tips 2018

If you know someone who already uses WhatsApp, then to add them to the app’s list all you need do is add their details to your phone’s Contacts and save the entry. Back in WhatsApp tap the New Chat icon again, followed by the three vertical dots in the top right corner. From the menu choose Refresh and the contact list will be updated.

How to Send Images Over WhatsApp

Whatsapp Guides & Tips 20181 Open WhatsApp, if it’s not already open, and make sure you’re on the Chats screen. Tap the green New Chat icon in the bottom right of the screen to enter the WhatsApp contact list.

Whatsapp Guides & Tips 20182 The WhatsApp window now changes and display a view from the device’s rear camera by default. At the bottom of the screen are several options: Gallery view, auto flash, take picture and swap camera. Tap the swap camera icon in the bottom right to take a selfie, otherwise just take a photo with the large circle in the middle.

Whatsapp Guides & Tips 20183 When you’ve taken your photo, you can edit it with the options to the top of the screen, apply the built-in filters, or add a caption at the bottom of the screen. To send the image, tap the Tick in the bottom right.

Whatsapp Guides & Tips 20184 The screen changes again, displaying your available WhatsApp contacts. Tap the contacts you want to send the image to and press the green arrow in the bottom right to send the image; doing so opens the chat screen with the image displayed.


Whatsapp Guides & Tips 2018

Rather than sending an image via the camera, you can send any of the images that are currently in your device’s Gallery or Photo Roll. From the Camera, screen swipes up to load the images, select the image(s) you want to send and follow the same process to message the image to your contacts.

How to Make Voice and Video Calls

Whatsapp Guides & Tips 20181 You can make a voice or video call in one of three ways. You can tap the contact’s profile image and choose the phone icon for voice or camcorder icon for video. Alternatively, tap on the Calls feature and select the contact you want to call; or you can open an existing chat and select the call or video options from the top of the screen.

Whatsapp Guides & Tips 20182 Depending on which method you use, you can start the call to the selected contact. There are numerous options available while you’re waiting for the call to connect (the contact needs to confirm the call). You can opt for speaker, increase or decrease the volume, hang up before the connection or switch to a chat session instead.

Whatsapp Guides & Tips 20183 The contact you’re calling receives an incoming call notification in WhatsApp. This allows them to either swipe to the right to accept the call or to the left to ignore. They can also open a chat session instead.

Whatsapp Guides & Tips 20184 For a video call, you can see the caller as well as your own video feed as a smaller image in the corner. To hang up the call, or video, simply tap the red phone icon and the call is cut. Note, you can also switch device cameras from the options available in the video window.


Whatsapp Guides & Tips 2018

While the process for connecting a voice or video call is similar on the iPhone, the screens are slightly different. The options when in the call are the same, as well as changing device camera and ending the call.


WhatsApp has made some changes for iOS users. WhatsApp has recently rolled out a new update for iOS users that brings some interesting additions into play. Alongside a slew of bug fixes and performance improvements, WhatsApp now supports a live Widget update when used in the iPhone’s Today View. The Widget Status update allows users to see what’s happening in their WhatsApp world without opening the app, as a quick glance. Voice messages can now be played while switching between WhatsApp and other apps and via the iOS Control Centre and Lock Screen. Finally, WhatsApp has now enabled a Crash Log feature, to help users gain specific information when contacting the WhatsApp developers and help the team.
“Whatsapp Guides & Tips 2020” To be Continued..

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