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Applecare phone number, Applecare plus, Applecare number, Applecare coverage: You’ve recently upgraded your Apple gadget, congrats! There’s something that Apple does exclude from the container, yet gives with each new item sold, and that is AppleCare Plus

Consider it a Golden Ticket to the Genius Bar, offering you 90 days of free assistance and guidance on each part of your new gadget, from software to hardware. For inclusion past that, you have five options: 

The Apple LimitedWarranty; the AppleCare Protection Plan (APP); AppleCare Plus; protection through your versatile supplier or home safety net provider; or the UK Consumer Rights Act 2015.

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What is the coverage of AppleCare+?

AppleCare+ offers repair and replacement of your iPhone’s hardware. Depending on which plan you choose, you can get coverage for up to 2 incidents of accidental damage and theft.

Is AppleCare plus a good idea?

After thoroughly reviewing AppleCare+ and its benefits, we believe it is well worth the extra expense. It is especially useful for devices that you use on a daily basis, such as iPhones and Macs. Almost anything that costs more than $1,000.

How much does AppleCare plus cost?

Do I need the expense of paying for AppleCareplus an upfront payment? No longer! Apple provides the option of recurring payments monthly that works with AppleCareplus over a 24-month time. Prices differ based on the price associated with AppleCarePlus for the particular device, but for a plan that costs $199, the cost is $9.99 per month. Or, with a $299 plan, the cost is $14.99 each month.

Is AppleCare plus the same as AppleCare?

AppleCarePlus Adds Another Year and Coverage for Accidental Damage AppleCarePlus comes with regular AppleCare; however, it also comes with an additional benefit: you receive a different year of warranty protection (an extra two years of coverage for Macs) and two years of support via phone (one additional year for Macs) as well as accidental damage protection (except on Apple TV). Apple TV).

What is AppleCare plus phone number?

If you’d prefer to get the status of your order or make adjustments by calling 01800 040 1966.

Can I buy AppleCare after 1 year?

AppleCare+ can now be added to any device for one year after purchase. This is applicable to iPhones and iPads, Macs as well as iPods. HomePods, Beats (minus urBeats3 and Pill+), AirPods, AirPods Pro, Apple Watches and AirPods Pro, and the Pro Display XDR.

Does AppleCare cover cracked screens?

If you are a member of the AppleCare+ plan, you could use it to cover repairs to your screen. AppleCare+ provides expert technical assistance and coverage for hardware from Apple which includes accident damage insurance. Every incident of accidental damage can be liable to a fee for service or deductible, based on the plan you choose.

How long does AppleCare last for?

Your coverage under your plan can extend beyond the duration of 24 or 36 months in duration, either on a monthly, or an annual basis, until you cancel. If you decide to extend your coverage, it is subject to the most current AppleCareand terms and conditions.

Does AppleCare cover water damage?

All answers. There is no way that the initial one-year warranty or the two-year AppleCareextended warranty cover water damage. But, AppleCare+ does cover two instances of hardware damage, which includes water damage, and comes with the possibility of a minimum deductible. The water damage coverage is not available, regardless of whether you’re covered by AppleCare or AppleCare+.

Does AppleCare cover Theft? 

Theft and losses are not protected but maybe by your homeowner’s insurance or something similar.

What is AppleCare+ and why do you need it?

AppleCarePlus is an additional warranty that goes beyond the typical warranty. Usually, it covers damages like damages caused by drops. AppleCare+ with Theft and Loss is a different kind of extended warranty that protects against damages and also covers you if the iPhone is stolen or lost. iPhone or it is stolen.

Can I add AppleCare at any time?

Do I have the option to purchase this AppleCare Protection Plan anytime? It is possible to purchase this AppleCare Protection Plan anytime within the one-year warranty period.

Can you add AppleCare plus later?

If you need assistance purchasing the AppleCare plan, please contact Apple Support. In the majority of nations and areas, you are able to purchase AppleCarePlus within 60 calendar days after the purchase of your device. In Japan, you can purchase AppleCareplus within 30 days after the purchase of the device.

Things being what they are, which is the correct one for you? We should manage the last alternative first: the UK Consumer Rights Act 2015. 

Is it worth taking out Apple gadget insurance(with AppleCare Plus)?

This bit of legislation applies to any item you purchase for as long as six years from the moment it’s delivered (not purchased) in England, Northern Ireland, and Wales (five years in Scotland). 

The laws oversee your statutory rights on account of an item issue or imperfection, or if the products are not esteemed fit to be of palatable quality or fit for reason. 

Under this law, you are qualified for a fix or replacement – free of charge – or a full refund or full discount. You are likewise qualified to get a full discount in case you’re as yet not happy with an item after it’s been fixed or replaced once.

On the off chance that any of this applies to an Apple or Beats-branded item you’ve gotten, you are qualified for a call or visit the merchant and approach them for a fix, refund, or replacement. 

Be that as it may, making a case for a refund or repair under this legislation is likely trickier than it first shows up. You may have more luck under EU Directive 1994/44/EC, which applies a two-year ensure on all consumer goods bought in the European Union, albeit again caveats apply.

Both the UK Consumer Rights Act 2015 (and the EU Directive) dovetail pleasantly into Apple’s Limited Warranty. This spreads you for one year after the buy date (not conveyance) of an item (two years for apple watch Edition) and again qualifies you with the expectation of free fixes,

Refund or a replacement in case of an issue, in addition to 90 days of specialized help by telephone (again two years for AppleWatch Edition).

Apple sets out your privileges and its lawful commitments at the apple. com/UK/legal/statutory-warranty.

iPad Applecare Coverage

Regardless of whether you concur that an iPad can supplant a PC, its AppleCare plus(+) plan unquestionably is less expensive than AppleCare plus(+) for a Mac—and iPads are qualified for Apple’s fast Express Replacement Service as well.

What amount does AppleCare plus(+) cost for iPad?

$69: iPad min, iPad Air and iPad
$129: iPad Pro

How does AppleCare Plus(+) cover for iPad?

AppleCare Plus(+) expands an iPad’s equipment guarantee from one year to two. Technical support is increased out from 90 days up to two years, so you can call or visit with an Apple rep to find support with, iCloud, iOS, and Apple applications.

You likewise get two occurrences of incidental harm coverage, with an assistance charge of $29 for a wrecked screen, or $99 for some other harm, in addition to the tax. AppleCare Plus(+) covers the iPad just as its battery and incorporated accessories like the power block.

When AppleCare plus(+) doesn’t cover for iPad?

Robbery and Loss. The AppleCare Plus(+) with Loss and Theft plan is just accessible with the iPhone. Check with your mortgage holder’s or leaseholder’s insurance to check whether those approaches offer you any insurance.

Would it be a good idea for you to take it?

This answer may rely on how you utilize your iPad. My iPad, for instance, never goes out—yet I likewise share it with a 6-year-old who doesn’t generally deal with it like a costly and delicate gadget. All things considered, our iPad is for the most part for amusement, so I’m living (hazardously?) without AppleCare plus(+).

Then again, on the off chance that I was a street warrior with an iPad Pro that I depended on consistently to make my living, I’d be bound to dish out the $99 for AppleCare plus(+), which, once more, is less expensive than AppleCare Plus(+) for most Macs or any iPhones.

iPhone Applecare coverage (AppleCare Plus)

The iPhone is shrouded in glass, simple to drop, and goes wherever with you. No big surprise iPhones break so much of the time! Here’s the inside scoop on getting some additional security.

I purchased my iPhone with the iPhone Upgrade Program. can I have incorporated with AppleCare plus(+) for free?

It’s incorporated, yet it’s not free. The expense of the two-year AppleCare plus(+) plan is isolated among the 24 loan installments you consent to pay. (In any case, in any event, you no need to pay interest.

On the off chance that you upgrade your iPhone following a year, your 2 year loan begins once more, yet you despite everything get the second year of AppleCare plus(+) on the new iPhone. Please read once the Upgrade policy. actually this upgrade plan is a loan, so once more, make certain to peruse all the fine print before you register.

What amount does AppleCare plus(+) cost for iPhone?

It changes by the gadget. Here’s the estimating.

Loss and Theft: $199 for AppleCare+
iPhone 8 and 7: $129 for AppleCare+

Loss and Theft: $249 for AppleCare+
iPhone 8 Plus and 7 Plus : $149 for AppleCare+

Loss and Theft: $249 for AppleCare+
iPhone XR and iPhone 11 : $149 for AppleCare+

Loss and Theft: $299 for AppleCare+
11 Pro Max and 11 Pro ,iPhone XS Max and iPhone XS : $199 for AppleCare+

How does AppleCare Plus(+) cover for iPhone?

For the iPhone, Apple Care broadens your guarantee inclusion from 1 year to 2, and expands telephone and live chat support from 90 days to the full 2 years also.

You additionally get up to two occurrences of accidental harm inclusion for a generally low service charge. In the event that you’ve just harmed the screen, a screen substitution is just $29.

In any case, if the iPhone has other harm, the expense is $99. iPhones are qualified for the Express Replacement Service, letting you demand a substitution device via the mail before you send your unique harmed device in for the fix.

So suppose you drop your iPhone on the corner, which breaks the screen yet in addition imprints the fenced-in area enough that Apple can’t fix only the screen—that is a $99 fix. In the event that the screen breaks yet the remainder of the phone is generally solid, $29.

The guarantee against absconds covers the iPhone just as the battery and the included accessories and headphones. Accidental harm can incorporate nearly anything, for example, drops, water harm, running the thing over, your child emptying paint into the Lightning port—as long as you just have two episodes (or less) in the multi-year drop period.

Shouldn’t something be said about the iPod touch?

Indeed, Apple offers AppleCare plus(+) for iPod touch. It’s $59 to expand the guarantee from 1 year to 2, with two years of technical support as well. Up to two occurrences of accidental harm are secured for a $29 administration charge, WITH TAX.

Do loss and Theft cover AppleCare+?

On the off chance that your principal concern is Theft or loss, you need to select explicitly for the AppleCare plus(+) with the Theft and Loss plan. This arrangement takes into consideration two episodes of accidental harm, loss, or theft coverage.

You may likewise need to check your mortgage holder’s and tenant’s insurance approaches to check whether they spread stolen hardware. Some mobile phone specialist co-ops’ own protection plans cover theft and loss, yet it’s generally uncommon.

Would it be a good idea for you to take Applecare Plus?

In case you’re trying to purchase AppleCare Plus+ on anything, it’s presumably going to be your iPhone. In any case, it’s not generally a slam dunk.

For instance, I broke my iPhone screen, and Apple had the option to do an equivalent day screen substitution at the Apple store. I don’t have AppleCare plus+, so Apple charged me the “full” cost for the screen fix,

the price was $129. In any case, on the off chance that I’d paid $129 for AppleCare+ early, the fix would cost me $29. That implies I really paid less for the screen fix out of guarantee. Be that as it may, in the event that I broke the equivalent iPhone again within the two years, the second $29 screen fix would put my route ahead.

Truly it relies upon how aware you are of your iPhone. Do you utilize a case? Maintain a strategic distance from activity sports? Once in a while drop your iPhone? Or on the other hand, would you say you are an all-out clumsy person who’s messed up each iPhone you’ve at any point claimed? Be straightforward with yourself and continue as needs be.

Apple Watch AppleCare Plus

The company offers two levels of AppleCare Plus(+) for the Apple Watch. Since they cost so a lot, the unique release watches (Ceramic, Edition, and Hermès) as of now accompany 2 years of guarantee support, AppleCare plus+ stretches out that to a 3rd year.

How does AppleCare Plus(+) cover for Apple Watch?

The less price Apple Watches accompany 90 days of technical support and a 1-year restricted warranty. AppleCare+ stretches out both two 2 years for $49.

The more costly watches as of now incorporate 2 years of restricted guarantee and technical support. A $99 AppleCare+ plan expands both for the 3rd year.

All Watches are qualified for Express Replacement Service, so you aren’t without an Apple Watch while you hang tight for your fix. The arrangement covers the watch, its battery, the magnetic charger, and the power connector. Apple Watch Editions accompanied an extravagant attractive charging dock that is additionally covered.

AppleCare plus(+) for all Apple Watches conceals 2 occurrences of accidental harm. The administration charges are $69 for normal and Nike+ models, and $79 for Edition and Hermès models, in addition, to tax.

What amount does AppleCare plus(+) cost for iPhone?

For the more normal watches, it costs $79 or $49, contingent upon the Series.

$49 for Apple Watch Series 3.

$79 for Apple Watch Series 5 and Series 4.

Fancier versions like the Titanium, Ceramic or Hermes watches may have distinctive AppleCare plus(+) evaluating, in any case.

Would it be a good idea for you to take it?

It’s really hard to get an Apple Watch fixed anyplace however the Apple store, as we discovered. The Apple Watch is developed to be intense, so most clients ideally shouldn’t have issues. Be that as it may, in case you’re suspicious or clumsy, or you simply love Express Replacement Service so you never miss a stage, AppleCare plus(+) is there.

Help and backing

For help, guidance, and fixes after that, you’ll have to select your gadget into Apple’s paid-for service contract program, known as AppleCare.

AppleCare takes two structures: the AppleCare Protection Plan (APP), which offers an extra two years of guarantee inclusion for Apple TV; and AppleCare+ which is offered on Mac, iPad,iPod, iPhone, HomePod, AppleWatch, Apple Display, and Apple and Beats-branded

AppleCare+ likewise incorporates an extra multi-year guarantee, in addition, limited harm damage cover. We’ll see this in detail next.

The AppleCare Protection Plan (APP) right now just covers Apple TV equipment, with costs beginning at £26. This broadens Apple’s one-year restricted warranty by an additional two years (allowing you three years of inclusion in total) and can be purchased as long as a year after the initial buy date.

APP covers producing defects and programming support (counting iCloud, AirPlay, and tvOS) and includes 24/7 needs technical help.

You likewise get access to Apple’s Express Replacement Service – if your Apple TV should be fixed, Apple will send you a replacement, in addition to the packaging you have to send your ‘broken’ Apple TV back to them for fix (as long as you have a credit or charge card on file).

Do such within 10 days and you won’t be charged for the replacement item. However, there might be extra charges if Apple gets the fixed item back late, or for some other explanation – you could be charged in full if your Apple TV is seriously harmed or has been modified, for example.

AppleCare+ plus 1
AppleCare isn’t just about fixes and replacement, you get access to Apple’s technical support group as well.
AppleCare+ plus

AppleCare+ is Apple’s progressively strong extended warranty. It surrenders you to three years of inclusion whenever purchased for Mac, Apple Display, and Apple Watch Edition, and two years on iPhone, iPad, iPod, HomePod, ordinary AppleWatch gadgets, and Apple or Beats-branded earphones.

AppleCare+ offers a comparable degree of administration to the AppleCare Protection Plan (APP), yet additionally covers two separate incidents of unplanned harm during the time of the warranty. Robbery and Loss – this offers inclusion if your gadget is stolen or lost, despite the fact that this comes at an additional cost.

One of the most significant things to note about APP and AppleCare+ is that both are sold on a per-device basis. Claim more than one Apple item and you’ll have to take out a different Apple service agreement for everyone, which means it can get costly quickly.

However, doing so is still significantly less cheap than not having a warranty – despite the fact that you’ll have to contrast that with spread through your versatile supplier or your home/contents insurance.

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See the ‘Apple gadget repair costs’ inverse to perceive how a lot of a typical AppleCare warranty costs versus the cost of a fix without AppleCare.

Costs for Mac fixes differ uncontrollably, contingent upon the idea of the issue… a portion of the main published data, Apple makes accessible is for battery servicing, which costs £199 on 15-inch and 16-inch MacBook Pros outfitted with Retina shows and £129 on non-Retina display 15-inch MacBook Pros, 13-inch MacBook Pros,11-inch,

and 13-inch MacBook Airs and 12-inch MacBooks. Screen and outside conclusion fixes are accused at £79 of AppleCare+, while other damage costs £229 with AppleCare+.

Be that as it may, this does exclude “excessive physical harm, including disastrous harm because of fluid contactor inundation” ( – so on the off chance that you spill your tea all over your laptop, you’ll be at risk for the full cost of the fix. There are different exclusions as well.

AppleCare vs others


AppleCare must be purchased per gadget, so on the off chance that you have different gadgets the cost rockets upwards. Most home protection policies give inclusion to different gadgets and a few banks additionally, give gadget protection that regularly supports various gadgets.

Theft/loss protection:

In the event that you lose or have your apparatus stolen, unfortunately, Apple won’t help – except if you claim an iPhone in the US. Most protection policies accompany a burglary and misfortune plan, stretched out to Macs, iPads, and every single other device.


You have 60 days to take up AppleCare, and it presents three years of security. Insurance agencies don’t follow such severe timetables, yet the majority of them just insure gadgets as long as five years old.


On account of a claim, AppleCare’s Express Replacement Service guarantees you have the gadget to hold you over (as a rule a similar model). With banks, this isn’t generally the situation, as their provisions are progressively compelled.

Guarantee limits:

With AppleCare, you can just make two inadvertent damage claims during the coverage time frame. Different protections offer various cases in a solitary year.

Services /Software support:

AppleCare is the main insurance that stretches out to services and software (only Apple-branded ). A few carriers give insurance against unapproved information costs, however, it fluctuates. Regarding all-around inclusion, no supplier contends with AppleCare.

The alternative Applecare Plus

In the event that you have a home as well as contents insurance, verify whether your devices are secured. In many cases, they will be, and there’s typically no restriction on either a) the number of gadgets that are secured or b) the number you can claim for accidental harm.

However great the safety net insurer is, they won’t have the option to assist you with software or operating system the issue, and they most likely won’t spread the expense of a battery service either.

There are likewise liable to be different limitations and exclusions – most backup plans won’t spread gadgets that are more than five years of age, for example, and are probably not going to hold you over with a replacement gadget while yours is fixed. Like Apple, most additionally charge an excess (where you contribute an add up to the cost).

Barclays, for example, charges a level expense of £75 regardless of what the repair is for, while an iPhone screen fix under AppleCare Plus just costs £25.

There are additionally forthright expenses to consider. While in the UK Apple requests you pay for AppleCare as a lump amount, most backup plans are upbeat for you to pay in installments – HSBC charges as little as £6 every month for its device insurance,

For example, regardless of the total cost more than two years (£144) is within touching separation of the £199 requested by Apple for an iPhone 11 over a similar period.

Another option is to purchase protection through your portable supplier. These generally spread you for the expense of a replacement gadget, too any information and call costs caused if the insured gadget is lost or stolen.

In any case, cell phone protection can be costly – EE’s Mobile Phone and GadgetInsurance costs from £12.32 every month for Full Cover on an iPhone 11 (£295.68 more than two years), while O2 Insure costs £12.50 every month on a similar premise (£300).

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