How To Remove Activate Windows 11 Watermark Permanently

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Guide On How To Remove Activate Windows 11 Watermark

If you have a Windows license, then you can go to settings, and you can activate Windows PC. but if you don’t have a license, then there is a way to “Remove Activate Windows 11 Watermark” by changing the configuration from the registry editor.

Step 1, Open Run

So, the first step is, click on the “Search icon” from the taskbar. then type “RUN,” then click and open the “RUN” program. 

Step 2, Registry Editor

Now, in the input box, type “Regedit” and then click on “OK.”
A user control permission pop-up will open. Click on “YES” to continue.

Step 3, Open SVSVC folder

go SVSVC folder to Remove Activate Windows 11 Watermark

Once “Registry editor” will open. You need to navigate to the following folder.

EXPEND HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE > EXPEND SYSTEM > EXPEND CurrentControlSet > EXPEND SERVICES > A long folder list will open. Here find and Select the SVSVC folder.

Step 4, Modify

Right-click and select Modify option

Go to the right-side section and Select the “Start” option. Then Select the “Modify” option. A small pop-up window will open.

Step 5, Change Value Data

6. In the pop-up, you need to change the “Value data” input. Set the value data 3 to 4. Next, Click on “OK.”

Step 6, Add KMS Folder

Next, right-click on the blank space, select “new,” and then select “Key.” Name it as “KMS.”

Step 7, Add New Value Data KMS

Add new value data kms_4

Right-clicking on “Default”> in the pop-up input box gives the input value “kms_4”.Click on “OK”. Now close the Registry editor window.

Step 8, Open Task Manager And Select CMD

Add task and select CMD app

Next, Go to search. Search for the task manager. Click and open the “Task Manager.”

Click on “FIle” and then select “Run new task.” Next, click on “Browse.”

Go to “This PC”> then select “C” drive > go to Windows folder > click on the System32 folder.

In the System32 folder, you need to scroll down and find the “cmd” file. Select it and click on the “Open” option.

Step 9, Add “Update” To The End Of The CMD.EXE

add space dash dash update

In the Create new task input box. Add a value [space][dash][dash][update].and check the “Create this task with administrative privileges” checkbox. Then Click on “OK.”

For Example: C:\Windows\System32\cmd.exe –update.

Step 10, RUN Command

Run the command gpupdate force and exit

Once the command prompt window opens. Type the following command:

gpupdate /force

Next, type the “exit” command to close the command prompt.

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Step 11, Reopen Registry Editor

Select Desktop and right-click on PaintDesktopVersion

Again, go to the “Registry Editor.” and now navigate to the following folder:

EXPAND HKEY_CURRENT_USER > EXPAND Control Panel > Next, Select Desktop.

Step 12, Change The Value Data

Set the Value Data 0 to 4 and it will Remove Activate Windows 11 Watermark

On the right-side section. find the “PaintDesktopVersion.”Right-click on it and select the “Modify” option.

Change and set the input value data from 0 to 4. And then click on “OK.”

Step 13, Restart Your System

Now, you need to “Restart” your System. Now, Your “Remove Activate Windows 11 Watermark” problem will be solved.

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