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Change DNS server on Windows 11 Boost Internet Speed: I will show you how you can change your DNS server on your Windows 11 operating system. I will explain to you two different ways to change DNS server on Windows 11.

But first of all, you need to know the IP addresses or the DNS providers you want to use as a DNS server.

So I have this list of the best free DNS service providers. You can decide which DNS provider you want to use for your DNS on your Windows 11 operating system. so you can see all these DNS providers provide free DNS servers. And you need primary and secondary DNS IP addresses for changing your DNS server.

What is DNS?

What is DNS

On the Internet, Computers always identify each other with unique numbers called IP addresses. They do not understand human languages. If computers do not understand human languages, how do they load a website when we type its address in the web browser’s URL bar.

That’s the place where DNS comes in. Suppose we speak English and we want to communicate with a person who speaks French. For effective communication, we will need a translator.
The same is the case on the Internet, where computers or web browsers understand IP addresses. And we humans understand our languages, say English.

DNS acts as a translator between humans and computers. DNS or domain name systems maintain a table where names are mapped into numbers or where websites’ domain names are mapped to their IP addresses.

What is an IP Address?

Computers on the Internet communicate with each other with underground or underwater cables or wirelessly. If I want to download a file from the Internet, then my computer should have an address. Other computers on the Internet can find and locate my laptop. In internet terms, that address of the computer is called IP address.

PS5 DNS Servers BOOST Download Speeds For Gaming

DNS Servers NamePrimary DNSSecondary DNS


DNS Servers NamePrimary DNSSecondary DNSBenefits
Cloudflare DNS1., I would have suggested Google DNS for speed. But a week ago, CloudFare has announced a brand-new DNS service, which is currently way faster at resolving queries than Google DNS.
OpenDNS208.67.222.222208.67.220.220OpenDNS is one of the most popular DNS servers that is fast and provides some of the best security and parental controls for your network. HOW CONFIGURE
Google Free DNS8. Well-known free DNS service. It’s Very Fast.
Smart DNS Proxy169.54.78.84169.53.182.120The primary goal of Smart DNS Proxy is to unlock geo-restricted websites like US-Netflix, Hulu, Pandora, Spotify. HOW TO SETUP
Quad99.9.9.9149.112.112.112Quad9 DNS gives you INSTANT protection from phishing sites, scammers, and malware! (It is a Free tool)
Level 3 Level 3 is not as big as Google DNS, it does provide a lot of ISPs their connection (consider it as an ISP for the ISP) so they are huge, reliable and secure. However, the speed could vary, depending on your location in the world.

Method 1. How to Use Google DNS Server TO Change DNS server On Windows 11

So let’s say I will choose the google DNS server, and the primary IP address is, and the Secondary DNS is So I will use these two IP addresses for the DNS server on my windows 11 operating system.

1. Now I know the IP addresses. So I can just click on the search icon and then search for the control panel. And then click on the Control panel here.

2. And once the control panel opens. I will just click on View by category at the top-right cornerand then I’m going to click on Network and internet option.

3. Next, click on Network and sharing centre. So when You click on the network and sharing centre here, you will be able to see your Internet connection.

Select Network and sharing center

4. So, in my case, I’m connected with the LAN cable. That’s why you can see Ethernet here. Suppose you are connected with your wi-fi network. Then you will see the wi-fi option here. Click On the blue Ethernet0 link.

select Internet Protocol Version 4 and change DNS server On Windows 11

5. Then, here, you need to click on the Properties option. It will open another pop-up. You need to select this option, Internet Protocol Version 4, and then click on the Properties once again.

6. It will open another pop-up again. Here you have to change DNS Setting On windows 11.

 By default, the option is already selected, which is “Obtain DNS server address automatically.” Still, if you want to do it manually, you can just click on “Use the following DNS addresses.”

And then you just need to provide these two addresses simply. one for primary DNS and the other for the secondary DNS.

The Primary DNS is:

The Secondary DNS is:

7. Once you are done. Just click on Ok. and then click on close. Close all the windows. This means that you have changed Google’s DNS server on the Windows 11 operating system. This was the one way you could change DNS settings On Windows 11.

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Method 2, Method 1. How To Use cloudflare DNS Server TO Change DNS Server On Windows 11

So this was the first way. Now we are going to see the second way on how to change DNS Server On Windows 11. 

1. So for the second way, what you need to do, you just need to once again click on the search icon and then search for settings. Click on the Settings app.


You can also open the settings app by just right-clicking on the windows icon here and then clicking on the Settings option here.

Go to Network and Internet and Expand Ethernet0 and click on View additional pro

2. You need to select the Network and Internet. And then just scroll down where it says Advanced network settings. and click on that

3. In the Advanced network settings. you just need to select your Network. In my case, it’s Ethernet0 here.

4. But in your case, it can be wi-fi also. So whatever network connection you have, you just need to click on the down arrow icon. You can see it’s enabled under this network option. You can see the “View additional properties” option. 

Change DNS Settings on Windows 11

5. Next, you can see “DNS server properties.” You also might remember that previously I have changed this address to google’s DNS. So let’s say I want to change it once again to some other DNS provider server addresses.

6. I can just click on Edit. And then instead of google servers. I can just use Cloudflare servers here. This is also a very good DNS provider and also free. 

And the DNS server addresses are Primary DNS – as Preferred DNS and Secondary DNS- as Alternate DNS., so I’m going to provide that.

7. Once you are done. Click on the Save button. WOW. You are done. You have changed the DNS server on Windows 11.

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