MW3: How to CLAIM SECRET FREE Daily Login Rewards?

Daily Login SECRET Rewards in MW3 Season 3

So, in Season 3 of MW3, some cool secret daily login rewards await you. Here’s the scoop:

  1. What are they? These rewards are like hidden treasure – you log in, and boom, they’re yours!
  2. How do you unlock them? Just sign in daily, and they’ll magically appear.
  3. What goodies can you expect? Well, that’s the exciting part! It could be anything from weapon blueprints to cool skins.
  4. How long will this last? The party’s on until the end of the season.
  5. Don’t miss out! Oh, and by the way, there are secret challenges and Easter eggs too. Check out my video for the full scoop.

How to use New Biometric Scans Explained?

In Call of Duty, hidden surprises and challenges await you. You might not know about them yet, but don’t worry—I’ll fill you in.

How to use New Biometric Scans Explained?
How to use New Biometric Scans Explained
  1. Secret Daily Login Rewards: First, some neat rewards await you daily. Guess what? They’re free! However, many players need to pay more attention.
  2. Finding Biometric Scans: The map has unique spots called Biometric Scans. Ten of them are scattered around. I’ll show you where to find them later.
  3. How It Works: When you get to a Biometric Scan, interact with it. It’ll scan you briefly and give you an ID key card.
  4. Redeeming Rewards: Take that key card to a buy station. You can swap it there for cash, loot, or even better rewards!

Biometric Scan: Rarity & Rewards

  1. Rarity determines loot quality, starting with bronze, silvergoldPlatinumpolyatomic, and Orion.
  2. Boost Chances: Having squadmates nearby during scanning increases the chances of better loot.

Rewards Breakdown:


  • Random ammunition, cash, armor plates, lethals, tacticals.


  • Same as bronze but with more cash and a perk package.


  • Adds perk packageplate carrier, and field upgrade to silver rewards.


  • Similar to gold but with a chance of field upgrade or kill streak and more cash.

Polyatomic & Orion:

  • It offers free equipment at the buy station, including weapon blueprints with eight attachments for each. The weapons are randomized, but they are powerful.
  • Additionally, for Polyatomic, you receive five free items at the buy station, offering flexibility in choosing load-outs or kill streaks.
  • For Orion, additional rewards are mentioned but not detailed.


These rewards are not permanent. Permanent rewards include calling cards, emblems, weapon blueprints, and camos. Further details on these are discussed separately.

Unlock Exclusive Rewards with Daily Biometric Scanner Check-ins

  1. Scan Every Day: Use the biometric scanner daily for a permanent login reward.
  2. Rewards List: As shared by Bob Network:
  • 3 Days: Need a Hand calling card.
  • 7 Days: Encrypting calling card.
  • 12 Days: 1-hour Double XP token.
  • 21 Days: New loading screen.
  • 27 Days: Welcome to the Mainframe weapon camo.
  1. Real-Life Days: Log in for real days, not just consecutive gaming sessions.
  2. Upcoming Changes: With Season 3 Reloaded, daily login rewards may reset, bringing new challenges.
  3. Additional Rewards: Returning to the scanner on non-consecutive visits may unlock more assets.
  4. Mystery Rewards: Some rewards, like secret communications and possible operator skins, remain undisclosed.
  5. Operator Speculation: The elusive prisoner operator skin might become available, potentially tied to a prison-themed event or Easter egg.
  6. Biometric Scanner Locations: Look out for these scanners across the island for continued rewards.

Stay tuned for more updates and potential surprises as Season 3 progresses. Keep checking in with the biometric scanners for your chance at exclusive rewards!

Find All Biometric Scan Locations Easily
Find All Biometric Scan Locations Easily

Find All Biometric Scan Locations Easily

  1. Start at Stronghold on Rebirth Island.
  2. Use Warzone Tac Map Online for locations.
  3. Check biometric scans and click each for details.
  4. Stronghold: Near stairs, first floor.
  5. Tent Buildings: Bottom left, outside.
  6. Headquarters: Underground area.
  7. Control Center: Back of the building, first floor.
  8. Prison: Second floor, inside.
  9. Harbor: First floor, in the square building.
  10. Chemical Engineering, Bioweapons, Industry: Various locations.
  11. Make sure to check Factory.

There are 10 locations in total. Check the map in the description. Complete scans for daily rewards. If you skip days, you’ll miss out.

Complete for 27 days for special rewards. Rewards may reset with a mid-season update. Share your thoughts on daily login rewards.

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