Do you need AppleCare+? | Apple’s Gadgetinsurance

You’ve recently upgraded your Apple gadget, congrats! There’s something that Apple does exclude from the container, yet gives with each new item sold, and that is AppleCare +.    Consider it a Golden Ticket to the Genius Bar, offering you 90 days of free assistance and guidance on each part of your new gadget, from […]

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Apple Watch ECG App

Apple Watch ECG App – Taking Care of Your Heart ❤️

While its original intention was not a focus on well-being, the Apple Watch has now become synonymous with health and fitness. There is one physical measure that the gadget has stuff since its release in 2014 though – Heart-rate and Ecg tracking.   While the heart rate isn’t actually the most reliable measure of a person’s […]

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The Most Interesting New Apps For iOS and Android 🖥

The most interesting new apps for iOS and Android   Air Matters     Free iOS, Android   If you live in Australia in 2020, it’s suddenly become very important to have an app that lets you know how breathable the air outside is. I know, right? Technology has, of course, contributed to the […]

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Find My Iphone

Find My iphone How To Turn On IOS 13 – Updated 2020

With the presentation of iOS 13, Find My Friends and Find My iPhone are converged into a solitary application, called just ‘Find My’. Find My iPhone How To Turn On IOS 13: With it, you can find lost or taken Apple devices, including iPhones, iPads, and Macs, and also locate your friends or family members […]

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Calculate percentage in Excel

Best Formula Examples To Calculate Percentage In Excel

Calculate percentage in Excel investigators working in the corporate world are approached to perform mathematical operations that give understanding into key operational measurements. Figurings, for example, percent of totals, the difference to spending plan, and running sums are the foundation of any fundamental business investigation. Right now, investigate mathematical percent generally utilized in the realm […]

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