How to Get Bellanoir Raid Boss in Palworld to Spawn?

If you’re wondering where to find and summon the new Bellanoir Raid Boss in the latest update of Palworld, I got you covered!

In this Palworld guide, I’ll tell you how to spawn this badass boss and what rare goodies you can snag from beating it (sadly, you can’t catch it). Plus, I’ll spill the beans on how to hatch your very own Pal Bellanoir from the giant Dark egg you’ll nab.

Some of the cool stuff you might score from defeating this raid boss includes the Ancient Civilization Core, Training Manual (XL), Training Crystal, Multiclimate Undershirt +1, and, of course, that massive Dark egg for hatching your Pal Bellanoir.

Quick tips: The Bellanoir raid boss ain’t bothered by spheres, so don’t bother bringing them. And make sure to summon it far from your base ’cause it can trash your place and hurt your pals.

With a whopping 294K HP and a Dark type, hit it hard with Dragon type attacks ’cause Dark types can’t handle that heat.

How to Get Bellanoir Raid Boss in Palworld to Spawn?

To summon the Bellanoir Raid Boss in Palworld, I’ll tell you the simplest way to make it appear. This works for the Palworld Update v0.2.0.6.

How to Get Bellanoir Raid Boss in Palworld to Spawn?

Bellanoir, the formidable Raid Boss in Palworld, awaits those brave enough to face its dark power. Follow these simple steps to summon and challenge Bellanoir:

1. Get Bellanoir Summoning Fragments

  • Defeat Dungeon Alpha Pals: Explore dungeons and defeat Dungeon Alpha Pals to earn Bellanoir Slab Fragments.
  • Purple Chests: Open purple chests at the end of mazes for a chance to find these rare fragments. Keep re-rolling dungeons until you strike gold!

2. Craft Bellanoir Summoning Consumable

  • Combine Fragments: Collect four Bellanoir Slab Fragments.
  • Production Assembly Line II: Unlock this device at Player Level 28 using three Technology Points.
  • Materials Needed: Gather 100 Refined Ingots10 Circuit Boards, and 30 Nails.
  • Create the Slab: Assemble the fragments into a Bellanoir Slab.

3. Unlock and Craft the Summoning Altar

  • Reach Level 33: Level up to unlock the Summoning Altar.
  • Ancient Technology Points: Accumulate three Ancient Technology Points.
  • Materials for the Altar: Gather 100 Stones and 20 Paldium Fragments.
  • Syndicate Bosses: Defeat Palworld Syndicate bosses in scattered towers to earn Ancient Technology Points.

4. Summon the Raid Boss

  • Place the Slab: Insert the Bellanoir Slab into the Summoning Altar.
  • Battle Timer: Bellanoir will appear, and you’ll have a 10-minute battle timer.
  • Team Up: Rally your base Pals or other players on the server to take down this formidable foe.
  • Pal Eggs: After defeating Bellanoir, it drops Pal Eggs—incubate them to hatch your very own Bellanoir!

What are the rewards for defeating Bellanoir?

Defeating the formidable Bellanoir Raid Boss in Palworld yields valuable rewards. Here’s what you can expect:

  1. Ancient Civilization Core: A mysterious relic with untold power.
  2. Training Manual (XL): Level up your Pals like a pro.
  3. Training Crystal: Enhance your Pal’s abilities.
  4. Multiclimate Undershirt +1: Keep your Pal stylish and protected.
  5. Huge Dark Egg: Hatch it to reveal your very own Bellanoir Pal!

Prepare for an epic showdown with Bellanoir! Gather your strongest Pals, wield your best weapons, and embark on this thrilling raid boss battle in Palworld. 

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