Let’s chat about Mages in Dragon’s Dogma 2. They’re wicked cool ‘cause they’re tough. Not your usual spell-slingers. These Mages can take hits and keep on ticking. They’ve got a killer spell that shields the whole crew from bad guys’ blows. And they throw out Haste to speed up and beef up the team.

Sure, they’re not damage beasts like sorcerers, but Mages are clutch in a scrap. They heal and boost, making ’em a must-have for squads. Plus, you get to snag their skills early on.

Want a buddy who’s all about team support? Mage is your go-to. They’ve got you covered from day one. Ready to master Mage moves? Let’s dive into the guide and pick up those skills!


Best Damage Skills: Thunder Smite Spell

If you’re a mage, Thunder Smite is your go-to spell for dealing serious damage. Here’s why:

  1. Improved Range: It can reach enemies much farther away than the basic fire spell.
  2. Lightning Bolts: The spell summons lightning bolts that strike enemies from above, making it great for hitting flying foes or targeting specific body parts for extra damage, like a cyclops’ eye.
  3. Continuous Channeling: After casting, you can keep channeling the spell for more lightning bolts, although it drains your stamina. This is handy when enemies are almost defeated.
  4. Upgrade: Once you reach vocation rank four, you can upgrade Thunder Smite to High Leveling, boosting its damage significantly.

And now, let’s talk about the second essential skill for mages: Padium. This spell is downright overpowered and a must-have for any mage!

Best DMG Skills: The Roaster

Let’s chat about flag rtion, one of Dragon’s Dogma’s best mage damage spells. It’s like shooting a flame beam from your character, hitting things directly in front. You can still move while zapping enemies. It’s super handy against fire-weak critters like goblins and wolves. 

Plus, if enemies are close together, it can zap them all at once and even make some weaker ones stumble. Let’s move on to the top pick for your first skill: Leavin the Thunder.

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Best TANKING/Defensive Spell: Party Wide 

Alright, fellow adventurers, let’s talk about the ultimate defensive spell for mages in Dragon’s Dogma 2Palladium. Buckle up, because this spell is a game-changer!

  1. The Orb of Invincibility: By default, Palladium conjures a flying orb that sticks close to your character. But this isn’t just any orb—it’s your ticket to blocking up to three enemy attacks. And when I say “blocking,” I mean it fully absorbs the hits. Yep, you won’t take damage, and you won’t be staggered. Sweet deal, right?
  2. Uninterruptible Magic: Picture this: You’re casting spells, and those pesky enemies try to ruin your magical mojo. Well, fear not! The enemy won’t interrupt you as long as you have Palladium orbs remaining. Your spells will go off without a hitch. No more pesky disruptions!
  3. Enemy Spells? No Problem: But wait, there’s more! Palladium doesn’t discriminate. It also works against enemy spells. Even those nasty grabs from foes? Blocked! So, there’s absolutely no reason not to always have Palladium on your mage.
  4. Battle Prep and Stamina Saver: Here’s a pro tip: Buff up with Palladium before the battle. Why waste precious action time during combat? Plus, it’s less stamina-intensive. Smart move, right?
  5. Mage Invincibility: Palladium makes your mage practically invulnerable. Keep casting it whenever it wears off or when enemies attack. You’ll be like an unstoppable magical force.
  6. Upgrade to High Palladium: Feeling fancy? At vocation rank four, you can upgrade Palladium to High Palladium. This bad boy not only protects you but also buffs your entire party. Yep, nearby allies get the full Palladium treatment too. Damage negation for everyone!
  7. Distance Doesn’t Matter: Your allies don’t need to be huddled around you. High Palladium’s effect works even if they’re not super close. Imagine the whole squad shrugging off hits like it’s nothing.

So, fellow spellcasters, embrace the Palladium. It’s your golden ticket to survival. And remember, when in doubt, cast it out!

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Cast Speed Reduction

Alright, fellow mages, let’s talk about a game-changer: Quick Spell. This core skill, acquired at the second rank, is your ticket to faster casting times. Here’s the lowdown:

  1. Speed Boost: Quick Spell cranks up your casting speed but comes at a slightly higher cost of stamina. Trust me, it’s 1,000% worth it. Say goodbye to those annoyingly long spell-casting animations!
  2. First Dragon’s Dogma Flashback: Remember how slow spells were in the first game? Yeah, that was a headache. But with Quick Spell, you can practically ignore those sluggish moments.
  3. Palladium Combo: Combine Quick Spell with Palladium (the invulnerability spell we just covered), and you’ve got a winning combo. No more interruptions, no more waiting—just pure magical efficiency.

So, fellow spell-weavers, grab Quick Spell, zip up those casting times, and laugh in the face of Mage weaknesses!

HASTE FTW: Unleash Lightning Speed with Celerity!

Alright, fellow mages, let’s talk about the spell that’ll make you feel like you’ve chugged a magical energy drink: Celerity. It’s like the classic “haste” spell from Dungeons and Dragons but with a Dragon’s Dogma twist.

  1. The Speed Dome: Picture this—Celerity casts a protective dome around your character. Anyone inside gets a sweet speed boost. And we’re not talking about just walking faster (though that’s cool too). You’ll zip around like a caffeinated squirrel on a mission.
  2. Attack Speed Galore: But wait, there’s more! Your attack speed gets a turbo boost, too. Imagine your sword slashes, staff swings, or spellcasting at warp speed. Enemies won’t know what hit ’em.
  3. Party Power-Up: Now, here’s where it gets spicy. Celerity isn’t just for you—it’s a team player. Pair it with a squad of fast characters (think thief pawns) and watch the chaos unfold. Lightning-fast attacks mean easier enemy takedowns.
  4. Palladium Backup: Oh, and don’t forget your trusty Palladium (that invulnerability spell we talked about earlier). With Celerity and Palladium, you’re practically unstoppable.
  5. Dome Dilemma: The catch? You gotta stay inside the dome to feel the effects. And there’s a wee casting animation, so it’s not instant. But hey, prep-buff before battle, and you’re golden.
  6. Mage Pawns FTW: Got a mage pawn? Use ’em! Get that pre-battle buff like a pro. Your whole party will thank you.

Levitate for Exploration

When you hit rank three, grab the Levitate core skill (yep, it’s back from Dragon’s Dogma 1). Here’s the deal:

  1. Obstacle Hopper: Levitate lets you fly over obstacles, making exploration a breeze. No more tripping over rocks or getting stuck in thorny bushes!
  2. Enemy Evasion: But wait, there’s more! You can also float above enemies. They won’t lay a finger on you. And guess what? You can still cast spells while levitating. Safety first!
  3. Casting Catch: Here’s the catch: When you’re up there, it counts as moving. So, your spells will have a slower casting speed. Keep that in mind.
  4. Exploration Wins: Personally, I’d save levitation for exploring. Who needs slow spells in a fight, right?

Best Mage Augments: Boost Your Magical Prowess

Alright, fellow spellcasters, let’s dive into the magical world of augments. These little power-ups are like sprinkles on your spellcasting sundae. Here’s the scoop:

  1. Exaltation: This one’s the grand prize. At the very last Mage rank, you unlock Exaltation. What’s the fuss? Well, it cranks up your stamina recovery speed. And stamina? It’s like the lifeblood of every class. So, whether you’re a warrior, rogue, or mage, Exaltation’s got your back.
  2. Perpetuation: Next up, we’ve got Perpetuation. It’s not as flashy, but it’s handy. Why? Because it extends the duration of your beloved spells like Celerity and Palladium. Longer-lasting magic means a happier party.
  3. Other Mage Augments: Now, these aren’t urgent, but they’re nice to have. You can:
    • Boost your magic defense (because nobody likes getting zapped).
    • Amp up the health recovery from your magical healing (like a mystical band-aid).
    • Slash the duration of debilitations that plague you (bye-bye, curses and ailments).

Remember, fellow mages, choose wisely. Augments stick with you even when you change vocations. So, sprinkle that magic dust and rock on! 

Best Mage Skillset (Main Character & Pawn)

Alright, fellow mages, let’s break down the ultimate skill combos for both the main character (MC) and our trusty mage pawn. Ready? Here we go:

  1. Main Character (MC):
    • High Levin: This spell is your ticket to damage. Zap foes with lightning bolts and watch ’em fry.
    • High Frigor: Cold as ice! Freeze enemies in their tracks. More damage, less mercy.
    • High Palladium: Now, let’s talk defense. Palladium shields you and your party from harm. No bruises allowed!
    • High Celerity: Need for speed! Faster casting means more spells flung at enemies. Zoom, zoom!
  2. Mage Pawn:
    • High Palladium: Forget damage spells. Your mage pawn’s got your back with invulnerability. No interruptions, just safety.
    • High Celerity: Speedy Gonzales mode activated. Your pawn will zip around, casting spells like a pro.
    • High Halidom: Say goodbye to status ailments. Cleanse away curses and debuffs.
    • Argent Tonic (optional): Boost that healing power. Your pawn’s like a magical health potion.
    • Elemental Affinity (optional): Elemental mastery for extra oomph. Fire, ice, or lightning—it’s your call.

Remember, choose wisely based on your playstyle. Whether you’re frying foes or playing healer, these skills have your back!

Other Mage Skills: Unleashing the Lesser-Known Magic

Alright, fellow spell weavers, let’s dive into the skills I haven’t mentioned yet. They might not be the cream of the crop, but hey, they’ve got their moments:

  1. Frigor (The Icy Touch): Ice spells are cool (literally), but Frigor’s damage isn’t as impressive as Levin or Floration. It’s like the “slicing and icing” party trick—good for enemies weak to frost. Tip: Pair it with high Solarity for a frosty pawn party.
  2. Imperion (The Light Orb): Imperion conjures a massive light orb above you. Sounds epic, right? But here’s the catch: the damage is abysmal. It’s like a fancy chandelier that doesn’t pack a punch. Maybe use it for ambience? Or just stick to torches.
  3. Boon and Affinity (Elemental Buffs): These spells buff a single target only. So, if you want to bless your whole party, get ready for a casting marathon, unlike Celerity and High Palladium, which cover everyone. Elemental mastery or party-wide speed? Your call.
  4. Focused Bolt Skills: Remember Dragon’s Dogma 1? Holy-focused bolts were OP. But in DD2, they lost their mojo. Still, if you’re feeling nostalgic, give ’em a whirl. Got suggestions? Share ’em—I’m all ears!
  5. Hodom (Status Cleanup): This spell’s like a magical mop. It wipes away negative effects from allies inside the dome. Handy, but niche. Enemies don’t always spam debuffs. Save it for your mage pawn—they’ll appreciate the cleanse.

And there you have it, friends! Our mage guide wraps up. If you found it useful, hit that like button, subscribe, and consider joining our channel.

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