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Troubleshoot Wifi Not Working On Windows 11: In this post, we’re going to look at the steps on how to fix wifi not working on Windows 11. Network reset and others step to fix the most common wifi not working issues. On windows 11, like in previous versions, wifi connectivity is one of the most common problems among users.

Since you will always come across reports complaining about slow wifi speeds, errors like limited access, unidentified network, or “wifi connected no internet access,” etc.

How To Fix Wifi Not Working On Windows 11

This post is not only to fix “WiFi Not Working On Windows 11” issue. It also contains, if the Windows 11 WiFi option is not showing or disappeared from the Notification center, Slow internet speed, and no WiFi settings. In this article, you will get every WiFi-related issue and solution. So please read the post thoroughly.

Solution #1, Check Your Wifi Is Turn On

Before we move on to the first fix, I want to cover a couple of things that I don’t consider fixes. But nonetheless, they need to be mentioned because many people had the issue before where they simply didn’t check that something was working on their laptop. Maybe this is the cause Wifi Not Working On Windows 11.

And they spent a long time trying to diagnose a problem that wasn’t really a problem.

Solution #2, Check Your Router 

Suppose you don’t see the wi-fi icon at all down on the bottom right corner. The first fix that we’re about to go over will likely fix that problem generally.

I would say it’s also a good idea to go ahead and restart your computer. And maybe even restart your router or modem to make sure that isn’t the issue. With that said, you don’t have to do that to get started, and you can proceed with the first fix.

Solution #3, Reset Wi-Fi Network Adapter On Windows 11

Windows 11 has a special feature to reset the wifi and ethernet adapters to fix the most common problems if you are having issues.

Okay, so if you’re having issues here is how to reset the wi-fi network adapter on windows 11.

To do this,

Reset Network to Fix Wifi is not working on windows 11
Reset Network

1. Need to right-click on the Windows 11 Start icon. Click on the Windows Settings.

2. Once you are in the settings window. On the left sidebar. Click on the Network and internet option.

3. Go to the bottom. Click on the Advanced network settings option.

4. Scroll down a little bit and click on the “Network reset” option. And then click the “Reset now” button. Click on “Yes” to proceed.

Network reset notification

5. After that, you can see a notification. It shows that “Windows will shut down in 5 minutes.” Now, you need to click the Close button and just Restart the system. that’s it.

Once you are back on the desktop, you will notice the “Wifi not working on WIndows 11” problems should now be resolved.

Now it is essential to say that this process will try to fix wireless issues that are are related to windows issues. If there is a problem or a bug on the driver, or there is a physical issue with the wireless adapter. This method will not fix that.

Suppose you have a problem with the access point on your home network or office or any interference that will not be fixed with this process. This is to resolve the wireless issues that are related to windows 11.

NOTE: One important thing you need to know after completing this process. You will need to reconnect to the network that you were connected to before. So at this point, you need to enter your password to reconnect with wifi. You might also need to reinstall the VPN client you installed or other networking application you had set up before.

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Solution #4, Update Windows 11 Network Driver

Sometimes it is not up to date automatically, or maybe there are some issues.

1. So, what you can do is just press the Windows + X key. And there will be a bunch of options.

2. Then, click on the Device Manager. In the device manager, you will see the option Network Adapters. Click on this to expand.

3. Find your wifi driver. In my case: Realtek RTL8723BE Wifi adapter. Right-click on it and select the Update Driver.

UPDATE Driver from Device Manager

4. Next, you can see two options.

  1. Suppose you click on the “Search automatically for drivers” option. It will start to find the driver needed and will install automatically. 
  2. Else you can download the driver from the driver manufacturer’s website (realtek wireless lan driver for windows 11 download). Click on the “Browse my computer for drivers.” Please select the driver and install it.
Select available device from the list
UPDATE Driver from Device Manager

Also, on the browse window, you can see another option, “Let me pick from a list of device drivers on my computer.” (Above Picture) > Click on it > you can see an available adapter list here > I am going to select the “realtek semiconductor corp.” version. And Install it.

5. After completing the installation. You need to restart your system, and your “wifi not working on windows 11” issue should be fixed.

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Solution #5, Reset WIndows 11 DNS Server Problem

Now, if the above methods do not work, let’s try this method. According to the survey, this is the most working method related to wifi issues, network issues, and also if you notice your browser throwing error like no internet, this site can’t be reached or any other errors.

1. So go to the Search > type CMD in the search box—Right-click on the command prompt from the best search result.

2. Then select the “Run as administrator”> Press enter to continue.

3. Now, once the command prompt opens up. You need to run these commands one by one:

netsh wiL nsock reset
ipconfig /release
ipconfig /renew
netsh int ip reset
ipconfig /flushdns

4. Next, you need to Restart your PC and check the wifi connection.

Solution #6, Uninstall WIndows 11 Network Driver

If it is still not working, then you need to uninstall and reinstall the driver. It will fix wifi not working on Windows 11.

1. Again, go to the driver manager. Right-click on the driver and uninstall the driver. Whenever you uninstall it, and just now, you need to restart your system. it will automatically install your driver. I’m definitely sure. It will (Wifi Not Working On Windows 11) work.

Solution #7, Disable and Enable WiFi Adapter

  1. Right-click on Start > Then Settings.
  2. Click on the Network and internet option.
  3. Click on the Advanced network settings.
  4. Here you need to disable it first. Wait for a moment. Then enable it again.

How To Fix Slow Internet Connection on Windows 11

Delete Temporary Files

You should make sure to remove windows 11 temporary files if you haven’t done this in a while.

  1. Press Windows + R keys together. It will open the RUN box. Type in the run box %temp% and press Enter. It will open the windows 11 temp folder.

This folder contains all of your temporary files, which should be deleted.

  1. Press Ctrl + A to select all and press the Delete key. It will safely delete everything in this folder. Some files might not be deleted, so just leave them there.

These files are not required for your system. Basically, these are junk files.

FAQ About Windows 11 Wifi Network

How to fix the wifi icon not showing on Windows 11?

The Ethernet or wifi icon shows in a taskbar section known as the Tray – it looks like Microsoft decided to rename it as the Notification Area.

Suppose you cannot find the wifi icon on your Windows 11 taskbar bar. There are two methods to fix it.

Go to Start > following Settings > Click on Personalisation Taskbar and look for the link to select which icons appear in the notification area.

How do I fix a red cross on a wifi icon on Windows 11?

You can allow Windows to fix the wifi is not working issue without help from anyone else automatically. It is a straightforward method. Follow the instruction.

1. Need to right-click on the wifi icon on the right-down corner of the desktop.
2. Select Choose Troubleshoot problems.
3. Then, Windows will start automatically detect issues and fix.
4. Please follow the steps on the screen. You may have to give the administrator permission if needed.

How to fix the wifi icon missing in Windows 11?

You can bring it back by following this step:

1. First, Right-click on the taskbar grey space
2. Click on the Taskbar settings
3. Scroll down and find the Notification area
4. Select the “Turn system icon on or off.”
5. In the icon list, find the Network icon and turn it on

That’s it. After that, turn on the WiFi icon.

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