New WhatsApp Scams You Should Be Aware in 2024

New WhatsApp Scams 2024 explained: WhatsApp, as a large portion of the Internet, has some share of scams. Some are very mischievous and clever; others are unmitigated and self-evident.  

Do you use WhatsApp on your phone? If yes, you are one of the 1.4 billion users who live in 190 Countries and pick WhatsApp as their communication floor. Free Messages and Calls, Videos, Photos, and Documents Exchanged. So, What is the worry about it?

Indeed, Scammers also use the most well-known messenger application in the digital world. And have interesting reasons behind it. Every time they come up with another scam strategy, this strategy affects WhatsApp users. They mistreat the app to grow WhatsApp cams. Like Hoax messages and Viruses with such a lot of users who love and trust WhatsApp.

They really have an exceptionally high shot at receiving a colossal profit in return.

Newscutzy does not want you to be one of those users who succumb to online Scammers. We need to stop it altogether. Furthermore, can you contribute by not just reading this article yourself? Yet, share it with your family, friends, and just everybody you know.

All, however, are intended to part with your money or get data. In any case, you have to look out for them. In this post, we will explain the new Whatsapp Scams and how to secure yourself from this.

Let’s see how they do it.

Investing In WhatsApp Stocks

Receiving calls that were meant to be for somebody else is something that happens to people daily. But you know they just usually get over it by saying – “Hello, I think you called the wrong number. That’s okay, you have a good day. Sir, have a good day. Goodbye! 

But what if you get a message that was supposed to go to another person and it also contains some confidential information.

new whatsapp scam

Scammers purposefully want you to believe that the message was meant to be for somebody else. And they also know that now you think that you’ve let into a big secret. Now, this message was sent to thousands of people at once. You are raising Aviana’s shares to a high number, only to crash later on.

It is what is called the pump and dump scheme. When somebody promotes the stock they hold, driving up the price based on artificial interest and then sells before everyone realizes that the interest was just manufactured.

So the best way to avoid this is to reply to messages like this (I mean, what’s there to lose). If you get a response saying – yo, sorry! this wasn’t meant for you, please ignore it. 

ignore the whatsApp scam

You already know the secret, and if you don’t get a response. Well, it’s probably fake.


Here are the absolute most regular WhatsApp scams that, right now, and all the more frequently over and again, plague the administration.

Verification or authentication Links


Most Scammers have figured out how to send mysterious Verification or confirmation messages that contain links to websites, and downloads, which taint your device with malware. 

The confirmation messages appear to be the same that you get when you first sign up to WhatsApp, yet the truth is told, they fool you into utilizing them to get a malware payload.

Codename: Olivia


We have found presently a scam that is called Olivia, where the scammer artist utilized the name Olivia and afterwards claimed to be a friend or a friend of a friend to send links to obscene material.

One of the Popular WhatsApp Scams is “SHOPPING VOUCHERS” 


One of the most widely common and oftentimes utilized scams offers the opportunity to get hold of free shopping vouchers, worth hundreds, for high-road retailers. 

It’s tied in with stealing information, as the scam voucher interfaces straightforwardly to an online overview page intended to take and sell your information. You’re requested to forward the voucher offer at that point, accordingly making more victims.


Free Stuff – An ongoing scam professes to offer free Adidas mentors worth hundreds, in the festivity of the organization’s anniversary. 

Comparable scams incorporate contribution-free smartphones, PCs, software, watches, and even courses that lead to lucrative jobs… the rundown goes on. 

Normally, there are no gifts, all things considered, you’re approached to pay $1 to pursue the opportunity. Times that by a million, and this turns into a rewarding scam.

Change Number Request – Another present scam includes an unknown message claiming that WhatsApp will be moved to another phone number.  

This method, you’re told, is set to happen in 24 hours, and you’re given a number to call so as to stop the cycle. Try not to call the number; it’s a scam and will truly cost you.

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Stay Safe on WhatsApp

There’s a whole other world to staying safe on WhatsApp than monitoring the most recent scams, viral, and hoax messaging; you have to deal with a circumstance when it emerges, and you have to guarantee you’re as chat-smart as expected.


We’ve assembled a few hints to assist you with preparing your mind to have the option to deal with some basic chat and WhatsApp circumstances.


1. Screenshots can be your backup. On the off chance that you discover yourself in a discussion that is turned, or is turning, into something upsetting, at that point, ensure you screenshot each part of the discussion, 

Therefore, on the off chance that you’re approached to demonstrate what happened later, at that point you have the proof behind you.


2. Acknowledge the user’s perspectives. Not every person has a similar perspective on society, modern living, or life as a rule as you do. In some cases, what appears normal to them may offend you, and vice versa. 

Figure out how to give little, not to an extreme, but enough so you’re not continually offended. Report any evident hostile conduct, yet permit different opinions.


3. Get some energy. It might appear to be something of a ‘hippy’ approach. However, it’s been demonstrated that positive reasoning can wonderfully affect a user. 

If you’ve been at the sharp finish of a harmful discussion, discover something that causes you to feel better and good about everything. Spread it around, and you can help other people as well.


4. Avoid spoilers! Probably the greatest bugbears of the current chat, and one component that causes no limit of issues and contentions, is spoilers. 

In case you’re unconscious, a spoiler is the point at which you notice excessively and ruin the plot of a game, TV show, film, or book. If you know how Game of Thrones closes, for instance, don’t ruin it for other people who haven’t arrived at this point.

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How to Report Spam

Spamming is tragically a day-by-day event in the computerized world. A few spammers are going through numbers to get hold of somebody, generally with the point of selling or hacking. Others, however, explicitly target somebody once they get hold of their number.


1. Revealing a contact as Spam consequently obstructs them as well To report spam, tap the contact’s profile trailed by the circled ‘i’. Look to the lower part of the screen and tap Report Spam. 

The WhatsApp team audits the report and takes any important actions, for example, forbidding the number.


2. On the other hand, if you’re utilizing the WhatsApp desktop client, at that point, open the contact’s data page by right-tapping on a visit and picking Contact Info. 

When the contact’s information sheet is open, look to the base and click on the Report Spam option. This has a similar impact as the smartphone version of WhatsApp.


The Internet is brimming with hoaxes and spam, and WhatsApp is no exception. While the organization does a superb job of blocking most spam instances, some get through.

Hoax and spam messages spread bogus data and are commonly intended to cheat you and cajole you into acting in a specific way. If a message looks dubious, don’t tap on it, share it, or forward it at that point. Report it right away.

Let us know if any of those or other WhatsApp scams happened to you.

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