SCP 053, Real Name, Real face, Class, 053 and 683

SCP 053 Young Girl

Who is SCP 053? SCP 053 Explained SCP 053 or SCP-053, also called the Young-Girl, is an Euclid class object owned by the SCP Foundation. She can speak with primary speech and appears slightly above average regarding mental development. She generally has a pleasant personality and is not often unhappy, only displaying anger when she …

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SCP 1575 Venus Statue Explain – Object Class Safe

SCP 1575 Venus Statue Explain - Object Class Safe

What is SCP 1575, and Why is it weird? SCP 1575 is a statue that looks like a woman. It is made of marble, and it is wonderful. But it is not an ordinary statue. It is an anomaly, which means it does something that is not possible or normal.  Scp 1575 Explained The SCP Foundation is a secret organization …

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SCP 839 Real life – Candied Worms Explain in Detail

SCP-839 Real life - Candied Worms Explain in Detail

SCP 839, also known as “Candiеd Worms,” is a spеciеs of strangе annеlid worms that arе composеd of sugar, flavourings, and colouring. Thеsе worms arе typically found in tеmpеratе rеgions and primarily fееd on dеcomposing organic mattеr. Howеvеr, whеn ingеstеd by a mammal, SCP-839 will burrow through thе stomach lining and towards a spеcific organ. …

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SCP 297 Steely Dan | Toy/electronic scp/appliance

SCP 297 Steely Dan

SCP 297 must be stored inside a standard lock box located at Site 19’s High-Value Items Storage Facility. Standard defenses against positive actions (explosive chemical, biological, and memetic) are required to be present at all times in accordance with the standard operating procedure. People who wish to use SCP-297 for field or experimental purposes should …

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