SCP 053, Real Name, Real face, Class, 053 and 683

SCP 053 Young Girl

Who is SCP 053? SCP 053 Explained SCP 053 or SCP-053, also referred to as the Young-Girl, is a Euclid class object owned by the SCP Foundation. She can speak with basic speech and appears to be a little above average in terms of mental development. She generally has a pleasant personality and is not … Read more

SCP 001 When Day Breaks, SCP 001 Proposals, The Gate Guardian

When Day Breaks ,SCP 001 Proposals, The Gate Guardian

SCP 001 | SCP 001 When Day Breaks EAS Scenario | SCP 001 Proposals | The Gate Guardian | Scp-001-B | SCP-001 Sun: It isn’t easy to work for The SCP Foundation. Not only is the job dangerous – You could be eaten by a giant, immortal lizard or turned into organic furniture inside the world’s scariest … Read more

What is SCP 3812? SCP 3812 Explained [Class,Power]

What is SCP 3812? SCP 3812 Explained | SCP 3812 Power | SCP 3812 CLass

What is SCP 3812 [A Voice Behind Me] | SCP 3812 Explained, Power, Class | Who is Ben: SCP-3812 is a reality adjusting entity. Because of its impact on the real world, it is almost difficult to depict SCP 3812 in any significant way. All that is thought about SCP 3812 is that it was … Read more

What is SCP-000? SCP-000 hidden Text | SCP Foundation

What is SCP 000? | SCP 000 hidden Text | SCP Foundation | SCP-001 when day breaks: What is SCP-000? There are thousands of creatures in the SCP Wiki, and each anomaly has its unique number. And as far as we know, the first SCP is designated 001. However, not too many people know that … Read more

What is SCP 579? SCP-579 Explained, Powers, Location


What is SCP 579 Description? The O5 Council has decided that due to SCP-579 being some sort of powerful ZK-Class scenario causer and the information about this entity not even coming up in regular research as such things happen more often than we know because they’re hidden from view by an effect called “scare dimension,” … Read more