How To Take Screenshot On Windows 11

How to Take Screenshot On Windows 11

I know every one of you saw the title, which is the way to take screenshot on Windows 11. So I’m thinking, alright, everyone knows how to take screen captures. Well, I felt exactly the same thing until I started utilizing windows once more. Also, I was missing a few features. You Should Know I …

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How to Fix Bad Pool Caller BSOD In Windows 10

How to fix Blue Screen Error BAD_POOL_CALLER in Windows

Troubleshoot Bad Pool Caller BSOD: I could sort out the “BAD POOL CALLER” error by googling as well, however, it doesn’t occur during some other software. But, I’ve commonly been having issues since the most recent windows update, so that is likely it. Consider what happens when performing something on a computer. It is a …

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How to Open Action Center in Windows 10

how to open action center windows 10

Action Center in Windows 10 Complete User Guide: Windows had consistently been pop-up messages yet now there is a brought-together manner by which these are interacted and viewed with. The feature Called the Action Center, is programmed that works more like the notifications interface on a mobile phone or tablet. How To Resolve Windows 10 …

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