How To Unban Someone On Discord [Mee6, Dyno, Carl Bot, Android, iPhone]

How to unban someone on Discord Server, Mee6, Dyno, Carl Bot, Android, iPhone: I think it resembled a year ago or something? I genuinely have no clue about how long it’s been since I was banned. Furthermore, I have, in a real sense, no clue about why I got banned, and nobody ever messaged me. Why? Like I ought to, in any event, know why I got banned.

This post will explain how to unban someone on Discord or unban yourself on a discord server. Also, cover these Discord unban methods: [how to unban someone on discord carl bot, how to unban someone on discord server mobile, how to unban someone on discord android, how to unban someone on discord mee6]

Possible Reasons Why Banned From a Discord Server? 

Discord will ban your server if the things you do break their Terms of Service and rules (This doesn’t make a difference to custom server rules made by the client). 

The only far-fetched method of getting banned is if your wrongdoing is gone unseen by anybody publicly, 

but then again, the consequence is somebody could generally anonymously report your server, and Discord has their methods of catching you.

Here is a picture listing a few possible reasons you or your server can get banned (in no structure). 

It’s either the server got struck by somebody, or they just committed a mistake. Suppose it’s simply a little discord server community. Shockingly, it’s impossible to get unbanned except if you have the owner/mods discord. But, if it’s a sizable popular discord server, request them to claim your ban.

How Long Do I Need To Stand By Until I Can Join The Server Once More?

It relies upon the rules of the server, 

A few servers notify you and afterward ban members forever. 

If you are unconfident, attempt to contact the owner or staff through DMS or group chat.

When you are unbanned, you will require a legitimate invite to log once again into the worker.

Rehash any terms they had, and ask them the punishment if you get banned once more. 

If you had roles in the discord server, you should recover them by asking a staff member or utilizing the server’s bot to click the roles. 

They should give the number of warnings a member can have before being banned. 

Also, for the number of previous bans, the member had with the time they would be banned.

A few servers ban users for 60 minutes, 6 hours, 24 hours, 48 hours, 72 hours, one month. 

If you don’t have the foggiest idea why you were banned, ask them.

How To Unban Someone On Discord 2021

I’m doing this on the PC app, if you are on mobile it will be the same steps but the buttons might be in slightly different places. 

1st, Launch discord and head over to the server you want to unban someone from. 

Select server and click on server setting

2nd, Up at the top-left of the screen where it says the Server name, click that little arrow to bring up a dropdown menu and then select ‘Server Settings’

Click on the Bans from left-sidebar

3rd, From the settings page, Select ‘bans’ from the bottom of the left-sidebar menu. 

You can search for find the ban user

4th, This page shows a list of all users and bots you have banned from this server. You can use the search bar to find people.

Click on the Revoke ban option to Unban Someone On Discord

5th, Just click on their name and then select ‘revoke ban’. Once you’ve done that they will be allowed back into your server like normal.(This is how to unban someone On discord)

NOTE: This user will not automatically get into the servers. so this user needs to sign up as usual with an invitation link to get back to this server.

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How To Unban Someone On Discord Server Mobile

Lets see, How to unban someone on discord server mobile.

How To Unban Someone On Discord Server Mobile server

1. Open Discord on mobile. Click on the three-dot next to your name.

2. Now, Click on Settings icon below your profile picture.

3. It will open the Server settings. Now scroll down unlit you find the option “Bans”. Click on it.

CLick on unban button to unbanned some one from mobile

3.It will show you all people you were banned before. Click on the name that you want to unban.

4.It will ask you to confirm. Click on the “Unban” button to unban someone from server mobile.

How to unban someone on discord Carl Bot

Carl is the best way to ban your server, and unban people with ease. You can do it all in one place! A lot of times when I’m playing on Carl.the steps for unbanning someone will be different than MEE6 or Dyno. Fortunately they’re all similar! 

  1. Open your server on desktop and see the left-top side of the discord window. Click on the “down arrow”.
  2. Next, Need to Tap on the option called “Sever Settings”.
  3. Now, Need to click on the “Bans” option.
  4. Choose who needs unbanned by selecting their name. 
  5. Last thing, Click on the “Revoke Ban” button to unban someone.

How to unban someone on discord MEE6

If you’re here. It means that you are looking for how to unban someone on discord MEE6. Unbanning a member is relatively easy. Here’s how to do it:

  1. Open the Discord client on your system. Click on the down-arrow icon next to the Name. 
  2. Go into “Server Settings.”
  3. From there, choose the option: ‘Bans.’ Now you are in the banned window.
  4. Search for them by Name or click profile image in order to unban. Select the people you want to unban.
  5. Next, click on the “Revoke Ban” option.

How to unban someone on discord dyno

To unbanned a member that has been banned with Dyno, follow these steps to unban someone on discord dyno:

1. Open Discord Client on your PC. 

2. Click on the down-arrow at the top-left and choose the “Server Settings.” 

3. Click on the “Bans” option from the left bar. The list of banned members will appear on the right side.

4. Find out who you want to unban & Tap on “Revoke ban:

That’s it; you successfully unban someone on discord dyno. Now, we will guide you on how to unban someone on the discord carl bot.

They can use their bot again. Now without any restrictions or limitations imposed by us in this guide found here. if anyone needs assistance, let me know below 🙂

How to unban someone on discord android

1. Open Discord on your phone. Click on the three-dot at the right-side of your name. It will open the profile on the pop-up.

2. Click on Settings (Gear icon). Scroll down and click on Bans.

3. You can see all the banned people’s lists. Click on the people’s names that you want to unban. 

4. It will ask for your confirmation. Click on Unban red button to unban. 

How to unban someone on discord iphone

This method is same things as android. Please check the method “How to unban someone on Dscord android.”

How To Get Yourself Unbanned From Discord Server 

After knowing how to Unban Someone On Discord. In this part, I’m demonstrating how you can get unbanned on Discord, alright. So perhaps you’ve been IP banned or just banned from a Discord server. So I’m explaining how you can go on and really get once more into that discord server once more, OK, regardless of whether you’re IP banned. 

1st, So what you going to want to do is make sure you’ve logged out of Discord. 

2nd, Next you need to create a new account. okay, So just put in your email, your username and your password, etc. Creating a new account, and then what you have to do is, after you’ve made the new account, go ahead and use a VPN to change your IP location.

3rd, And then you’ll be able to go back into the Discord server that you were originally banned from.

So the best VPN that I would recommend to you is IPVanish, and the explanation being is they have some very great arrangements most of the time. It’s pretty much as low as $5 every month, or if you pay yearly, you can save yourself 40 bucks for the year and get the VPN for an entire year through $40.

You also get a 30-day no questions asked money-back guarantee. So it’s essentially just a risk-free way of you being able to change your IP address whenever you want.

Then you can go ahead and actually connect to the Discord servers that you are originally banned from. 

Ipvanish vpn looks like

So this is how IPVanish looks when you download it. It also works on your phone or any other device that you have that connects to the internet. All you need to do is, go to Quick Connect or Server List and just select one of the servers that they have. 

For example, I’ll have a look for Hungary or something. You just click connect and then your IP address will actually be changed, so that you can go ahead and access these different Discord servers. 

Suppose you get banned some other time. While you’re utilizing one of these VPNs, what you need to do is, go and repeat the interaction that you just did. So you will proceed to log out, make another account, at that point return to your VPN, disconnect from the server you’re in, change to another server, and afterward, you can really go back into that Discord server once again. Also check the above method how to Unban Someone On Discord.

All About Discord:

How To IP Ban Someone On Discord

Obviously, having a public or even semi-public server in discord accompanies potential risks, including members who cause a wide range of problems. Thankfully in case, you’re the moderator or owner of a server in discord. You have the option to, for all time, ban these people from your server.(Also, You should know how to Unban Someone On Discord).

Any or all bands on discord are permanent until you personally revoke them. And unlike a personal block. A ban is IP-based. That means when you ban someone. No one using that particular IP address will be able to access your discord server.

Keep that in mind if you know an internet connection is shared with other people who also use your server.

To IP banned someone on discord:

1st, Select the server from along the left-hand side of the discord window. Also, search for the user you need to ban from the server  by tapping on the text or voice channel they are currently hosted in.

Select the user and choose ban

2nd, Once found, right-click on their name to open the context menu. click on the red ban (Like: Ban [username]) option to open discord banhammer settings. 

Discord permits you to remove the user’s comments up to the previous 7 days and furthermore gives a little input text field for entering the reason for banning.

3rd, Click on the ban option to confirm.this removes their IP addresses access to your discord server and keeps them from accessing it ever again. Again follow the first method how to unban someone on discord.

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People also asking different questions about Unban Someone On Discord

My alternate account is banned. Would I be able to remove the account and be unbanned?

As far as anyone knows, discord bans are IP bans, yet from my experience in one nut job, who made a soldier of alternate accounts stay away from ban punishing. This isn’t the situation. 
You can’t get your accounts unbanned from the discord server just by basically removing the banned accounts. Yet, you can undoubtedly change your IP to get around the IP ban method, and afterward, you can rejoin that server with an alternate account.
Anyway this isn’t exhorted as most servers I know have terms and conditions against users utilizing alts to get pass their punishments. On my discord server we needed to ban the same person around multiple times throughout seven days.if you got banned on the server for a valid reason, if it’s not too much trouble, simply abandon the server so the owner can have a break.

How can I confirm whether Discord banned me permanently or temporarily? 

I’ve never been banned from any server or even Discord, so I can’t answer this with sureness. From my experience, server bans are inconclusive, which means they last until a mod unbans you if they do. So a server ban may not or may be permanent. 
In case you’re banned from the main Discord app, I would have expected that it should disclose to you how long you’re banned for. If it’s a ban from the whole of Discord, you should contact the Discord support team to know when you’ll be unbanned, if at any time.

If  you block  or ban somebody from a server, would you be able to unban him? 

Indeed you can unblock and urban somebody without any problem. if you approach banning people and wish to unban somebody, head over the Server Settings then Bans and find the people, you need to unban and click on their name and afterward click on “Revoke Ban.” If you need to unblock somebody goes to Home, next Friends, and then Blocked and clicks the people with the X icon (on the right-hand side of the profile) close to the user you’re attempting to unblock.

How would I ask somebody (an administrator maybe) why you have banned me from the Discord server? 

Impractical except if you are friends with the administrator (which you would be either told his friend tag or have him as a friend already) 
The ideal method is not to disrupt the terms and conditions of the server and get banned in any case.

How would I not get banned on Roblox? 

It can depend. In case you’re ready to contact any owner from the Roblox’s game twitter/discord/Roblox Dm, Most likely yes. If  you have gotten banned twice from a specific game. it’s impossible they will unban you.

How long do bans last on Discord?

This ban will be extremely durable until an admin unbans the client, bots can anyway be utilized to briefly ban a user. There are 2 distinct sorts of bans: Kick The client’s account is eliminated from the server however they can join again assuming they need to.

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