Top 25 Best Discord Furry Servers in 2024

I’ll offer you my input on the Top 25 Best discord furry servers. Presently, those are overly valuable, and all workers for making challenges, moderation, and having some good times are only the tip of the iceberg.

Depending on their uniqueness, functionality, fame, and uptime, I’ll position them. So, ideally, this post could assist you with picking what box you’ll add to your Discord server. I placed a link for all Discord furry servers. Also, you can secure these bots for yourself in the description below.

25. FurDevs

discord furry server FurDevs

FurDevs is a programming Discord server for developers and furries who are interested in programming. Non-hides are also invited.

FurDevs is a Programming Discord Server for Developers and Furries who are Interested in programming, whether you never composed a line of code or most likely are truly capable. 

This is a supportive programming and friendly furry server who will assist you with numerous things that identify with programming; if you’re fuzzy, you can join this worker.

24. Fluffy Pokemon

furry discord server Fluffy Pokemon

Chill poker joint worker, come go along with us.

23. LGBTQ+ Hive

LGBTQ+ Hive a furry discord server

A people group for LGBT individuals to unwind in one another’s organization. I really like this furry server. It’s so accepting of everyone and welcoming. I suggest this discord furry server.


It is a spot home to benevolent furs who love to share, chat, and have a great time. Join now! 

Floof Nest is a spot home to neighbourly hides that adore visiting, sharing, and having a good time. Join us to make new friends and see what we must bring to the offer! We’ll be sitting tight for you on the opposite side.

21. Jay’s Bunker

Jay's Bunker-furry server

This is a Discord furry server! We have selectable roles and discord nitro free giveaways! Join the gathering in our Bunker and make some new companions! A benevolent discord furry server!

20. Eevee’s Hangout Spot

Eevee's Hangout Spot discord furry server

An LGBTQ /furry-friendly server. We have giveaways, emojis, partnerships, and the sky’s the limit from there! 

Eevee’s Hangout Spot is an LGBTQ /furry agreeable server. It is additionally the help server for emsBot, which is a Discord bot that you should look at as well. We are restarting from a past server called Eevee’s Hangout Spot.

I trust this one is setting down deep roots. We intend to do numerous giveaways and events. We have loads of emojis and bots to appreciate! We’re a well-welcoming and friendly community.

19. Floof City

Floof City

A welcoming and friendly discord furry server.

Welcome to Floof City! A welcoming and friendly community of over 1.7k individuals from around the globe. 

Floof City is home to an assortment of people, furry or something else, where you can share, chat, and make new friends! Neighborly and included staff, different channels, and events. Hope you can go along with us!

18. Wildlands


We are a creature enthusiast and artist group! We welcome every creature, sweetheart/furries/specialists, everything being equal.

17. Lambda_Arts


A well-disposed and welcoming discord furry server community  that upholds specialists

Hello guys!

  • You scan New servers for past time, see furries, and get new companions. This spot is your heaven.
  • Are you a gamer? Also, search mate? We have a few channels for each of you to ask who needs to play with you. 
  • Do you love drawing? Or, then again, see some art? Post or support our craftsman’s advice and requested help (NSFW is permitted).
  • Do you have some fun stuff? Some images? Offer it for more fun, and make you more companions.
  • Are you horny? See our yiff Channel, hentai Channel, or some work of our yiff craftsman.
  • Do you love RP or drop? We need to play around with every one of us. Don’t be bashful. We Don’t nibble.
  • You have the energy and need to do a life for figuring out how others simply do some occasion and share it. 
  • Do you want to talk about music or offer it? Come in, channel music and put it on for all to tune in.

16. K2/YB


2/YB (KITTUUU 2/Yew’s Basement) is a presently little yet developing server for generally furries and craftsmen younger than 18 years of age; however, it invites everybody that upholds LGBTQ+ and furries. Contains both NSFW and SFW.

  • Active  every day despite being more modest than most servers 
  • Custom tone and data roles that you can appoint to yourself with roll-menu 
  • A Role-locked channel for photography, roleplay, and art, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg. 
  • Tolerating of all races, sexualities, genders, and fandoms 
  • Basic and brisk verification system to keep thieves and savages from entering the server, alongside many staff members and moderation bots

15. Ambient Forest

Ambient Forest

Welcome to Ambient Forest! We’re a moderately new discord furry community that is active and constantly developing! With users, however, improvements, content, and features are being added to the server! Anticipate a friendly and well-moderated directed community when joining!

14. The Furry Nexus

I loved supporting the craftsman on the server, doing everything they could to make everybody’s Sona come to life; I’m as yet extraordinary friends with many, and the staff was locked in and active with users  from what I found in my time there, 

There are a lot of various sorts of users on Nexus. So you’ll make friends, It is very simple to explore in Nexus and simple to utilize their server, Concern about Donations and Patreon is my only negative on this survey however, I will not really expound.

  • Chill chats/channels for people who are inclined toward the slower section  
  • Amazingly active text and VCs channels 
  • 18+ channels for grown-ups, Plus a whole NSFW Server 
  • Everyday/Weekly Events, for example, films and karaoke night.
  • Channels go from photography to gaming, cooking, literature, music, and others! 
  • 25+ part Moderation group active every minute of every day 
  • Handcrafted bots going from guardian to mod mail. 
  • Giveaways!

12. Fur Culture

Fur Culture

 Welcome to a server where you can feel at home! Protected and friendly climate to make memories and friends, play, and share. Be a piece, all things considered,

 We have various events, including giveaways, film nights, game evenings, and support streamer advancements. We can hardly wait to see you there. Stay Pawesome!

11. The LGBTQ+ Community

The LGBTQ+ Community

An open-source community for all users LGBTQ+ or not! Active members will get giveaways frequently!! We additionally are a furry safe space!

  • Hairy channel! 
  • Helpful, Friendly, and Active Staff! 
  • Post (and take) images! 
  • Make new companions! 
  • Everybody is welcome! LGBT or not! 
  • Workmanship and Writing Events!
  • Pick your own parts from our extensive rundown of jobs!

10. Custody Civilization

Custody Civilization


What we have to offer:

  • RPG Game
  • Pokémon 
  • Roleplay Channel 
  • Bot Games
  • Music
  • Anime & gaming
  • GiveAways 
  • Free Roles/Reaction Roles 
  • Cool Members 
  • Hangout
  • Voice Calls,Anigame, and much, much more! 

9. DumbFoxo’s World

DumbFoxo's World

This server is a community-based for Dumb Fox’s Channel! Any conversation is permitted as long the rules permit it. We acknowledge all LGBTQ people groups and different fandoms /communities also!

What we Include:

  • Owners and staff Respecting! 
  • Great rules to abolish the harmful un epic foxes. 
  • Our own GDPS! (Calculation Dash Private Server) 
  • All help. 
  • Leveling jobs! Be the most elevated and noteworthy person on this server. And, considerably more, kindly go along with us! 
  • A chill community  with great people inside (ideally, it stays like that, lmao) 
  • Epic Looking Server has heaps of channels to do various things. 
  • Furthermore, considerably more!

8. Winter Forest

Winter Forest

Hey! We’re a comfortable SFW discord furry server with an inconceivably inviting and LGBTQ-accommodating community. 

This server is truly decent. I’ve been there since it was made, and the users and staff are very friendly. 

The mods rush to act on trolls and drama, and no attacks always kept going longer than 5 seconds. They truly cause you to feel appreciated and welcome, and they’re perhaps the best servers I’ve ever been in.

  • Welcoming, Active, and LGBTQ-friendly community.
  • A consistently developing list of self-assignable roles.
  • A short, simple-to-follow, and free list of rules and a reasonable staff group to authorize them.
  • A lot of fun bots. 
  • Channels for memes, images, art, and gaming are the tip of the iceberg!

7. The Furry Sanctuary

The Furry Sanctuary

We are a magnificent Discord furry server devoted to giving a great time and community experience to this fun community. 

We have a level-up role system for cool advantages and rewards, a global leaderboard, marvellous staff, a place for you to promote your Twitch/Mixer/YouTube, and substantially more!

6. Kitz’s Kommunity

Kitz's Kommunity

We’re a little discord furry server that is simply starting. If you go along with you, you can expect a pleasant community. I hope to meet you there! 16+ To Join.

5. Furry Sanctuary

Furry Sanctuary

Simply your nearby friendly discord furry server that changes subjects alongside the seasons! Spring season will start on the 14th! 

This people group is so welcoming and friendly. There’s a spot for everybody, regardless of whether you’re not furry or simply searching for a place to hang out. The staff is excessively strong, as are the members. 

The Furry Sanctuary changes with the seasons and has its own server, currency, and official bot. If you need a spot to hang out and have a great time, at that point, this server is for you!

  • A welcoming and active community! 
  • Week after week, fun events chosen by you, the server members! 
  • A democratic voting interaction that all servers change experiences! 
  • Occasionally, use themed-level roles to show off your reputation and activity! 
  • Our server bot deals with the economy, shop, and level rewards! 
  • A lot of fuzzy-related emojis!
  • Secure verification and welcome systems! 
  • Occasionally themed action-based currency and economic system that permits members to get anything from custom name roles, privileges, colours, and even game codes and discord nitro!
  • Active NSFW and SFW sections! 
  • MEMES 
  • Simple to set up optional roles through responses! 

4. Furgether


An incredible spot for gamers, all kinds of games, and meet Starting on Feb. 27th at Noon Central, “Furgether” will have a huge panel event and gaming. Artists and Dealers will have their segment. Best Raffles for free games, fursuit meetups, and a lot of voice chat to meet with different furries that like to appreciate different games.

Games to be played incorporate Siege, Among Us, CAH, Generation Zero, and many others. Opportunities to win Games, Steam Gift Cards, and Nitro Classic. 

Panels incorporate fursuit meet-ups, furry 101/fursuiting, artist jams, recipe trade, and more. 

I hope to see you participate in all the good times!

3. The Furry Agenda

best discord server is The Furry Agenda

Here, you can share, chat, and meet new furries! Furthermore, make some great memories. (It should be 16+ to go along with.) It gives different channels for  NSFW, SFW, games, and art. It is a cordial community where you will be heard and regarded.

2. Fluffy Abyss

Fluffy Abyss

Hello, you! I see you searching on the web! Inquisitive about investigating our best discord furry server on the opposite side of the portal? We have huge loads of stuff to offer! 

This server is perfectly fabulous. Each association I have had with both the members and the staff has been overwhelmingly sure, and it is really uncommon that you come over as a server this healthy. 

The staff invests a ton of energy into continually improving the server in any capacity conceivable and it truly shows. If you like meeting new people with some healthy fun as an afterthought, this server is an ideal fit for you!

1. Cosmic Craft

Cosmic Craft

From the first day that I stepped foot on Cosmic Craft, it has felt like home, the community is coordinated with no other, and everybody is inviting and welcoming as though we’re all only one large family. 

The holder, AllenCC is most likely perhaps the kindest human I’ve ever had the delight of addressing, consistently enthusiastic. And willing to do what he can to improve the server and make it more agreeable for the players. I wouldn’t pick some other server to call home.

So that wraps up my best 25 lists. If you are aware of some other incredible discord furry servers out there, leave a comment down underneath, as there’s a huge load of them that are obscure to the public. If this post has encouraged you here and there, getting a kick out of the chance to show your help would be extraordinary since it’s free. Check plasma in the description underneath because they are truly incredible.

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