How to Get Rid of Discord Javascript Error? [100% SOLVE]

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 In this post, we will be finding out about a fatal discord javascript error. Which is a blunder. that might be happening to you inside your discord. This is excessively simple to fix, guys. 

So don’t stress over going crazy about it. you do not have the option to get to your discord. we’re going to get you back ready for action quickly. we should confront this discord javascript error and don’t skip any steps.

Step 1, End the Background Process in Task Manager

First thing first, Stop the background process in windows. To do this, please follow this step:

open task manager as administrator

1. Press the “Windows key” and “S” keys to open the search and type “task manager”.

2. When it will appear right-click on the Task Manager. then, choose “Run as administrator“.

go to details tap and select end task

3. When it opens go to the details tab.

4. Presently find out running app with the name discordright-click on the first and afterward select “end tasks“.

Rehashed for the next one. all discord cycles will disappear.

Step 2, Uninstall Discord

Step by step instructions to do a clean uninstall of discord voice chat From your Windows 10 Computer. if it’s not updating effectively. If discord javascript error occurred in the start process, broken or buggy.

Or on the other hand, perhaps you recently decided that you don’t care for it. what’s more, you’d prefer to dispose of it and take care of something different. deleting discord is a very simple process.

click on settings

1. Right-click on the “Windows logo” at the bottom-left corner of your desktop.

2. And then click on “Settings”.it will open the system “Primary Setting Menu”.

click on Apps setitings

3. Click on the “apps” option.

go to apps & features and uninstall the Discord. 1Step to fix Discord javascript error

4. In the “Apps & Features” setting. find the “Discord” app or you can find it out by using app search.

5. Select the discord and then click on “Uninstall“.

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Step 3,Remove All discord Cache File From LocalData and Appdata

if somehow you went to a discord server and viewed an image may not be your image. it may not be one you posted yourself.simply you’ve scrolled down through and there’s a picture. their chances are that picture has been cached onto your PC or onto its SSD or Hard drive.

which is probably can be a bad thing in some cases obviously or a Discord javascript error happens at the starting. you presumably don’t need it on your PC.

So how would you dispose of it? all things considered, there is a couple of various methods to solve it.

open run and type %appdata%

1. Go to this little search box left-bottom at the window and type the text “Run”. Or Press “Windows Logo + R”.

2. Type in the search box “%appdata%“. and then Enter. after that, This should open a pop folder.

choose discord folder and delete it

3. The Folder Name is “Appdata > Roaming”.

4. FInd the folder named “Discord”.

5. Right-Click on it and Choose “Delete” from the contextual menu. It will delete the discord file.

One more file you have to delete from your Computer. which is called LocalData.


1.  Let’s do the small process again.Go to the search box and type to Open “Run” box.

2. This time type in the search box “%localappdata%“. Hit the “Enter”. it will open a new folder called “Appdata > local“.

open AppData local and delete the discord file

3. Find the discord folder again and Right-click on it, then again choose Delete. it will delete all discord temporary files from your computer.

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Step 4, Update GPU file

We need to update the GP. close all the open apps.

open command Promt

1. Now press “Windows key + S” keys to open search again.

2. Type “CMD” in the search box.

3. It will show the Command prompt.

4. In the list “Right-click” on it and select “Run as administrator”.

update Gpu file by command

5. Now type the command “gpupdate%space%/force” (See the Picture) and Press “Enter”.

This completion requires a couple of moments to successfully finish the process.

Step 5, Empty Recycling bin

Find your path to your recycling bin container and complete the uninstallation action by right-clicking and selecting the Empty recycling bin option.

empty Recycle Bin

 so whenever you’ve gotten your recycling bin container emptied and all the other things have been uninstalled. then you are good to go to the next step.

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Step 6, Check if Antivirus Blocking Discord File

It’s been very well recorded that certain antivirus applications have been known to target explicit discord installation files. what’s more, successfully stop them during the install interaction. or then again this means the discord is that the product can presently don’t get access to the files to finish the starting process.

At this time you will get a notification of the deadly discord JavaScript error message. your primary common file which succumbs to the antivirus bombardment is the discord on the parchment voice recovery files.

There’s a simple method to determine this error and it requires a basic antivirus to bypass this. 

remove discord related file. this could be the cause of discord javascript error

you need to go into your quarantine vault inside the antivirus programming. you were utilizing for. this model. I will go to download and install avast apps to show you how it’s done on the free app.

so in us, it has a protection tab. what’s more, inside we see a bunch of sub-options. so we have to find the virus chest. Once in a while, this is known as the quarantined area in all the antivirus programming. 

In this antivirus chest, you are able to see that all the app files which the antivirus programming has considered safe. Avast for this situation has quarantined those documents. This is the place where we need to go in and restore them. so in your quarantine folder find any files which are related to discord.

Or on the other hand, discord-related files will have discord in the name. so it’s not difficult to view. where’s found click those files and select restore. and add exceptions to do this for all files identified with discord. 

furthermore, when complete restarting the installation action. regardless of whether you figured out how to install this course effectively. you can in any case encounter the Discord javaScript error. If this happens, follow the next method to determine the error.

Latest Discord

Step 7, Reinstall Discord

you should be fine to redownload discord and install it on your PC. In some cases it keeps your login information. I’m not altogether certain where that is stored. 

I think it may really be in your PC’s registry. yet, all the main files that are preventing you from correctly running discord on your PC will be redownloaded and reinstalled once you download the Installer once more.

open discord official site and download for windows

1. First thing you have to do is, open your favorite Browser. I’m going to feel free to pick Google Chrome

2. Click on the browser search bar. I’m going to type in something many refer to as discordapp.com.

3. This is the thing that you will see an all-in-one and text chat for gamers that is free secure. what’s more, it works both on your Smartphone and PC. 

4. So click on Download for Windows.

5. Save it to any place you like and afterward once you run the Installer file. 

each and every one of your files ought to be updated If you had any broken stuff or buggy files. it ought to be gone and afterward, you’re allowed to go around and examine discord at your relaxation.

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Step 8, Run As Administrator

There are many approaches to run an application as an administrator on Windows 10. Also, this works with many applications. 

Presently, for instance, we will utilize Discord. okay! The 1st method is my favorite method in light of the fact that by doing this you can automatically run the application as an administrator. And this is the last step to fix the Discord Javascript Error.

open discord properties

1. What you have to do is right-click on the Discord app, and then a contextual menu will open.

2. And then select where it locates ‘Properties’.

select discord as Run as administrator

3. And this will show up a pop-up with all the properties for that app. Now make sure you are in the “Shortcut tab“. 

4. Alright presently go to the bottom and click on where it locate the ‘Advanced’ option. 

5. Presently it’s quite clear what to do. Click the checkbox that says ‘Run as administrator’ and afterward click on  ‘OK’ to confirm everything.

Also, presently, we should open the discord app to check if it is working fine. if you getting any other problems, such as discord audio or sound problem. check the solution here.

If this post helps you, folks, out. Kindly share this post with others. It truly helps me out and it goes far If you guys experience any difficulty with this solution of a discord javascript error. if it’s not too much trouble, drop a comment in the comment areas underneath. additionally, If it worked for you drop a comment saying that it works other than that person.

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