How to Solve “Discord Awaiting Endpoint” Error?

Discord Awaiting Endpoint Error Troubleshoot: Dissension is definitely not a new word for gamers. Even if you have played games around sometimes, you may have tuned in to the name Discord. Discord is essentially a chat application specially created for players and utilized by players everywhere in the world. 

It was first delivered quite a few years ago, and afterward, it started to heighten, and now there are right around 250 million unique people on Discord. In any case, Discord isn’t a bug-free application at all.

I am having some scope (Discord Awaiting Endpoint) issues in us-central today because of some systems networking issues with one of our service providers. At the point when this happens, the region consequently fails over to a neighboring provider or another region if there’s insufficient capacity. 

Generally, this can mean a moment of voice problem while the failover happens, yet it’s normally a couple of moments except if there’s a bigger hiccup.

Is there any solution to this? Or on the other hand, is this on discord’s side? It’s truly annoying.No matter which server I join, upon passage to a channel I get “Discord Awaiting Endpoint” and eventually disconnected… Any method to solve this? 

There are essentially various reasons that can get you this problem in Discord. Here we will examine every one of the causes and approaches to fix the “Discord Awaiting Endpoint” problem.

What is Discord Awaiting Endpoint Error?

Essentially when we open the Discord application. It attempts to connect with the discord server, and with the connection you can make the most of your game. However, the application can not connect with the server now and again, and it shows the name of the problem  “Discord waiting for endpoint error.”

This issue is certainly not a permanent issue and doesn’t happen every time. Yet, it is the most well-known misconception. This bug is not difficult to fix however most people actually think that it’s troublesome because they don’t have a clue about the correct solution to resolve this bug.

Hold on… Before clarifying the fix and methods to tackle the issue. The following are a few errors that people are normally experiencing.

Why is the Discord Awaiting Endpoint Problem Happening?

Various voice servers have been under an all-encompassing DDoS. Utilize a diff. Region until further notice. 

Discord awaiting endpoint error happens when the network can’t set up a connection with the server appropriately. This error might be caused by high traffic joining into the server, maybe server down or hardware failure, etc.

How to Fix Discord awaiting endpoint error in 2021

I’ve been getting so baffled by the “Discord awaiting endpoint” error message when you call somebody. Some of the time I need to wait for a couple of moments to fix itself and sometimes it doesn’t fix itself.

So the primary thing let me clarify is that this issue comes due to the web connectivity issues or due to high ping. OK, ensure that we need to attempt every one of those troubleshooting methods that are mostly identified with the internet and the connectivity. 

In these cases, here are the ideal approaches to fix Discord Awaiting Endpoint Errors:

Solution #01, Restart Your Device

The first thing I would recommend is restarting your System. and opening your discord application as administrator. 

1st, Right-click on Discord App. and Choose the option Run as Administrator.

After restarting your device, most of the time, this works. So please Restart. Close this site and restart your device, and then once done, follow the next step.

You just come back to your discord application and if you are having a problem with any specific service or even if not then go to your discord server.

Solution #02, Change Discord Server Region

You just return to your discord application. Also, if you are having issues with a particular server or even if not. You can dispose of “discord awaiting endpoint” issues by changing discord server settings temporarily. Changing servers fundamentally helps your application to connect with another new server which solves the issue.

Right-click on server and then server setting

1st, Then Right-click on your Discord Server

2nd, Go to your Server settings. And then click on the Overview option.

Go to Server overview window

3rd, Once you are in the Server Overview window. From here, you just need to make sure that the Server Region is precisely the one that is closest to your location.

Click on Server Region and select any other region

So right now, I’m in India. So I have to go through with India, okay? But if I select Sydney, I would be getting very high ping. 

So make sure that you have chosen the nearest location. If you are in the USA. So make sure that you select the one which is where you are located, either U.S central, U.S east, or west. if you are in Europe you go with the Europe one. If you’re in India, go with the Indian one. 

NOTE: Also, ask the client to change the server  Region.

4th, So once you have selected the right one. Click on the Save changes here and get back to it. Check if the error discord awaiting endpoint on direct call is still happening.

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Solution #03, Clear Your DNS Cache

1st, Go down to the Search box in the left-bottom corner. Now I am on a Windows 10 computer. so I’m going to type in CMD for the command window to come up. and up the top one, it will show. So I need that now.

type cmd and open as administrator

2nd, if you wanted to run it as an administrator. you just Right-click on the program and Choose “Run as administrator”.

3rd, Now,  We need to type

ipconfig /displayDNS

And press Enter.

So what we’re going to do is see what it comes up with first. Now, this is the stored information that we see. we want to flush this out now

4th, Next, We need to type the command:


and press Enter.

It says successfully flush the DNS resolver cache.

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Solution #04, Using a VPN (Virtual Private Network)

The network-related issues can likewise be solved with the assistance of any VPN that assists with changing your server. Fundamentally, a VPN will connect with a private network and it can assist you with connecting to another server in conflict. 

There are numerous VPN applications available, some are totally free while others are paid. I like to utilize a free VPN application instead of a paid one.

You can solve the issue by following the methods below: 

Open your Discord application and investigate if you get the discord awaiting endpoint issue. Now time to download all VPN applications from the web. Open the application and afterward connect with the quickest server. Now open the Discord application once more, and the “Discord Awaiting Endpoint” issue vanishes.

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Solution #05, Check Your Internet Connection

The third thing I would say is that please assure that your internet is working fine. So you can go to a website called or any you are using. So you can go with that website as well. Open this one. And click on Go.

This will test the internet speed of your connection. Okay, 

What I’m getting here is 28. Mbps and the ping are 9., Which is not bad.

Okay, the ping you what you have to check? Ping means – that you are getting the proper connection without the breakage. You can see the line this is not breaking up and down. So it means I’m getting a constant uh internet connection. So this is good.

I won’t be. I hope that if I talk to someone or use any application, I would be having trouble. You have to do the same. If your ping goes around like 20, 30, 50, 80, 100, or 200, in that case, you need to contact your internet service provider, or else you can try to restart your router and your modem. And then you can try again.

As I told you in the beginning, guys that this error is solved mainly by this basic troubleshooting.

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Solution #06, Uninstall and Reinstall Discord

How to do a clean uninstall of discord voice chat on your Windows 10 PC. if it’s not updating correctly, it’s buggy or broken. 

CLose discord from task manager

1st, Close the application and make sure that it’s completely turned off on your system. Right-click Taskbar. Select the Task Manager. select discord.exe and Select End task.

2nd, Right-click on the Start icon. Select the Run. type %appdata%. Click OK. Delete the Discord Folder.

3rd, Again, Right-click on the Start icon. Select the Run and type %localAppData%.And Press Enter. Delete the Discord folder.

Go to Programs and Uninstall the Discord app

4th, Next, Type the control panel in the windows Search box. Select the Control panel. Next, select Programs and Features or Uninstall a program(Under Programs Section) option. Find and select the Discord app. click on Uninstall. Click on Yes to continue.

5th, Go to your Recycle Bin folder. Right-click on it and select the Empty Recycle Bin option. and completes the uninstallation process.

6th, You need to Restart your system.

Reinstall Discord

7th, Open up a Browser. I’m gonna go ahead and choose Google Chrome. and from there you’re going to go to the web browser right here on the search bar. I’m gonna type in something called

Let’s go ahead and choose what you want. I think depending on your operating system you might have the option to install discord. let’s see like on Linux and on Macs. but not fully sure about the specific ones specifically for Windows.

8th, Let’s go for Windows. and let it do its work now they do also have a web browser version. I don’t want to choose that one. I like the more installed version on your computer.

Continue installing it. the file got downloaded. 

9th, So let’s go ahead and run this file to install it simply.

You can utilize any technique above to determine Discord awaiting endpoint errors. Sometimes you need to attempt every one of the techniques to fix the issue, you can try every strategy individually, and it will help you resolve the mistake.

Solution #07, Touch With Discord Support Team

How would I get support for issues? I have on discord that can’t be addressed by means of an article like the ones here on this site. And, the basic answer is you simply go to the site. Go to the Support area. And then submit a request to get some help. 

click on the support option

So when you go to the site. You’ll turn upward here at the top menu. This is This is the authority site, also, here under the menu section select the Support option. They have four different areas.

The one you primarily want to look at is the Help and Support section here.

They have a large, frequently asked questions knowledge base. That’ll answer questions about common issues that people have, Such as the Announcements section, Server setup. 

if you don’t find any usable answers here. Because frankly, a lot of the stuff that I have tutorials on isn’t really covered here, at least not in perfect detail.

You get a sign-in option at the top point of this screen. And, I have my nctzy account straight up there. You need to click on Submit a request. And, this is the place where you submit a support ticket to attempt to get some help. 

Fill the Support and help form

You can say I need some help with help and support. Maybe you have a billing problem that you need somebody to figure out with your nitro account. On the other hand, you have somebody harassing you and have to do a trust and safety ticket.


I hope you found this article helpful. I’ve been your host Sahin. Remember to share this post with loved ones and help us grow more significantly than ever. in the event that you guys have any inquiries (or some other solution) after reading this how to fix the “Discord Awaiting Endpoint” problem in the 2021 article.  You know where to go in the comment section below.

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