How to get Discord Nitro Gift

Gifting discord to somebody is a stunning experience for the user who gets it. What’s more, today in this post, I will disclose how to give somebody a Discord nitro gift. 

How you can do this with a couple of basic simple steps. What’s more, I will share related data to assist you with giving somebody a Discord nitro gift before continuing.

How to Get a Discord Nitro Gift?

discord user setting

First, you need to tap on the User Settings. which will be on the extreme bottom left of the discord window, and click on the option.

Into discord nitro setting

You can see the Discord nitro option on the left side of the User Setting window. Click on it.

After That, here you can see a designed banner. On this banner, you can see a heading called “Make Discord yours”. and also here you can see two options. One is “Subscribe,” and the other is a ”Gift”.

So if you need to buy for yourself. If we need to get subscribed in with discord nitro. You have to click on the Subscribe button.

If you need to send a gift to somebody. You have to click on the other button. which is called “Gift”.

Discord nitro classic

If you scroll down to the bottom. you can see other options. that is called Discord Nitro Classic. so if you need to go with the lighter plan with the fewer perks. you can tap on the subscribe option. also, you can click on the gift option.

What is the difference? Is the perks, and even the cost. For this, for one year, it will cost you 49.99 dollars, and for one month, it will cost 4.99 dollars.

So starting now, In this post, we will be writing an example for a discord nitro gift. Since the giveaway will be for the discord nitro in the last post. We have a gift. So we need to click on the gift.

After that, A pop-up window will open. You can select any one option. If you need to select one year. You can go with the 1-year option. 

And if you need to go for one month. So you can tap on the second option. And afterward, click on the Select button.

After that, on the next option, you can see two options. you can either buy the Discord Nitro gift through paypal or the credit card.

So I’m simply choosing the PayPal option. it’s up to you. you can go with any of the options. let’s click on the PayPal button. and then an agreement pop-up window will open. just click on the agree and continue button.

And once your PayPal part is done. You can see the button buy a gift. Just select the I agree on the checkbox for discord terms. And then click on Buy Gift.

copy the discord nitro gift link

All right, whenever you have bought. On the next screen, you will get a code. Furthermore, it says, “Ready to be gifted”. And you can see the gift link.

And afterward, you need to tap on the copy option. Also, to whomever you need a gift. you need to forward this link to that friend. also, you can straightforwardly message them once they click on it. the gift will be received.

You should know these things before buying the Discord Nitro gift

Your birthday is tomorrow, and your friend is purchasing you a Discord nitro gift for ten dollars. he needs to surprise you on your birthday itself. so he purchases the gift before the day and waits for the remainder of the day. Eight hours after the discord nitro gift abruptly vanishes from your friend’s stock.

He’s amazingly confused as to where the Discord nitro gift went. What’s more, how it claimed? He chooses to contact the discord support team. 

who reveals to him that they can give a refund if the Discord nitro gift has not been claimed yet. In any case, for this situation, this was already claimed and he was unable to try and take care of it. 

your friend needed another ten dollars to get a Discord nitro gift for you on your birthday. Yet, that left you pondering where did the discord nitro go. The story that I just advised you about has happened to one of my friends.

Throughout the previous few weeks, I’ve been examining Discord nitro. Furthermore, I discovered two clarifications regarding how this happened. What’s more, today I will reveal precisely why you ought not to buy discord nitro gifts.

OK folks, so if I go over the membership section of my discord user settings. I saw that there are two things that we can do. At the point when we discord nitro, we can subscribe and we can purchase a gift. So what’s the distinction?

Indeed, when we buy into the discord nitro is automatically claimed and applied to our profile. Though when we give nitro it makes a code in our gift stock that we can later send off to others now.

Some articles tell you the best way to get a discord nitro gift for free. how you can utilize a generator to get nitro. now basically, how this works is that the generator will randomly make discord nitro gifts.

you can utilize a generator to get nitro. now basically how this function is that the generator will haphazardly make discord nitro gifts. If you’re curious about how discord nitro gifts work, fundamentally, the URL begins with

furthermore, when you enter them in it will show an image preview(See picture). this. now the code is totally randomized. nonetheless, the quantity of characters in the code is consistently the equivalent.

So many users have made tools that randomly create discord nitro gifts. and afterward, misuse the API by ceaselessly checking them in the case segment of your redeem codes.

Presently how does this work? Discord nitro doesn’t simply jump out of thin air. right? the codes aren’t simply pre-made. something else, people would have the option to do this for a large scope and claim hundreds of months of discord nitro.

So rather what Discord does is once you make a nitro gift, they produce that code this link. So by utilizing a generator people are successfully stealing other’s discord nitro gifts.

presently, this is decisively what happened to my friend. As he had not sent the nitro gift to anyone in any chat. Anyway, there’s another danger out there on Discord. Which are discord nitro snipers. I realize, right, they sound far more terrible.

if we look back over to the web. You’ll see there are some more articles out there. That is, in a real sense getting many perspectives showing people how they can snipe discord nitro.

Some people use the software that signs into your disunity account utilizing your token. Also, what does it do? It is consistently checked and scanned. The entirety of the new messages that users send.

Presently these people send a link that begins with Discord. gift. what it will do is. It will attempt to claim the discord nitro gift onto their record. presently people who do this have made it.

so that at whatever point, people have giveaways. they can not discord nitro-free into the giveaways server for active people to get it. They need to explicitly shape giveaways and cause them so people need to enter to win the discord nitro-free. so they can straightforwardly message them. also, you should know how to get Discord nitro for free.

How To Gift Nitro On Discord In 2024?

Discord Nitro is a premium subscription service that offers various perks and benefits to Discord users. You can gift Discord Nitro to your friends by following these steps:

  • Open the Discord app and head over to where you would like to send your gift. You can choose a direct message, a group chat, or a server channel.
  • Select the gift icon to the right of the textbox and choose the gift you would like to send. You can also customize your gift by adding a card design, a personal note, a soundboard effect, and emoji confetti (only available in direct messages).
  • Review your gift and select Buy Gift to complete your purchase. You will need to add your payment method details if you don’t have one saved on your Discord account.
  • Share the gift link with your friend or let anyone claim it if you shared it in a group chat or server channel. Your friend can accept the gift by clicking on the link and logging into their Discord account.

Alternatively, you can also purchase Discord Nitro digital gift cards on and send the code to your friend via email or another platform. Your friend can then claim the gift by entering the code on the Discord app.

So if you need to get this link for the discord nitro. Basically, proceed to tap on the link (Click here). If you like this post, please comment and share.

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