[100% Solve] Discord No Route Error? How to Fix it?

How to Get Rid of Discord No Route Error: It’s been a large portion of 10 years since Discord has begun serving gamers, and I’ll tell you that it is quite dependable with regards to VoIP technology. It’s not just adored due to the way that it’s free and solid but also because of the stunning community.

Discord is the biggest VoIP application in the technology world, like all other apps. Yet, Discord has come with its own error. Perhaps the most habitually looked through the issue is the Discord No Route error. Which ordinarily identifies with entering or utilizing a Voice Channel.

So, In this post, we will look into the cause. We experience this discord no route problem and precisely how we approach to solve it now.

Possible Reasons for this Discord No Route Error:

Subsequently exploring the problem and taking a gander at different people’s reports, we figured out to recognize a couple of reasons why this issue may happen:

Voice region is conflicting with your member – This is accounted for when you attempt to connect with a discord server facilitated on another region. The solution is, for this situation is to ask the administrator to change the server’s voice region.

Antivirus or Third-party Firewall is blocking Discord files – Whenever this arises, Discord won’t be authorized to keep an active connection with a third-party server.

The PC is using a VPN – This is a usual event since Discord is developed to just work with VPN arrangements that have “UDP” (User Datagram Protocol).

The IP address is allocated to the PC. It has changed – This usually occurs with Dynamic IP that typically changes. For this situation, the fixing method is very simple. Just restart the Computer Router and modem.

Network admin is blocking Discord – in the event that you’re connecting to utilize Discord at school or from a work network, this network could block Discord.

Your network is not compatible with Quality of Service – Maybe your network isn’t fit to help “Quality of Service High Packet Priority”. Thankfully, you are able to turn it off from the Voice and Video settings.

How To Fix Discord’s No Route (RTC Connecting) Problem

Solution 1: Flush the DNS

We made this part that showed you the best way to experience and clear your DNS cache and to help sort of resolve the discord no routing issue. The most effective method to release and renew an IP address in the case that you have some network connectivity problem.

You have two or three PCs on the same network. What’s more, one of them can get to the internet. While the other one isn’t.This is only a little troubleshooting step. A really quick troubleshooting step that will help you to resolve the Discord No Route Issue.

How does this all work? 

You have something that is referred to as DHCP. Regardless of whether your modem or your router is giving out those IP addresses. Fundamentally, that represents Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol.

What’s more, it’s only responsible for giving out those IP addresses. And, now and again, after some time, they can get conflicted. since the router or modem will lease those out. Except if you set them as a static IP. The lease can lapse after a short time.

Go through this step:

open command prompt

1st, Click on the Windows logo to open up the start menu. And type the keyword “cmd”.

 2nd, In the search result, you can see the Command prompt program. Right-click on it and select the option “run as administrator.” If you will notify a user account control prompt. Click on Yes.

check no IP assigned

3rd, The first command is: 

ipconfig /release

And hit Enter.

Here you can see there’s no IP address assigned to this specific system.

resolver the cache

4th, Now, you have to type the command:

ipconfig /flushdns

And hit Enter

It should say successfully flush the DNS resolver cache.

renew the IP address

4th, The last command is:

ipconfig /renew

And hit Enter. It will assign a new IP to the computer.

So I would recommend restarting your PC and afterward whenever you have restarted. Ideally, the Discord No Route issue is no more.

Solution 2, Your Voice Server Region

What reasons would you change your server voice region? Once in a while, Discord is getting somewhat overloaded. Also, they can’t exactly deal with the traffic. Or, then again, they’re having a type of abnormal hiccup.

Once in a while, you can fix those RTC connection issues by changing server regions sporadically. Users will likewise have issues where their internet connection doesn’t connect with one server well overall. However, you can connect with another fine and dandy. Furthermore, no one else is affected.

So you can just switch it over like this:

1st, Click on the little downwards facing arrow near the server name in the top-left hand corner of your discord window.2nd, and then click on the server settings option.

1st, Click on the little downwards-facing arrow near the server name in the top-left-hand corner of your discord window.

2nd, And then click on the “Server Settings” option.

find the option server region

3rd, Afterward, right here on the overview window, underneath the Server’s Name option, you will find the “Server Region” option.

choose the place for your server

4th, Click on the Change button. A pop-up window will open that contains various Places with flags.

5th And last, choose which server is suitable for your discord server. 

If you are the admin for this specific discord server, you can change the voice region yourself. Be that as it may, if you are not, ask the server admin to do so for you.

You can change this to various places everywhere in the world. I live in Colorado. So I’ll likely have mined all the more halfway or west. Yet, you can go with the US East. In case you’re on these coasts or someplace over in, say, Germany. You are able to set it to Central Europe.

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Solution 3: Check if Discord is Blocked by the Network

There is a solid probability that Discord is blocked or restricted by your network administrator If you are utilizing Discord in public, school, or library places. To know if this is the situation, you can either ask them straightforwardly. Or check yourself if Discord is restricted over the Wi-Fi network you are connecting with.

To resolve this problem. Please follow this step:

1st, You need to press the Windows + r key on your keyboard. It will open the RUN window.

2nd, Type the word “control panel” and hit enter. It will open your window Control Panel setting.

3rd, Now, Find the “Network and Internet” option and click on it.

4th, On the next window, click on “Network and Sharing Center”.

5th, click on the connections hyperlink associated with your private network connection. In my case id: Wifi 2(rahi).

6th, After clicking on this, It will open a pop-up box. Click on the “Properties” button.

set internet protocol version

7th, Then, in the properties dialog box of your connection, go to the networking tab and select “Internet protocol version 4 (TCP/ipv4)”. Just double-click on it.

8th, Then it will open a new pop-up window. next look down to the DNS server settings. Select the option “Use the following DNS server addresses.”

9th Now set the value of the preferred DNS server to and the value of the “Alternate DNS server” to Then click on the OK button to save the changes. 

After completing this step, please restart your computer and check whether the discord No Route error is fixed or not.

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Solution 4: Disable Discord’s Quality of service

To do this, you should follow this step:

1st, Open your Discord app.

2nd, Next, click on the gear or setting symbol at the bottom-left corner of the discord window near your account. It will open your discord primary setting window.

turn off the quality of service. the solution of Discord No Route issue

3rd, Then find the option Voice and Video setting. Click on this option. 

4th, Then scroll down to the option called Quality of Service. Make sure that the toggle button related to “enabling quality of service high packet priority” is disabled.

Next, close the discord. At that point, open it once more. Check if the discord no route error problem still happens.

 Solution 5, Audio Subsystem

1st, Connect your voice to any voice channel.

 2nd, After that, go to “User Settings.

 3rd, Then go to “Voice and Video.”

change the audio subsystem settings.Discord No Route issue

 4th, then scroll down and change your “Audio Subsystem” from “standard” to “legacy.”

 5th, A dialog box will open, then select Okey and Restart your discord.

 And then try to connect to any white channel.

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Solution 6: Temporarily turn off the Firewall

There’s the likelihood that the firewall is blocking the discord. To check if this is the offender. Try to turn off the windows firewall temporarily.

To do this, please follow this step:

1st, You need to click the Window Logo or Start button

2nd, then click on the Settings icon. That looks like a Gear symbol. 

 3rd, Afterward, Once the Setting window opens, find the option “Update and Security.” Click on this option.

open firewall and network protection

4th, Next, On the left-hand sidebar. You can see the option called “Windows Security.” Click on this option.

5th, Afterward, you can see various options under the protection areas section. Click on the “Firewall and network protection” option

6th, After clicking on this, a new Firewall and network protection window will open.

turn off microsoft defender firewall

7th, Next, Click on your currently active network profile. Again, a new window will open.

8th,  Here you can see the options for “Windows Defender Firewall”. If it is currently On. Switch the toggle option and turn it off.

After temporarily turning off the Windows firewall. You need to check if the discord no route error issue still happens.

Solution 7, Remove Your VPN

This issue happens on the grounds that the discord application isn’t developed to run with VPNs. that aren’t utilizing the client datagram protocol. 

In the event that you need to confirm that your VPN arrangement is indeed causing the issue. You have to uninstall your VPN.

Please follow this Uninstall Method:

1st, Go to the window search box. Type the keyword “program”.

2nd, You can see the option “add or remove program.”Just click on this option.

3rd, After clicking on this, a new window will open with all your currently installed apps.

remove vpn

4th, Find your installed VPN and click on this. Select Uninstall.

Then check again whether the Discord RTC connecting issue is gone or not.

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Solution 8: Restart your Modem Router and Computer

The suggested troubleshooting process for this specific issue. It’s ideal to refresh the Windows 10 operating system by restarting your PC. Shockingly, this basic thing can fix the vast majority of the issues that you may experience with your PC. 

The primary thing you should do in this situation is to refresh your internet connection with your ISP

To do this, you should restart your equipment by following this step:

unplug your router and mordem

1st, You have to turn off your computer.

2nd, then turn off the modem or router by unplugging it from the power source.

3rd, then you should wait for at least one minute.

4th, after that, turn on the router or modem and wait for at least one minute.

5th, then turn on your PC or laptop to check if the discord no route error problem still exists.

Thanks for reading that discord no route error fixing tip in the event that you loved this post or thought that it was useful. Give it a like and share this post. Leave any type of feedback or comment in the comment section below.

“Discord No Route” FAQ

What does “Discord no route” mean?

Discord is usually taken as a great program subculture for its social-making components and is appreciated by gamers.
It is, nonetheless, inclined to issues when working with voice channels. The reason you notice the “Discord No Route Error” or Discord RTC Error alert is that there is definitely not a distinct route to be followed. It is an RTC issue.

Basically, Discord can’t discover the route between its server and your System. It’s quite possibly the most standard error Discord people face, yet thankfully is likewise one of the simplest to resolve and troubleshoot. 

Similar connectivity problems can incorporate ICE checking and stuck RTC connections. You can typically troubleshoot these issues by following similar methods as the Discord no route error, which affects voice channels and your capacity to associate with a voice channel in a specific server region.

What is RTC connecting?

The Discord RTC connection is assistance that permits people to get together with others by chatting or video calling. People can utilize this service by changing to the discord servers available and plugging the earphones in and out.

Why is it showing “no route error” on Discord?

“Discord no route errors” can occur for various reasons. Your IP address may change. A firewall or antivirus may have stopped up discord connections, or even your network administrator blocked the discord connection. 

The ideal approach to finding the no-route error is to go through every one of the strategies we’ve given you here. We covered a large portion of what can turn out badly with your connectivity. When you analyze the issue, it’s generally simple to determine and enter once more into your voice channel.

What does Discord “RTC connecting” mean?

Discord RTC connecting is another simple connectivity problem that many Discord people face. RTC service has been developed that Discord uses to communicate with clients to its servers. If you continuously get an RTC connecting issue, it’s reasonably a network issue between your System and the Discord server, like Discord no route or ICE checking issues.

You should follow the same methods you would look for a “no route error” to try and troubleshoot Discord RTC connecting issues. In some cases, numerous people experience a similar error simultaneously. That means this issue is on Discord’s side. The awful information here is you can’t actually do anything until they fix it. Hey, in any event, it’s not your flaw, right?

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