Customize Windows 11 Taskbar – Change Position, Taskbar Size, Align Icon

Customize Windows 11 Taskbar

Transparent Taskbar, Resize Taskbar, Resize Icon, Touch Keyboard, Align Icon, Add Glass Effect Taskbar: We will show you how to customize your Windows 11 taskbar. So recently, Microsoft released the first insider preview build of Windows 11. so many users already installed windows 11 on their pc. And if you haven’t installed the recent release … Read more

Speed Up Windows 11 | Optimization For Gaming and Development


Speed Up Windows 11 Performance Gaming Optimization Guide: Suppose you have a slow computer or suffer lag in any of your programs, games, or software development programs. I will show you more than a dozen tips to speed up the Windows 11 performance on your system. I’ll be showing you how to optimize Windows 11 … Read more

Windows 11 Slow Startup? Most Effective Fixes Slow Boot

Fix Windows 11 Slow StartUp or Boot

Fix Windows 11 Slow Startup/Boot: When it comes to slow boot times on your Windows 11 pc, the go-to recommendation on how to speed windows things up is just to install an SSD while that is in hardware effect. The software can still cause issues making your system boot up quite slowly. So, how do you … Read more

Change DNS server On Windows 11 | Change DNS

Change DNS server on Windows 11 Boost Internet Speed: I will show you how you can change your DNS server on your Windows 11 operating system. I will explain to you two different ways to change DNS server on Windows 11. But first of all, you need to know the IP addresses or the DNS … Read more

100% Disk Usage in Windows 11 | RAM/Memory

100% disc usage in Windows 11

FIX 100% Disk Usage in Windows 11 | CPU/RAM: Does your Windows 11 PC face the 100% disk usage problem? When you notice that the task manager shows 100% Disk Usage in Windows 11. It’s no surprise that your PC doesn’t function well. Follow the steps in this article to get your disk usage back … Read more

This PC Can’t Run Windows 11 | Install Windows 11 Without TPM


Fix “This PC Can’t Run Windows 11” Error Or “This PC Doesn’t Meet Windows 11 System Requirements” ūüė• : The first primary build of Windows 11 has been leaked. This is fresh out of the brand new state of Windows. The kit has been spoiled on because someone released(leaked) it from early. We trust it … Read more

Kernel Security Check Failure BSOD On Windows 11/10

Kernel Security Check Failure problem

Fix Kernel Security Check Failure Black Screen on Windows 10 Or Windows 11: This is a stop, another most well-known error, which is the Kernel Security Check Failure in Windows 10 blue screen of death. Presently there are many people that have made an article on this. which is revealing to you just to install … Read more

How To Install Windows 11 Official | Windows 11 ISO Download

How To Install Windows 11 Official Step-By-Step

Install Windows 11 Official: Microsoft is edging towards Windows 11. as it’s fully marked windows 11 in this build. Microsoft will probably try and pass it off as a new operating system. When really under the hood, it’s perhaps just windows 10 with a facelift. First came the rumors, then some leaked screenshots, then some … Read more

How To Upgrade Windows 10 To Windows 11 Without Losing Data


Upgrade Windows 10 To WIndows 11 On Unsupported PC:¬†If you want to¬†update¬†Windows 11 from Windows 10, I will show you how you can do that. I made this article that demonstrates an in-place upgrade and per request on a machine that will not pass the upgrade check. This article will also show how to upgrade … Read more

Nvidia Optimization On Windows 11| Install/Update Nvidia Geforce


Nvidia Optimization On Windows 11 (Nvidia Control panel Setting for gaming): Suppose you are a gamer and have moved on to windows 11. Now time to Update/Install Nvidia Driver on windows 11. You will now have an update to GeForce drivers for Nvidia, So if you have a gaming machine with an Nvidia graphics adapter. … Read more