What is SCP 3812? SCP 3812 Explained [Class,Power]

What is SCP 3812 [A Voice Behind Me] | SCP 3812 Explained, Power, Class | Who is Ben: SCP-3812 is a reality-adjusting entity. Because of its impact on the real world, it is almost difficult to depict SCP 3812 in any significant way. All that is thought about SCP 3812 is that it was once a non-strange person who was accepted to have died in 1996.

At some point, not long after its death, SCP-3812 was noticed emerging from its grave and vanishing. SCP-3812 was brought to the Foundation’s consideration after its essence brought about the destruction of an apartment complex. Because of its peculiar capacities, SCP-3812’s appearance shifts altogether, making it incredibly hard to follow and almost difficult to contain.

SCP 3812 Range? 

Metaversal will finally become High Metaversal.

What is SCP 3812 Verse?

SCP Foundation

What is the name of SCP-3812?

 SCP-3812, Sam Howell

SCP 3812 Gender?


SCP 3812 Age?


SCP 3812 Class?

Keter Class Anomalous Entity

How Speed SCP 3812 is?

This parameter is Irrelevant

Who can beat SCP 3812?

The most powerful red multiversal entity is SCP-7709. This being has defeated the strongest SCP in existence, but not quite at its own level of strength or power because it still needs some help from other SCPs to defeat 3812, which are stronger than he’ll ever be on his own accord.

How Strong is SCP 3812?

Time manipulation, Reality warping, concept manipulation of minds and feelings to know what you’re feeling without actually being told. Weather control is where the caster can destroy things with just enough power. So that it is vaguely remembered, if not completely erased from people’s memories.

Is SCP 3812 Omnipotent?

This is a true story. SCP 3812 trumps The One Above All! To be honest, he’s not even omnipotent- as can be seen in his own comic “Infinity Conflict,” where the line states that He technically isn’t above all since this means one thing will always prolong an encounter with him or her because there are others who have greater power than them at any given time.

Sefiros vs SCP 3812: Who would win?

As its current status, the possibility that Sefiros will wash away SCP-3812 is high due to being outside of an infinite narrative stack.

SCP 3812 Explained (A Voice Behind Me)

SCP-3812: A Voice Behind Me. What is the most powerful SCP? Some among you might say the unkillable lizard, or the deer, or 343, or one of the 001s, but the answer, as you might’ve figured, is SCP-3812. SCP-3812 is likely the most powerful fictional entity ever written.

While that might sound like an incredibly lame subject for an SCP on the surface, the document for 3812 takes us on a very interesting ride.

Unlike entities such as the scarlet king, the deer, or the broken god, SCP 3812 is not an unfathomably old creature from the center of the universe or the abyss or similar beginnings, but instead was just a man.

SCP 3812 was once a man named Sam Howell, raised in Louisiana, and died in 1996. After his death, the entity known as 3812 rose out of his grave and proceeded to disappear.

Unfortunately, that’s all we know of its origins. It’s certainly possible that this is indeed some ancient entity that was living in this ordinary man until he died for some reason, but since 3812 only seems to be a very recent problem, it’s hard to say.

Alternatively, if 3812 didn’t come into existence until his death, we don’t know what caused that either. Regardless, 3812 was first discovered by the foundation 20 years ago when its presence destroyed an apartment building in Poland.

In a human, this would be a pretty small problem for a group like the foundation, but it’s complicated that 3812 is the most powerful reality bender in existence. Originally, 3812 was cooperative with the foundation and sought their help in managing its condition, but it has become more withdrawn and erratic over time.

3812 currently cannot accurately perceive the world around it, and so it will occasionally alter reality to suit its own perceptions. This makes it incredibly dangerous and difficult for the foundation to determine exactly what 3812 is changing.

3812 Location: 

As of now, 3812 is currently located above the south pacific ocean.

SCP 3812 Tiering:

1-A will ultimately become High 1-A 

SCP 3812 Power: 

The Foundation knows that its own procedures to keep SCP-3812 contained would be ineffective. This entity, by its nature, cannot be contained. Any attempt to keep it locked away would easily be undone by any one of its numerous powers to warp reality. Locking it in a cement box at the bottom of the ocean would be pointless.

SCP-3812 can manipulate events throughout time, and so it could easily prevent itself from ever being contained. It could teleport out or turn its cell into nothing but dust. Putting it in a vat of acid to endlessly burn it would result in it turning that acid into harmless water or air.

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It is even possible that any individuals, even Foundation staff, who may have previously tried to luck the creature up now no longer exist thanks to SCP-3812’s abilities, and there would be no way to determine this since we wouldn’t be able to remember that the person had ever been in our reality.

The Foundation’s best hope is to keep SCP-3812 where it is and hope it remains docile. Suppose they can keep it away from large population centers. In that case, the risk of 3812 having any psychic influence over civilians or warping reality and causing the deaths of millions or even billions, is at least reduced. But, of course, it’s never fully gone.

SCP 3812 Destructive Ability:

The foundation equipment cannot detect SCP-3812, and not because of machine or user error either. This means one of three things,

One is that 3812 has an extremely low Hume level beyond what they thought possible, which would mean that reality could eventually sink into this minimal Hume level.

Two is the opposite, that 3812 has an extremely high hume level and is therefore above even the god-level reality benders measured by the Foundation. Since a reality bender of this magnitude would likely have already destroyed them, this is probably not the case. The third possibility is really the worst one, in that 3812 is fundamentally different from every other reality bender known to the Foundation.

Dr. Robert Scranton theorized that just as there are different physical dimensions that humans cannot access or perceive, so too might there be different dimensions of reality above or below us.

According to Scranton, these levels of reality would be manipulating something called the narrative, and each narrative would be stacked on top of the other. If 3812 is some higher-level reality bender that can manipulate every aspect of our reality and suffers from severe mental disorders, that’s a pretty bad problem.

What is SCP-000? SCP-000 hidden Text | SCP Foundation

One attempt by the Foundation involved another unknown SCP, which created an anti-metaphysical field. This was done in the hopes that this would strip SCP-3812 of its reality-warping abilities. However, the entity was unfazed, the containment attempt failed, and the remains of the unknown SCP instead resulted in the creation of SCP-239.

As for the SCP-3812 entity’s own origin, that is still largely unknown. But there does exist a message on a secure server in the SCP Foundation’s O5 Command, seemingly from another entity belonging to a reality stacked higher above our own, that appears to have created a reality much further down, one that SCP-3812 inhabited.

And now it seems that SCP-3812 is climbing up the stack. There is a trade-off of sorts to the abundance of powers SCP-3812 possesses.

SCP 3812 Intelligence:

One of the creature’s personalities claimed it was “unmaking the world” as an act of revenge against someone. It stated that it believed “Existence is a joke. The narrative abandoned us to be miserable, and we are breaking the narrative.”

Its other half mentioned another entity, known only as “Ben,” and seemed to imply that it was responsible for SCP-3812’s creation, in reality, stacked above this one. According to the more rational of 3812’s two halves, this “Ben” entity “deemed us unfit to rest peacefully. To slip into the darkness, quietly.He made a game for us.”

It then convinced its other half that destroying this reality just to slight Ben would be pointless. There would always be another, stacked on top, infinitely. “So why does this narrative mean anything to you?” it asked. “It is one of an eternity of others. It is not special. It is not particular.”

SCP 3812 Weaknesses:

3812 suffers from extreme paranoia, depression, mania, inability to perceive their surroundings properly, inability to discern the difference between the real and imagined, inability to differentiate between the living and dead, inability to control expressions of emotion, hallucinations, hearing voices, feeling things that aren’t there, etc.

Who wins SCP-3812 VS SCP 001 (The Black Moon) 

The legends say that any being who looks at the Black Moon will be petrified and unable to use its powers. SCP 3812 is one such being, as it’s believed that if he stared into space long enough, his magic would disappear completely!

Also, it’s unknown how the Black Moon could even contact SCP 3812, considering that he lives outside of reality and rules over nothingness there. He has no true form, but his avatar is a black misty being who sits on an unseen throne and wears what appears to be some crown with white eyes surrounded by everlasting sharp teeth grin.

The power of the Black Moon is unknown, as anyone who looks at it has disintegrated into dust. The black moon also uses telepathy to manipulate weak-minded people and cause them to do its bidding, but not much information on this SCP article exists outside reality.

So, since we know almost nothing about either side in comparison, thanks for reading my submission where I discussed how powerful our protagonist’s archrival was -SCP 3812!.

Who is more powerful than SCP 3812?

This is an intense one. The One Above All was, as of late, nerfed down to Nigh-Omnipotent gratefulness to Thanos and Infinity Conflict, yet I think it was only a symbol. Alongside that, we have SCP-3812, the one who rises above stories.

This is a hard one. The creator of this creation was feeble to stop SCP-3812 before it rose above. However, the True Form of The One Above All would win, recognizing that it is Omnipotent, which means you can do anything you like.

Thus, when SCP-3812 rises above the story, the One Above All future is like, ‘haha, that is adorable. I can improve and continue to do likewise and beat SCP-3812. No doubt about it, One Above All steps.

Who would win, SCP-3812 VS Azathoth?

Azathoth is a visionary. A visionary with such dreams that they are genuine. He exists both inside and outside he had always wanted. His fantasies are all of existence, from the smallest particle to the vastest Universe. 

If he ought to at any point awaken, however, his fantasies and all of the creation aside from him, including the Great Old Ones and Outer Gods in general, will stop to exist. No, being in fiction is pretty much as amazing as Azathoth. He could kill The One Above All in wonder limitless occasions just by turning him over in his rest.

He is Power and the arbitrary cold-bloodedness of the Universe and Entropy Incarnate. Regardless of how amazing SCP-3812 is, it is simply a passing idea in Azathoth’s fantasies, unimportant and dishonorable.

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