How To Turn On Or Turn Off Animation Effects On Windows 11

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Windows 11 includes animation and fading effects and little add eye candy. but It can make your pc feel sluggish, some by adding a slight delay to certain actions for a more snappy experience. It’s easy to turn off animation Effects On Windows 11.

How To Turn Off Animation Effects On Windows 11

1. First, Right-click on the Start menu.

2. Next, Need to click on the Settings. Click on Accessibility.

turn off animation effect On Windows 11

3. Click on Visual effects. Now turn off the Animation effects. Just click on the blue toggle button to switch off. That’s all you need to do to turn off the Animation effect on Windows 11. 

4. Your changes will be saved automatically. close settings and enjoy. 👌Snap, your windows experience.

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How To Enable The New Boot Animation On Windows 11

So, as you may know, Windows 11 has a lot of features borrowed from Windows 10x. So from Windows 10x, we also have the new boot animation that is not enabled by default. But now, we can enable Boot Animation on Windows 11 using the registry editor.

1. First, Click on the search box and type in here Regedit. Right-click on the registry editor and select “Run as administrator.” Press enter on user account control-click on Yes

2. Next, You need to go to the path that I mentioned below:

Regedit Location:

Right-click on Control folder, CReate New Key

3. Right-click on the Control folder and then select the New option. 

Named this folder BootControl

4. Give the name this new key: BootControl [B and C should be capital letters].

Select DWORD (32-bit) Value

5. Now, Select the new file and then right-click on an empty space. Select New, then Select DWORD 32-bit value.

Name the folder BootProgressANimation

6. Give the name this value: BootProgressAnimation. [B,P and R capital letters]

7. Double-click on this value. It will open a small dialog-box. change value data to 1. click on Ok and exit the registry editor.

8.  Now, let’s restart the system and see the new windows 11 boot animation. Please read more about Windows 11.

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How To Show Windows 11 Desktop Icons

  1. First, Right-click on empty desktop space. Click on Personalize > click on Themes. Click on the Desktop icon settings.
  2. In the Desktop icons section, you need to select all the icon checkboxes.
  3. Next, click on Apply, then Ok.

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