Lost In The Shroud Quest in Enshrouded

The Shroud is a major feature of Enshrouded that adds challenge and excitement to the game. It is a place where you can find rare resources, hidden secrets, and thrilling adventures.

Enshrouded is a popular open-world survival game that challenges players to explore a mysterious land covered by a deadly shroud. 

One of the quests that players can encounter in the game is Lost In The Shroud, which rewards them with a powerful bow and some lore insights. In this article, we’ll explain how to complete this quest and what you can expect from it.

What is the Shroud in Enshrouded?

The Shroud is a mysterious curse that has spread over the land of Embervale. It is a thick, red fog that blocks your vision and drains your life. You can see the Shroud on your map as red areas that you should avoid until you’re ready.

The Shroud has different levels of strength, depending on the region you’re in. Some areas have weaker Shroud that you can enter safely, while others have stronger Shroud that will kill you instantly. 

You can tell the difference by the color of the Shroud on your map: blue Shroud is safe, while red Shroud is deadly.

How to Enter the Shroud?

To enter the Shroud, you need to have a Shroud Passage Level that matches or exceeds the strength of the Shroud in that area. Your Shroud Passage Level is determined by your Flame Level, which is the level of your Flame Altar at your base. 

You can upgrade your Flame Altar by collecting and crafting various items, such as Elixir WellsShroud Stones, and Shroud Cores.

You also need to have a Shroud Timer that shows how long you can stay in the Shroud before you die. Your Shroud Timer is shown at the top of your screen when you’re in the Shroud. It is based on your Flame Level, but it can also be increased by using SkillsShroud Survival Flasks, and Hourglasses.

How to Start the Shroud Quest in Enshrouded?

To start the Lost In The Shroud quest, you’ll need to find and loot The Hunter’s Hand Spindle, which is located in a cave infested by spiders near Pikemead’s Peak in the Revelwood region. 

The cave entrance is marked by a wooden sign that says “Beware of Spiders”. After you enter the cave, you’ll need to fight your way through the spiders and reach the end, where you’ll find the spindle and a lore book next to it. 

The lore book will unlock two new side quests: A Crucial Investigation and Lost In The Shroud.

How to Complete Lost In The Shroud Quest in Enshrouded?

To complete the Lost In The Shroud quest, you’ll need to follow the clues from the lore book and find the location of a legendary bow called The Fell Commander

The lore book tells the story of a hunter named Ryker who was obsessed with finding the bow and ventured into the shrouded lands. He left behind some notes and markers that can guide you to his trail.

The first clue is to head north from the cave and glide over the shrouded area using your glider. You’ll need to have a Shroud Passage Level of at least 2 to survive the shroud. You’ll see a wooden platform with a note and a marker on it. The note will tell you to follow the road to the east until you reach a bridge.

The second clue is to cross the bridge and continue east until you see another wooden platform with a note and a marker on it. The note will tell you to head south and look for a waterfall.

The third clue is to find the waterfall and go behind it. You’ll see a hidden cave with a note and a marker on it. The note will tell you to enter the cave and follow the path until you reach a dead end.

The final clue is to look for a secret passage behind a wooden crate at the dead end. You’ll need to break the crate and enter the passage. You’ll find a small chamber with a skeleton holding the Fell Commander’s bow. You can loot the bow and read the final note, which reveals the fate of Ryker and his obsession.

How to Survive the Shroud In Enshrouded?

Once you’re in the Shroud, you need to be careful and smart. 

Here are some tips to help you survive the Shroud:

  • Know your way in and out. Don’t get lost in the Shroud, or you’ll run out of time and die. Always have a clear path to the nearest exit, and use your map and compass to navigate. You can also use markers and torches to mark your way.
  • Have a clear goal. Don’t wander in the Shroud aimlessly, or you’ll waste your time and resources. Always have a specific objective, such as finding a Point of Interest, completing a quest, or gathering a resource. You can use your journal and tracker to keep track of your goals.
  • Build a Flame Altar nearby. If you’re planning to explore a large area of the Shroud, it’s a good idea to build a Flame Altar near the entrance. This will allow you to save your progress, recharge your Shroud Timer, and teleport back to your base if needed. You can also use Return Beacons to create temporary waypoints in the Shroud.
  • Avoid the red ground. Some areas of the Shroud have red patches on the ground that will damage you if you step on them. These are called Shroud Spikes, and they can be avoided by using your glider or grappling hook to fly over them. You can also destroy them with your weapons or tools, but be careful not to trigger them accidentally.
  • Be cautious when fighting enemies. The Shroud is home to many dangerous creatures, such as spiderswolves, and bandits. You can fight them with your weapons and skills, but be aware of your surroundings and your Shroud Timer. You don’t want to get cornered or run out of time in the middle of a battle. You can also use stealth and distractions to avoid or lure enemies away.

What to Expect from the Quest

The Lost In The Shroud quest is a fun and rewarding quest that offers some challenges and surprises. Here are some of the things you can expect from it:

  • You’ll get to explore some of the shrouded areas of the map and discover some hidden secrets.
  • You’ll get to fight some enemies, such as spiders, wolves, and bandits, along the way.
  • You’ll get to learn more about the lore and history of the game world and the shroud.
  • You’ll get to obtain the Fell Commander bow, a legendary weapon with powerful passives and stats. It is one of the best bows in the game and can help you in your survival and combat.


The Lost In The Shroud quest is one of the many quests that you can find and complete in Enshrouded. It is a quest that tests your skills, curiosity, and courage. It is also a quest that rewards you with a great weapon and some interesting story. If you’re a fan of Enshrouded and want to experience more of its content, you should try this quest and see what it offers. 

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