Enshrouded S-Tier Mage Build To Crush All Content

Hey, gamers! We are here to update you on my S-Tier Mage build for Ed. After diving into the end game, I’ve fine-tuned this bad boy, testing it with the best spells and gear choices. No glitches or animation cancels are necessary, but hey, they still work for those who want to spice things up.

Gameplay Unleashed:

This optimized build packs a punch, delivering extreme burst damage, top-tier DPS, and unparalleled viability. You ooze style with the new tools, including a meteor shower to flatten foes and improved versions of spells like the prison carpet.

Stats for Success:

Enshrouded S-Tier Mage Build To Crush All Content Stats

Let’s talk stats. Intelligence is our main squeeze, boosting regeneration and damage. Constitution beefs up our health pool, while Spirit becomes crucial for handling endgame mana costs. Manage those 114 skill tree points wisely, and you’ll be golden.

Weapon Arsenal:

For staff, it’s all about the Shroud Weaver, found statically in a chest. Fire, ice, and shock wands complete the set, offering a variety of damage options. Farm those wands at the spots from my previous video.

Armor Mastery:

Shield up with the Ferial Plate for that sweet ward resistance. The Arch Mage hat and a heavy chest armor choice (like the Warden set) provide the necessary buffs. Don’t forget the Eagle Eye boots for that essential stamina regeneration.

Ring It On:

Equip the Commander’s Rings for that extra edge. Skip the bugged all-stats ring for now, though. Stick to what works!

Spell Showcase:

Master the spells – Eternal Acid Bite for ground enemies, Fireball for ranged, and Channel Light for insane DPS. Shroud Meteor is your boss killer, leaving behind epic craters. And hey, animation cancels, and spellslinging bugs are still fair game – use them wisely!

Skilltree Progress:

Navigate the skill tree strategically. Prioritize Constitution, Intelligence, and Spirit. Get that core ability – Quick Charge – to amp up spell charging speed by 50%. AOE damage is key, so grab Radiant AA and Sun AA. Finish strong with the right balance of stats.

Consumables & Buffs:

Optimize your build further with consumables and buffs. Keep that comfort up, chow down on juicy meat, and gulp down elixirs and scrolls for a damage boost. Don’t forget your mana potions – spells ain’t cheap.

Fireball Wrap-Up:

There you have it, the ultimate S-Tier Mage build for Ed. Drop a like if you’re digging the update, and feel free to comment with questions or remarks. Subscribe, join the channel membership, and check out my Patreon for more gaming goodness. Until next time, happy gaming, and bye for now!

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