How To Unlock BEST Glider In Enshrouded?

If you aspire to master the art of disguise and explore distant lands swiftly in the mysterious world of Enshrouded, getting the Ghost Glider is essential.

This legendary glider stands out as the absolute best in the game, boasting an impressive 250% range and 25 speed. In comparison, the advanced glider falls short, making the Ghost Glider a must-have upgrade for any adventurer.

How To Get the BEST Glider In Enshrouded?

1. Ghost Glider Benefits

The Ghost Glider’s remarkable stats provide:

  • A significant advantage.
  • Allowing you to glide more than twice as far.
  • It covers almost 2 km in distance compared to the sub-1 km range of The Pillars of Creation.

2. Preparation for the Journey

No Spoiler Disclaimer

The location for obtaining the Ghost Glider lacks storyline spoilers or major bosses, focusing solely on reaching a specific spot.

Amazing Early Set

Consider acquiring the Guard of the North set for an easier early-game experience. Check out a related video for guidance on obtaining this set efficiently.

Must-Have Glider Talents

Optimize your gliding capabilities by acquiring the Double Jump and Updraft talents. This combination allows for extended gliding distances and additional height boosts.

3. Ghost Glider Location

The legendary Ghost Glider can be found in the Far East near the ancient Spire Kindle Waste. Utilize fast travel to streamline the journey.

Additional Tips:

  • Carry an extra Flame Altar for emergencies.
  • Be cautious of level 30 creatures and dragon birds in the area.
  • Navigate through a red shroud to reach the Sun Temple.

4. Temple Puzzle and Acquisition

Enter the Sun Temple, solve button puzzles, and progress to the top floor. Using a grappling hook, evade dragon birds and lockpick the door to access the golden chest containing the Ghost Glider.

5. Hidden Bonus Treasures

Explore the balcony for hidden treasures. Jump up the wall in the southeastern part to discover additional chests, such as a Forest Longbow with impressive stats.

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Where is the Ghost Glider in Enshrouded?

The Ghost Glider in Enshrouded is considered the best glider in the game, boasting an impressive 250% range and 25 speed. Here’s how you can get your hands on it:

Location: The Ghost Glider is hidden within the Sun Temple in the map’s southeastern corner, specifically in the Kindle Waste region.

Reaching the Temple:

  • Fast Travel: The easiest way is to fast-travel to the Ancient Spire in the Kindle Waste and then glide down to the Sun Temple.
  • Manual Journey: Alternatively, you can trek there manually. Just be prepared for potential encounters with enemies and challenging terrain.

6. Conclusion

Acquiring the Ghost Glider enhances your Enshrouded experience, offering unparalleled speed and range. Follow this guide to efficiently obtain this legendary upgrade and easily explore the vast lands.

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