Enshrouded Dirt Road Block – Full Guide

Enshrouded’s Dirt Road Block is a fundamental building block for those seeking to carve their own way through the mysterious world. 

While seemingly simple, this road block unlocks a whole range of possibilities for navigation, aesthetics, and efficient base design.

What is Dirt Road Block?

  • A craftable or mineable block used to construct dirt roads and paths within your Enshrouded world.
  • It is composed of packed earth, offering a rustic and practical look.
  • Provides a smooth, traversable surface compared to rough terrain.


  • Efficiency: Provides faster and smoother travel within your base or across the map.
  • Organization: Connects different areas of your base, making resource gathering and navigation easier.
  • Aesthetics: Adds a charming, natural touch to your environment.

Beyond the basics:

  • Combine Dirt roadblocks with other terrain blocks like stone paths and bridges for a diverse look.
  • Create intricate road networks with slopes, curves, and intersections.
  • Use them for decorative purposes, framing gardens or marking boundaries.

With a little planning and creativity, the Enshrouded Dirt Road Block becomes a powerful tool for shaping your world and streamlining your adventures. So grab your Construction Hammer and Rake, and start building your path!

How to Use Dirt Road Block In Enshrouded?

To use the Dirt Road Block, you need to have a Construction Hammer and a Rake. You can craft these items on a Workbench using Wood LogsString, and Stone.

Once you have the tools, you can enter Building Mode with the Construction Hammer and select the Terrain or 1M Terrain blocks. 


  1. Crafting Tools: Ensure you have a Construction Hammer and a Rake. You can craft these using basic resources like wood, string, and stone.
  • Gather Materials: You’ll need either Dirt Road Blocks or Dirt Blocks. Dirt Road Blocks: Mine existing dirt roads in the world or craft them using Dirt Blocks at a Workbench.
  • Dirt Blocks: Gather these by digging up grassless dirt found across the map. Morwenna town holds large dirt mounds for easy collection.

Building the Road:

  1. Enter Building Mode: Press the designated key (default: B) to activate building mode.
  2. Select Block Size: Choose either Terrain or 1M Terrain Blocks mode in the hammer menu. This lets you place individual blocks or larger sections of terrain.
  3. Place Dirt Road Blocks: Use the mouse to place them on the desired location for your road.
  4. Smooth Terrain (Optional): If you used Dirt Blocks, use the Rake to smooth the surrounding terrain and transform it into a dirt road. Hold the rake button and drag it across the uneven ground.

Additional Tips:

  • Use smaller block sizes (1M) for more precise road shaping and adjustments.
  • Start with a flat base and build upwards for inclined roads.
  • Combine Dirt Road Blocks with other terrain blocks like stone paths or bridges for variety.
  • Practice on flat land first before tackling complex terrain shaping.

By following these steps and using your creativity, you can build functional and aesthetically pleasing dirt roads in Enshrouded!

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How to Crafting Dirt Road In Enshrouded?

Unfortunately, you cannot directly craft dirt roads using a pickaxe in Enshrouded. While the pickaxe is a useful tool for mining existing dirt roads to gather Dirt roadblocks, it’s not involved in the actual crafting process. Here are the two ways to create dirt roads in Enshrouded:

1. Mining existing dirt roads:

  • Locate existing dirt roads in the game world, often near villages or points of interest.
  • Equip your pickaxe and use it to break down the sections of the road you want to collect.
  • Each hit with the pickaxe will yield a Dirt Road Block in your inventory.

2. Crafting with the Rake:

  • Gather Dirt Blocks by digging up grassless dirt found throughout the map. Morwenna town has large dirt mounds for easy collection.
  • Unlock the Rake crafting recipe through quests or find it randomly.
  • Craft the Rake using the required resources like wood, string, and stone.
  • Use the Rake on the gathered Dirt Blocks to transform them into Dirt Road Blocks.
  • Once you have enough Dirt Road Blocks, use them in building mode to construct your desired road path.

Remember, using the Rake method may be more efficient in the long run as it allows you to create a larger quantity of Dirt roadblocks from readily available resources.

Here are some additional tips for crafting dirt roads:

  • Start by planning your desired road layout on the ground.
  • Use smaller block sizes (1M) for more precise placement and adjustments.
  • Build on flat land first before venturing into complex terrain shaping.
  • Combine Dirt roadblocks with other terrain blocks like stone paths for a more diverse look.

How to Find Dirt Road Blocks in Enshrouded?

Dirt Road Blocks are useful building materials that you can get from the ground in Enshrouded. You can use your pickaxe to collect them from different places on the map. Here are some tips on how to find them easily:

Analyze the Map

Enshrouded has a big and varied map with different kinds of landscapes. You should travel around and look for paths, roads, or trails that you can see on the ground. These are good places to find Dirt Road Blocks. Exploring is important for getting more resources.

Operate the Pickaxe

You need to have a pickaxe with you, as it is the main tool for getting resources in Enshrouded. When you see a dirt road, go near it and use your pickaxe on the ground. You can collect Dirt Road Blocks by clicking or pressing the action button.

Look for Visible Roads

Dirt roads are easy to spot in the game, as they have a different color and texture from the rest of the ground. You should check out the areas where there are dirt roads, as they usually have more Dirt Road Blocks. These roads may also lead you to other places, camps, or buildings where you can find more resources.

Match Around Structures

Dirt Road Blocks are often found near structures, camps, and other points of interest. You should search the areas around these places, as there might be dirt roads nearby. The closer you are to a structure, the more likely you are to find Dirt Road Blocks. They can help you build your own structures or improve the ones you find.

How to Get Enshrouded Road Block in Enshrouded?

There are different types of road blocks in Enshrouded, such as Dirt Road BlockCobblestone Road Block, and Limestone Road Block. You can get them by finding them in chests worldwide or crafting them at a Workbench using different materials.

  • Dirt Road Block: You can find this block by digging up grassless dirt in the world, or craft it using Dirt and Stone.
  • Cobblestone Road Block: You can find this block in the town of Embervale, or craft it using Stone and Metal.
  • Limestone Road Block: You can find this block in a chest in a small house near the Sudat Rest or craft it using Stone and Dirt.

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