Where To Find Ring of Rapacity In Enshrouded? Mana Regen!

How do you get the Ring of Rapacity In Enshrouded? Are you tired of running out of Mana during a battle? Well, worry no more, as today we delve into the secrets of the most Overpowered ring in Willowcraft – the Ring of Rapacity.

I’m here to guide you step by step on acquiring the incredible ring and Where To Find Ring of Rapacity In Enshrouded.

Where To Find Ring of Rapacity In Enshrouded?

Step 1: Introduction to the Ring of Rapacity

In This post, we explore the game-changing abilities of the Ring of Rapacity. It boasts a remarkable feature – instantaneous Mana regeneration. Forget about Mana bottlenecks; this ring provides a solution that allows you to spam every spell in the game continuously.

Step 2: Understanding the Ring of Rapacity Stats

The Ring of Rapacity has unique stats, including a -20 % Mana penalty and a +20% Mana regeneration bonus. However, here’s the catch – it’s not a percentage boost; it’s a flat 20 Mana regeneration. This distinction makes all the difference in your gameplay.

Step 3: Building Around the Ring

Tailor your character around this incredible ring. The player creates a Paladin build in the post, freeing up points in the spirit to develop a tank healer class. Stay tuned for a future build guide for this powerful combination.

Enshrouded: How To Get Ring of Rapacity?

Let’s get to the exciting part – finding the Ring of Rapacity. Head to Willowcraft and teleport to the Ancient Spire Revelwood. Face south, spot the other Ancient Spire on the horizon, and locate the village beneath your helmet. This village is your destination.

Steps to reach the Ring:

  1. Teleport to the Revelwood Ancient Spire. This is the fastest option if you have unlocked fast travel points.
  2. Face south. You should see the other Ancient Spire in the distance.
  3. Locate Willowcraft Village. It will be visible in the direction you’re facing.
  4. Travel towards Willowcraft. Here are your options depending on your gliding capabilities:
    • Basic glider: Head for the bridge leading towards Reel Woods. Cross the bridge to reach the village.
    • Advanced glider: You can fly directly towards the village, using landmarks like giant mushrooms or windmills for guidance.

Inside the village:

Look for a large machine in the northeastern part of the village. You’ll find the Ring of Rapacity by mining a rubble pile at the base of this machine.

Step 5: Navigating to the Ring’s Location

For players with better gliders, fly to the location; otherwise, follow the cliff edge. Pass by the Carpenter Camp, loot a chest for a good weapon, and continue towards the bridge.

Step 6: Crossing the Bridge and Entering the Village

Cross the bridge, face the dangers of the enemies, and enter the village. Look for a willow crush underneath the floor and dig through the pile of rubble. This action reveals a corpse containing the coveted Ring of Rapacity.

Step 7: Exploiting the Reset Method

Take advantage of the reset method. Teleport back to the Spire, fly to the village, dig up the corpse again, and loot another Ring of Rapacity. Now, you have two rings, doubling your Mana regeneration capabilities.

Step 8: Gameplay Showcase

The post showcases the gameplay with the Ring of Rapacity. Constantly casting spells becomes a breeze, and dealing with flying enemies becomes remarkably easy.

Enshrouded Ring of Rapacity Stats


  • -20 Maximum Mana: Reduces your total mana pool by 20.
  • +20 Mana Regeneration: Increases your mana regeneration rate by 20 per second (flat amount, not relative to your maximum mana).

Use of Enshrouded Ring of Rapacity

Ring of rapacity could have various uses depending on the game’s mechanics:

  • Unlimited Mana (for spellcasters): The high mana regeneration effectively negates the mana cost of most spells, allowing for constant spellcasting.
  • Frees up skill points: Players can invest points into other stats like damage or survivability by eliminating mana concerns.
  • Strong synergy with specific builds: Particularly useful for mana-hungry mage builds and Paladin builds that utilize damage and healing spells.
  • Increased resource generation: It might generate more gold, mana, or other resources over time.
  • Stealing: It might allow the wearer to steal resources from enemies or the environment.
  • Critical hits might increase the chance of landing critical hits, allowing for greater damage output.
  • Resource absorption: It might drain resources from enemies or the environment and transfer them to the wearer.

Enshrouded: “Enshrouded” suggests something hidden or concealed. This could imply the ring has properties related to:

  • Stealth: The wearer might become harder to detect by enemies.
  • Illusion: The ring might allow the wearer to cast illusions or create diversions.
  • Shadow magic: The ring might grant access to shadow-based abilities or spells.
  • Mystery: The ring might be shrouded in mystery, with its full potential yet to be discovered.

Last Words

In conclusion, the Ring of Rapacity is a game-changer in Willowcraft, providing limitless Mana regeneration. Follow these steps to obtain and master this OP ring and elevate your gameplay to new heights.

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