Best Hidden Chrome Features You Must Know in 2020

The Google Chrome browser has a huge number of hidden Chrome features a significant number of which are inside Chrome’s flag menu.

In this post, I will explain the test with the best google Chrome hidden features situated in the flags menu that you can change for a superior browsing experience.

To get to any of the chrome flags go to your browser URL bar and write chrome://flags/ and press enter on your keyboard.

experimental hidden chrome features

you can see this warning with respect to enabling these hidden chrome experimental features. you could wind up with data loss or have your privacy or security compromised. on the off chance that you have any issues with any of these. 

you are able to change back whenever or hit the reset button at the highest point of the screen to change all the flags back to their default settings.

The experimental hidden chrome features recorded are not in any sort of order. you could look through the rundown to find what you’re searching for. 

however, that is not exceptionally productive. I’d suggest utilizing the search bar at the top to rapidly discover the hidden chrome features that I’ll be explaining to you.

1.Tab Groups #tab-groups

As referenced in the last issue’s Best New Browser Tools, this ‘flag’ makes it simpler to deal with multiple web pages by getting sorted out related tabs into groups. Right-click a tab, select ‘Add to new group’, and give to the group color and name.

You would then be able to add further tabs and move the group to another browser window. Tab Groups became a live hidden chrome features in Chrome 83.

if you can’t see it, you are able to enable it on the Experiments page. You can likewise activate the Tab Groups Collapse flag to rapidly reopen and close your tab groups. this is one of the best experimental chrome feature.

2. Enable Reader Mode #enable-reader-mode

Most web browsers presently incorporate the feature to eliminate mess from website pages to make them simpler to read and print, yet in Chrome this is (oddly) still an examination. 

Activate the flag and you can smooth out web content on compatible pages by tapping the ‘Toggle reader mode’ button in the location bar. Edge as of now offers this feature with its ‘Immersive reader’ mode.

3. Extensions Checkup #extension-checkup

This new Chrome inquiry prompts you to intermittently audit your extensions to guarantee nothing dodgy is installed. 

When it is enabled, a message will show up at the lower part of your New Tab page saying “Security matters. Take a moment and check your extensions now”.

Click this to play out the checkup. If you see an add-on, you don’t perceive or that is getting to your personal information, remove or disable it.

4. Omnibox tab switch suggestions #omnibox-tab-switch-suggestions

If you frequently have loads of tabs open in Chrome or Edge, this flag makes it simpler to locate the one you need. Type the initial few letters of the site’s name in the URL bar and snap the ‘Switch to this tab’ option next to your web browser’s suggestion. 

Enable the ‘Omnibox suggestion button row’ examination to put the ‘Switch’ button beneath it, as well.

5. Parallel downloading #enable-parallel-downloading 

This Chromium flag of hidden chrome features speeds up your downloads by grabbing a few parts of a single file at the same time. Once enabled, it kicks in naturally for each download that exceeds two seconds, which can have a significant speed difference with huge files.

6. Focus Mode #focus-mode 

Prevent interruptions when you’re composing an email or performing other significant tasks online by utilizing this experiment to focus on the current tab. 

Right-click a tab, select the ‘Focus this tab’ and the Duplicate page will open in a new tab, Pin app-like a window without any tabs, borders, address the bar, or different distractions. 

Snap the three-spot menu and Choose ‘Open in Chrome’ to restore the tab to the primary browser.

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7. Smooth Scrolling #smooth-scrolling

If your web browser frequently feels jerky when you’re scrolling through long, content-hefty pages, test enabling the Smooth Scrolling to perform. 

These hidden chrome features allow you to look all over website pages in a quicker and more liquid way. It’s turned on of course in Chromium-based Edge.

8. Force Dark Mode for Web Contents #enable-force-dar

The Chrome application for Android currently offers a dark mode (in Settings, Themes), but this is still  limited to an analysis in the PC version. 

Turn it on, relaunch your web browser and the content of all site pages will currently be shown as white or grey content on a dark background.  

Annoyingly, there’s no straightforward method to switch the dark mode off once more, other than disabling the flag and restarting. In Edge, you’re in an ideal situation going to Settings > Appearance > Theme > Dark.

9. Automatic tab discarding

Automatic tab discarding

There is no rejecting that Chrome is a monster asset hoard. enabling automatic tab disposing of will assist with moderating memory by disabling tabs that you haven’t utilized in some time when your system runs short on memory. 

they’ll actually show up on your web browser and will reload at whatever point you click on them. If you have a lower-end PC with low PC RAM, this is a component that you should empower. Stay with us we will explain more interesting hidden chrome features.

10.Number of raster threads

Experimental Chrome Features Number of raster threads

Most sites nowadays use raster pictures. raster threads are responsible for quicker loading of those. If you find that pictures are stacking rendering for you on the websites you visit. 

you’ll need to change the number of raster threads. starting from the drop menu select the number four. Presently on the destinations, you visit you should see an increase in the rendering rate of those pictures.

11.Tab audio muting UI control

Tab audio muting UI control

if you empower tab audio muting UI permits you to rapidly mute a website without going to the sound or video source. manually in the tab making noise tapping on the sound symbol will mute it. regardless of whether you don’t enable this element you can in any case right-click on the tab and select a quiet site.

12. RTC echo canceller 3

RTC echo canceller 3 Experimental Chrome Features

if you use Chrome the voice chat on various sites including Facebook. one issue numerous people experience is the echo gotten by their microphone. enabling web RTC echo canceller 3 will assist with diminishing the echo. 

making it sound better don’t anticipate any miracles. empowering this chrome hidden feature won’t eliminate all the outer sounds got by your microphone.

13. Single click autofill 

Single click autofill

When you start filling up a form. crumble endeavor to autofill your information including your phone number, address, and other data. enabling single tick autofill speeds up the operation. presently there is no compelling reason to start typing into a form to fill it out. one single click into the form will raise a list of autocomplete options.

13. New History Entries Require a User Gesture

you’ve most likely experienced sites that when you go to utilize your back button to return to a previous page or site. that it winds up keeping you on the same page these sites are abusing. 

the history element there for hijacking your perusing experience. Enabling the hidden chrome feature “new history entries require a user gesture” that makes it harder for sites to misuse the history component in your web browser.

14. Offline auto-reload mode

We’ve all accomplished the feared error page when our internet goes disconnected unexpectedly. The offline auto-reload mode is a cool element. at the point when enabled, it will auto-reload pages that neglect to load when you get back online once more.

15. HDR mode

Which represents a high dynamic range that considers higher contrast and more vivid colors. It’s been TVs for some time. Furthermore, recently there’s been an increase in the number of PC screens being delivered that support HDR. 

 if you have an HDR supported display. It’s a good idea to enable HDR mode. HDR content on the web is restricted right now. yet if you own a display that supports HDR. there’s no cause not to enable this component with more content expected in the future.

16. Auto-reload visible tabs

if you don’t want all your pages reloading when you get back online after enabling the previous flag. if you have the only auto-reload visible tabs enabled. when you get back online it will only reload the tab that you’re currently looking at.

17. Fast tab/window close

A lot of users have complained that Chrome is sluggish when closing tabs. when multiple tabs are open, enabling Fast tab/window close will exit those tabs. and the Chrome window faster than before. 

18. Experimental quic protocol

Google has made another connection protocol called “QUIC”. which is a blend of the TCP and UDP protocols. with the objective of making a quicker and safer Internet simultaneously. 

you should enable the experimental quick protocol to give it a shot. I’ve been trying this component for as long as a couple of weeks. what’s more, the perusing speeds do seem, by all accounts, to be quicker.

19. Best  Hidden Chrome Features is Take Control of Your Privacy and Security

“Keeping you safe and secure online is part of Chrome’s DNA,” said Google as it turned out improved privacy and security features to its browser. In a significant upgrade that makes existing features all the more promptly accessible, it’s currently simpler to oversee permissions, cookies, and how your information is shared.

GO to chrome://settings to start investigating. The ‘You and Google’ segment presently houses better account sync controls, and the browser additionally features opt-in Enhanced Safe Browsing and Secure DNS settings, however it’s the ‘Privacy and security’ area that sees the greatest overhaul.

Best Hidden Chrome Features is Take control of your Privacy and Security

‘Clear browsing data’ is placed inside easy reach at the highest point of the page, and there’s another Safety Check feature that flags dangerous extensions and websites, and compromised passwords, and helps Chrome up to date.

Different hidden Chrome features incorporate the capacity to block third-party cookies in Incognito mode and another home for expansions, which keeps your location bar clean. We’ll be investigating the new privacy features in our next issue.

20. Archive your dormant tabs 

Archive your dormant tabs with Lesstabs

The more tabs you have open, the more ability Chrome saps from your PC to keep them active  – depleting the battery and slowing  your PC to a languid dillydally. 

“Lesstabs” ( is a convenient browser instrument that naturally closes down and archives tabs if you haven’t opened them for a while. You would then be able to recover them by opening another tab to view archived website pages, ordered by date.

Unfortunately, there’s at present no real way to modify how long a tab should stay inactive before Lesstabs kicks in, 

In any case, this is a minor stumble in a generally valuable extension that should save your PC from an emergency. We’ll even disregard the fact that it should be called Fewertabs!

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21. Switch Netflix’s lights on

The dull mode has gotten ubiquitous and where it’s not inherent, there are a lot of browser tools that do the work for you. Netflix Light Mode ( flips this pattern on its head.

Install the extension and you’ll locate’s typical dark background supplanted with off-white instead. Text color, as you’d expect, is additionally modified, but  no different swaps are made; 

It’s still the same backdated Netflix you know, love, and can’t quit viewing. The decision of the background color is a great idea – it lights up the streaming site while staying simple on the eye. 

22. Copy your clipboard across devices

Copy your clipboard across devices with Clipboard - Paste Anywhere

Clipboard Paste Anywhere ( saves you email notes and reminders to yourself when you need to get data from your PC to your smartphone (and vice versa). You are able to copy anything from a web page, at that point click the expansion’s toolbar option to see the clipboard.

There’s a space to type or paste data, which is likewise put away in your clipboard. To copy an entry, click its overlapping-pages symbol or select Send to share text to other, connected gadgets. 

To set this up, download the application for iOS or Android, at that point click the in plus symbol on the extension.

This creates a time-limited code that you can type into the application to get to the copied content immediately.

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Here’s an extra flag for you to look at. If you enable the Load Media Router Component Extension. it will allow loading the router component at startup to quickly share your chrome tabs to any Google cast gadget. we will explore more Best Hidden Chrome Features in the future.


Whenever you roll out any changes to any of the flags. Chrome should be rebooted for the changes to produce results. at the bottom part of the screen simply click on relaunch. now all the pages you had open will consequently reload when Chrome restarts.

Thanks for reading.if this post was helpful for you. offer it a share with others. These are only a portion of the chrome flags that can give you a superior browsing experience. If you utilize any other hidden chrome features let us know about them in the comments box.

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