Get 20 Operator Or Special Zombie Kills While Moving With Smgs

Season One Reloaded in Modern Warfare 3 and Warzone brought fresh challenges, including the exciting HRM-9 SMG unlock. This potent weapon boasts impressive damage and fire rate, making it a coveted addition to any Operator’s arsenal. 

But to claim your HRM-9, you’ll need to prove your agility and trigger finger with the following challenge: Get 20 Operator or Special Zombie kills while moving with SMGs.

I can give you some tips on completing the challenge based on the web search results I found. Here they are:

  • The challenge is part of Sector A21 in the Season One Reloaded battle pass. It would help if you unlocked Sector A1 first by earning all rewards or spending tokens.
  • The challenge requires you to get 20 kills with an SMG while moving. This means you cannot stand still or aim down sights while shooting. It would help if you used the hipfire or tac stance modes.
  • The kills have to be on operators or special zombies. These zombies have special abilities or features, such as manglers, mimics, disciples, etc. You can find them in higher rounds or during exfil events.
  • You can use any SMG you want, but some SMGs may be more effective. For example, the HRM-9 is a new SMG you can unlock by completing the previous four challenges in Sector A21. It has high damage and accuracy, making it a good choice for this challenge.

Mastering Mobility:

The key to this challenge lies in combining swift movement with accurate SMG fire. Here are some tips to conquer this objective:

  • Choose the right SMG: Opt for SMGs with high mobility and good hip-fire accuracy, like the MP5, Fennec, or MAC-10. These weapons excel in close-quarters combat, where movement is crucial.
  • Embrace the run-and-gun: Don’t get bogged down aiming down sights. Strafe, slide, and jump while peppering your targets with SMG fire. Remember, movement is your friend.
  • Utilize perks and equipment: Enhance your agility with perks like Double Time and Lightweight. Consider using Stim or Flashbangs to create opportunities for quick kills while on the move.

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Multiplayer Mayhem:

Multiplayer modes like Domination, Hardpoint, and Kill Confirmed offer ample opportunities for dynamic movement and close-quarter encounters. These are perfect hunting grounds for racking up those SMG kills on the go.

  • Dominate objectives: Capture flags, secure hardpoints, and collect dog tags while staying mobile and taking down enemies with your SMG.
  • Flank and surprise: Use your agility to outmaneuver opponents and attack from unexpected angles. Surprise flanks are key to getting the drop on enemies and securing those kills.
  • Play the objective offensively: Don’t just camp on objectives. Push forward, create distractions, and eliminate enemies to help your team secure victory, all while racking up those SMG kills.

Zombie Onslaught:

If you’re a Zombies enthusiast, Onslaught provides another thrilling avenue for completing this challenge. Here’s how to slay undead hordes while staying mobile:

  • Utilize environmental traps: Lure zombies into environmental hazards like fire barrels and electrical grids to score easy kills without stopping your movement.
  • Train and unleash: Group up zombies, maintaining distance while peppering them with SMG fire. This technique lets you rack up kills efficiently while staying on the move.
  • Focus on Special Zombies: Prioritize eliminating Manglers, Schwärzers, and Mimics for bonus points and to disrupt the horde, all while keeping your SMG spraying.


  • Perseverance is key: Don’t get discouraged if progress feels slow. Keep practicing, adapt your strategies, and eventually, you’ll unlock that coveted HRM-9.
  • Have fun: This challenge is meant to be enjoyable. Experiment with different SMGs, movement tactics, and game modes to find what works best for you.

So, grab your favorite SMG, lace up your running shoes, and get ready to unleash a whirlwind of mobile mayhem. The HRM-9 awaits those who can conquer this challenge with skill and agility. Good luck, Operators!

Bonus Tip: Keep an eye out for Double XP events to maximize your progress toward unlocking the HRM-9.

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