Learn about Google Home Setup, Features and Bluetooth Speakers ✔️

For the first time, Google Home Setup is appropriate just because will make utilizing it a lot simpler, so be patient to get things better. You should have the speaker and Android device, a Google account, and a working Wi-Fi association that both Home devices and Android devices can connect with.

In this post, We explained in detail about Google Home Setup and play music on Google Home.

First, Learn The Google Home Setup

You need an Android application that is called Google Home application, With this app set up all of the things for your Google Home speaker. Utilize this application for future control and changes to the settings.

A. Connect your Google Home gadget’s plug with power and wait for the sound signal to show it is fit to be set up. Ensure that the switch control of the microphone is “On”. In the event that you unintentionally turn off the speaker’s microphone, the gadget will notify you appropriately. (This is the primary step for Google Home setup).

B. As of now, Google Home (click here to download) is only accessible for Android gadgets, and most of the time it has already been installed. sometimes if you don’t have pre-installed this app, discover the application on the Google Play Store, download and introduce it on your smartphone phone (tablet or mobile ). Once it’s installed, please open the application.

C. You should ensure that your smartphone is connected with the same Wi-Fi system you plan to use for the Google Home speaker. When both are connected, open the Home application and affirm which Google account you will use to sign in. Remember that It doesn’t work in the event that you are utilizing a 4G system to connect. 

D. The Google Home application searches for nearby “ON’ devices that are connected and prepared to set up. if it notifies you that no gadgets are found, and you’ve successfully set up a gadget, tap Yes. Ensure that you’re a nearby Google Home gadget that you’re setting up and its connection to a power socket. At that point tap Next.

E. Ideally, your Google Home gadget will be found by the application, shown on-screen and you would then be able to tap Next to proceed. In the event that you are setting up more than one gadget, select the one you need to set up first, and afterward tap Next. The application will currently connect your smartphone to your new Google Home prepared for configuration.

F. You will hear a sound on your speaker to show that it is connected. You would now be able to proceed with the setting by choosing the room it will be in (to distinguish the speaker), picking your region, and setting the language you need to utilize. Next, you have to connect to your Wi-Fi system.

G. The next thing is to boost your Google Home understanding, and set up Voice Match. Voice Match permits different people to utilize the same gadget and get customized results. Follow the pop-up message on the screen to instruct Google to remember you. You can erase Voice Match settings later or whenever you wish.

H. The Google Home application will request you access to select your location. This place is where your gadget is found. In the event that you are permitted to get to, your location will be pre-filled; otherwise, you should enter it by choosing another location. At the point when your location is entered tap Next.

I. You would now be able to include your preferred services, for instance, YouTube Music, Spotify, Music, Deezer, and Google Play Music are only a portion of those accessible. On the off chance that you include multiple, you should pick a default music service. go along with further on-screen pop-ups to finish the setting.

Listen to Music On Google Home


A. You will have to select a music service during the setting up of the Google Home speaker, yet in the event that you avoid this step, or if you want to include more, you can include music services whenever. Open the Google Home application on your Android gadget and press the +Add button on the Home tab. At that point select Music and Sound.

B. In the event that you have a YouTube Red account or Google Play Music (associated with the current Google account), these administrations will be connected automatically to the Home application. To connect one of the other music administrations (Spotify, and so on.), tap the little link symbol beside every service, read the data in the case that prompts up, and afterward press Link Account.

C. You will presently be taken to the individual music administration Login screen, where you should sign in to your account (or make another account if you don’t as of now have one set up). When this is done effectively, you will come back to the Home application where you should now observe the music administration connected to your Home gadget.

Let’s Play Your First Music on Google Home

A. Presently you have your music administrations connected to Google Home, let’s start to play. Precisely what music you can tune in to relies upon which service you are utilizing. For instance, you will most likely be unable to demand certain songs by name in the event that you just have a Spotify Free account.

B. Want to play a particular song? Just say “Hey Google, play and say <song name>,” “also…play <song name> on <music service>.,” not only that you can say “Hello Google, play <song name> by <artist name>” Certain music administrations will likewise permit you to scan for comparative songs by saying, “…play songs like <song name>.”

C. There are some particular commands for the diverse music administrations, yet every one of them will respond to the general music control orders. These are: “Play,” “Skip,” “Pause,” “Shuffle,” “Stop,” “Next,” “Resume,” “Volume up/down,” or “Set volume to 5.” What tune is playing?”.

D. Visitors and housemates can’t get to your library content on the off chance that you’ve set up Voice Match. Be that as it may, if you want to give them access then you have to upload your music to their account. In the event that you haven’t set up Voice Match, visitors and housemates can get to music from your library similarly you can.

E. You can likewise play music from your PC Chrome on your Google Home speaker (as long as the PC is associated with a similar Wi-Fi system). To do that first Open the browser and then start playing the music. Select the Chrome menu button, select Cast, and pick the speaker to play through.

F. You can also control the music from your Android device that is playing on your speaker by using the Home app. Open the application and press the speaker’s name on the home tab. Here you will find the pause and play control options, alongside a volume slider. by tapping the Equaliser button to control treble and bass levels.

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Google Home Setup for Playing Music Via Bluetooth

Having the option to play music put away on your smartphone or tablet through the Google Home speaker is a helpful expansion to its best stuff.

A. Explore the Google Home application and tap the name of the gadget you need to associate with Bluetooth. In the upper right corner of the phone info card, tap the phone settings menu, and afterward, locate the Paired Bluetooth phone heading and press it. In the following screen, press the Enable Pairing Mode button.

B. Presently open the Bluetooth settings on your smartphone and turn on the Bluetooth. The phone will check for accessible connections and you should see the name you gave your speaker show up on the available list. If not, tap the Scan option to make your device look once more. Press the speaker’s name to pair the phone utilizing Bluetooth.

C. In any case, when the Google Home application is paired with various speakers, it will default to the last time paired device.you can change which speaker is paired by opening the Bluetooth settings on your gadget and choosing the one you need or You can command to Google Home to connect by saying “Hello Google, connect with Bluetooth,”.

D. Please use your regularly used music player on your phone to play music through a connected speaker.you can play anything (For example Mp3 files or YouTube videos) via Bluetooth on paired Google Home speakers.

E. Also, you can play the music that is put away on your smartphone by using voice commands to tell your Google Home speaker. You have to say “Hey Google <playlist name> or <song name>.” not only that, you can say stop, push, change volume, skip that we talked about it before.

F. Let’s unpair the gadgets, again open the Google Home application and discover the phone card for the Google Home that you need to unpair. Open the phone settings and afterward go to Paired Bluetooth gadgets. Press the X icon that you need to unpair and afterward Press Unpair.

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Google Home Setup for Listen to Music Using Bluetooth Headphones

A. Turn on your Bluetooth earphones and ensure that they’re in pairing on mode; this is regularly done by pressing the Pairing button on your headphones(a light will normally glimmer to let you know). Presently open the Google Home application on your Android gadget and select the speaker you need to associate with.

B. Open the Settings menu and keep scrolling until find the Bluetooth options. Press “Default music speaker” and afterward Press “Pair Bluetooth speaker”. It will at that point filter for accessible headphones (or speakers) and permit you to connect from a list of accessible gadgets by tapping the name.

C. You will get to connect one headphone or speaker to play music. When you pair and connect your speaker to a Google Home. it will automatically connect except if the speaker gets disconnected or off. You would now be able to utilize regular Google Assistant commands to play music.


If you like our google home setup information.or if you are getting any error to setup google home,please let us know.

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