Phone Is Slowing Down? How To Solve? 💎

Try not to keep a slow smartphone. It makes you disappointed. This post uncovers the most well-known reasons for poor smartphone performance (if the Phone is Slowing Down) and recommends the easiest solutions.

The phone is Slowing Down for PROCESSES IN BACKGROUND 

In any event, when you don’t have any applications open, there are huge things going on out of the background that drains the battery and makes it down PROCESS. These incorporate applications checking for refreshes, your email client(s) synchronizing with the mail server, 

Wi-Fi and Bluetooth administrations, and – most regularly – covered up bloatware installed by the manufacturer. On an Android system, there’s a mystery method to view and ‘Stop’ processes in the background. Go to Settings->System -> ‘About phone’ and then press on ‘Build number’ 7 times to open developer options. 

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and then to the System screen and pick Advanced-> ‘Developer options’, at that point Processes or ‘Running services’. Select a background process and tap Stop to end the services.

if an undesirable process continues restarting, consider uninstalling all the tools together. You can likewise control the number of processes that can run out of the background on your smartphone, although, Android system has an algorithm that supposed to do this automatically. On the “Developer options” screen, press the “Background process limit” and settle on your decision. 

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If you have an iPhone, iOS stops most applications running out of sight when you’re not utilizing them, so they don’t swallow battery life and handling power – in fact, a few engineers have griped that iOS 13.3 is excessively forceful at stopping them. 

Nonetheless, a special feature called Background App Refresh permits applications to check for updates, for example, new messages and email, so it might merit incapacitating if your iPhone is extremely slow.

Go to Settings -> General -> Background App Refresh, and either turn off the feature totally or only for particular applications. This is the most case why the phone is slowing down performance.


Updates the smartphone’s system and the application on your smartphone aren’t just about new features and security fixes however frequently address processing issues, as well. Many people overlook the updates because it takes time to happen.

it’s important to grab them when you can, and consistently checking if a system update is available. On your Android smartphone, go to Settings-> System, ‘Software updates’ to manually check for refreshes. On an iPhone, go to Settings->General, 

If you are an Android user please go-to system settings then press ‘System updates’ to check manual updates. Or you have an iPhone user explore Settings -> General then check Software Update. Empower Automatic Updates to guarantee you’re continually running the most recent rendition of iOS.


You’ve presumably installed a huge number of applications that you used one time then overlooked, and which are presently consuming important extra space and hindering your smartphone. 

A snappy application-cleanup can yield a significant speed-up phone, so it’s worth normally evaluating what you have installed and removing anything you needn’t bother with. On an Android phone, you can uninstall space-hogging applications individually by taping down on their icons and dragging them to the Uninstall option at the highest point of the screen.

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However, a better faster technique is to utilize the splendid free Files by Google (Click here to get this). to expel different applications immediately. Tap Browse at the base of the screen, pick Apps, and press to choose all the applications you need to dispose of. Press the three-dot menu in the upper right corner and pick Uninstall.

In the future, Files by Google will reveal to you which unused applications are shrink space. Thus, on an iPhone running iOS 13, you can uninstall individual applications by Taping their symbols and picking Delete App

To delete various applications in one go, continue tapping an application symbol until an ‘X‘ shows up in the upper left corner of each application on the screen. Tap the ‘X’s for all the things you need to erase.

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Your desktop browser stores temporary files downloaded from websites. In the same way, your phone stores the app’s cache data and it is one of the important things that your phone is Slowing Down, 

which encourages them to open frequently utilized applications quicker. After some time, all that cached information eats into your memory capacity and can conduct your smartphone to turn out to be slower. 

Now it’s time to clear the reserve for singular Android applications by going to Settings-> Apps, choosing an application, at that point selecting Storage, and pressing Clear Cache. On the other hand, open Files by Google, select Browse, and pick Apps. 

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Press the three-dot menu in the upper right corner, select ‘Select All’, at that point press the menu again and select “Delete junk files”. While you’re in it, you can likewise erase space-hoarding pictures, old downloads, duplicate documents,  and other garbage using the Clean option in Files by Google.

if you have an iPhone, you can clear cached information from applications by selecting Settings-> General-> iPhone Storage. Here, you’ll see a rundown of applications, Select one and turn on the “Reset cached content” option. you can see apps at the top which is maximally expanding space. 

You can likewise pick the Offload App to clean space by deleting the application, without losing significant data. If you want to remove all junk data at a time, you’ll have to introduce an outsider cleanup application, for example, Phone Cleaner (, which costs £1.99.


It happens when browsing the web on your smartphone, most of the time you experience that the speed of your phone is slowing down, with pages taking much time to open whether you’re on high-speed mobile data or wi-fi.

Accepting you use Chrome on your Android gadget, as about 90% of people do, there is a convenient solution you can follow. 

Tap the three-spot menu in the upper right corner of Chrome and pick Settings, at that point scroll down to and press  ‘Lite mode’. Change the slider to On and Chrome will presently utilize Google’s servers to rework slow site pages with the goal that they just render important data. 

Google asserts this will utilize around 60% less information and make pages load altogether quicker. The ‘Lite mode‘ screen gives you how much information you’re saving.

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This option(‘Lite Mode’) isn’t accessible in the iOS version of Chrome, and Safari doesn’t offer a proportionate choice, however, you may get the speed up support from Apple’s system by removing its cache data. 

Go to Safari Settings then find the Privacy and History option, tap on the ‘Clear Web History and Website Data’ option at that point, tap to confirm. Few people use temporarily JavaScript disabling Safari’s Advanced settings or extensions for better speed.  

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If all of our tips and tricks do not work for you. your phone is slowing down, you can take advantage of the factory reset. This will remove all information from the gadget so you can begin once more and, ideally, quicker. you can sync data and pre-installed apps after restoration. 

If you have an android smartphone, explore the Settings application, and press the System-> Advanced, ‘Reset option’. Select ‘Delete all information (factory reset)’ and then you will be notified what you will lose. Select “Reset Phone” to proceed.

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On iPhone go to General -> Reset, select ‘Erase All Content and Settings’.you have to confirm to reset your phone and enter your “Apple ID” or password. You can likewise reset by means of iTunes by associating your iPhone to your PC and selecting Restore (device).

I think, after reading this information you probably got the point why is your Phone is Slowing Down. also don’t forget to apply our faster method. 

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