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Stop Facebook Tracking Your Activities: It’s no secret that Facebook collects information about us while we’re using it, but the company uncovered a while ago that it also collects data about us from businesses and websites it interacts with. Now you can opt-out of this ‘off-Facebook’ data collection, anonymize your Facebook account, and remove existing data the company has collected about your browsing habits.

Stop Facebook tracking your activities, Keep your Privacy Safe.

Stop Facebook Tracking

A. From the menu in the top-right corner, choose Settings, 1 then click ‘Your Facebook information’. 2 Find the ‘Off-Facebook Activity’ section in the list and click the View link. 3 Two options appear in the box on the right. Select ‘Manage your Off-Facebook activity’.

Stop Facebook Tracking

B. You’ll see a long list of sites and apps that share your activity with Facebook. You can wipe all the data in one fell swoop by clicking the ‘Clear history’ button. 1 The number that appears over a website’s icon 2 tells you how many times the site has reported your activity to Facebook.

Stop Facebook Tracking

C . If the number for a website is ‘2+’, click to see an exact figure. 1 If you don’t want Facebook to receive any more information from this source, click the link to ‘Turn off future activity from…’ 2 Be aware, however, that if you use Facebook to log into the website, you may lose your account.

Stop Facebook Tracking

D. To see what data companies have shared, click the ‘X interactions were received’ section. Scroll down and select Download Activity Details. To see off-Facebook activity only, click ‘Deselect all’, scroll to ‘Ads and businesses’ 1 and tick the box. 2 Scroll back up and click Create File.

Stop Facebook Tracking

E. Facebook sends an email to confirm that it’s creating the file and another when it’s done. Click the link to the ‘Download your information’ page, then ‘Available copies’. 1 Press the Download button, 2 unzip the file that downloads, and drag the index.html file into your browser.

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Stop Facebook Tracking - facebook activity

G. If you don’t want Facebook to share your data with its partners, click the Manage Future Activity link, then the Manage Future Activity button. Switch off the ‘Future off-Facebook activity’ option. 1 Facebook will warn that you may lose your logins, but if you don’t mind, click Turn Off.

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