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Stop Facebook Tracking Your Activities 🕝 – [#Facebook Privacy]

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Stop Facebook Tracking Your Activities: It’s no secret that Facebook collects information about us while we’re using it, but the company uncovered a while ago that it also collects data about us from businesses and websites it interacts with. Now you can opt-out of this ‘off-Facebook’ data collection, anonymize your Facebook account and remove existing data the company has collected about your browsing habits.


Stop Facebook tracking your activities, Keep your Privacy Safe.


Stop Facebook Tracking


A From the menu in the top-right corner, choose Settings, 1 then clicks ‘Your Facebook information’. 2 Find the ‘Off-Facebook Activity’ section in the list and click the View link. 3 Two options appear in the box on the right. Select ‘Manage your Off-Facebook activity’.



Stop Facebook Tracking


B You’ll see a long list of sites and apps that share your activity with Facebook. You can wipe all the data in one fell swoop by clicking the ‘Clear history’ button. 1 The number that appears over a website’s icon 2 tells you how many times the site has reported your activity to Facebook.



Stop Facebook Tracking


C If the number for a website is ‘2+’, click to see an exact figure. 1 If you don’t want Facebook to receive any more information from this source, click the link to ‘Turn off future activity from…’ 2 Be aware, however, that if you use Facebook to log into the website, you may lose your account.




Stop Facebook Tracking


D To see what data companies have shared, click the ‘X interactions were received’ section. Scroll down and select Download Activity Details. To see off-Facebook activity only, click ‘Deselect all’, scroll to ‘Ads and businesses’ 1 and tick the box. 2 Scroll back up and click Create File.



Stop Facebook Tracking


E Facebook sends an email to confirm that it’s creating the file and another when it’s done. Click the link to the ‘Download your information’ page, then ‘Available copies’. 1 Press the Download button, 2 unzip the file that downloads and drag the index.html file into your browser.


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Stop Facebook Tracking - facebook activity


G If you don’t want Facebook to share your data with its partners, click the Manage Future Activity link, then the Manage Future Activity button. Switch off the ‘Future off-Facebook activity’ option. 1 Facebook will warn that you may lose your logins, but if you don’t mind, click Turn Off.


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