How To Fix SKYUI Error Code 5? What is Error Code 5?

SKYUI Error Code 5 Troubleshoot: SKYUI is a massive overhaul of the Skyrim user interface, and it is now available for Skyrim special edition and in this section.

The overall aim of this mod is to provide a user interface that works better when sitting at a PC in front of a high-resolution monitor and using a mouse and keyboard; however, this mod is perfectly compatible with controllers, and if you do wish to play on your television you can customize the size of the fonts and icons so that they work fine on a large TV.

But many people around the world, especially gamers, have complained that they are getting an “Error code 5” alert while using this. This is very irritating. However, we found some of the best solutions to fix this SkyUI error code 5 alert.

What is Error Code 5 in SKYUI?

One of your UI mods is detailing as incongruent. They are not viable. You have to install another SkyUI version.

SkyUI Error Code 5 demonstrates mod conflicts with other mods, which change the SkyUI files or mods that depend on outdated SkyUI files. Suppose your UI is screwed up, as right now, you have a few mods clashing with SkyUI.

Why is it Showing SkyUI Error Code 5?

The error happens every time I try to open magic, items, and MCM. This “SkyUI error code 5” warning message appears. This situation seems critical, but trust me, it’s not.

Now, let’s find out the reasons and solutions.

Reason 1: Your SKSE isn’t working or not installed properly, or you didn’t start the game through the SKSElauncher.

Reason 2: Did you install Skyui-VR correctly? Did you install SKSE VR correctly> including its scripts? Please double-check that you are using SkyUI SE. Use the SkyUI VR instead.

Reason 3: This is a simple override order problem. Another BSA or lost file overrides SKyUIs file craftingmenu.swf in its BSA.

Reason 4: Double-check that the installed version of SkyUI is compatible and up-to-date. Replace it if it’s not.

What is Mod?

It comes from the root word of modifying. So modding is to modify something to change it or alter it. There are a few ways to use the word modding.

Suppose you feel that the games are too boring. I’ve conquered all the bosses. I gathered every bit of rare loot, and no new games are coming out.

If only there was some way I could breathe new life into my older ones. Oh wait, there is whether you’re looking to renew a well-played game by adding content.

Such as new uniquely tan quests altering game mechanics and user interfaces to deliver a more immersive experience or trying to get the most out of old titles on your new hardware by amping up the graphics to levels never before thought possible. Mods are often the way to go.

But since the term mod can be applied to literally anything that modifies a game’s code from the original or vanilla state.

But we’re specifically gonna dive real deep into what that means for computers and video games. The first recorded mod was for an old 1981 game called Castle Wolfenstein.

Now, How To Fix Error Code 5 in SKYUI ?

Solution 1: Remove the .swt files:

This solution is for those people who are utilizing MO or NMM. I mentioned step-by-step directions that you need to follow in order to solve the issue:

  • First, Open the mod data. Next, you need to click on the Interface.
  • Here, you should see a *.swf file. You need to remove those files to fix this issue. 

The above stunt won’t work for those who are using the latest version of SkyUI. Please follow the directions to solve the issue on the latest version:

  • Navigate to the SkyUI.bsa folder. You will notice that all the *.swf files are stored in this folder. 
  • Next, You need to remove all the files. After successfully deleting. Would you please check if your error code 5 problem is gone? 
  • Suppose you don’t want to delete those files. I recommend you create a backup by selecting all files, > creating a new folder > and pasting it into the folder. 

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Solution 2: Uninstall The FPS Interface Mod From the System

You should know that the SKYUI Error Code 5 issue was generated because of the 60 FPS Interface mod. 60 FPS Interface mod forces the game to run on 60 FPS. But the fact is that you don’t know! The game’s interface was developed to run on 30 FPS.

The error probably happens whenever you try to do something with the Favorites, Skill Menus, and Map along the above lines. That is the reason we prescribe that gamers uninstall the 60 FPS Interface mod from their PCs to resolve the issue. To do that, perform the steps below.

  1. First, Navigate to the Path, NexusModManager > Skyrim > Mods.
  2. Next, You need to find out the 60 FPS Interface Mod. Probably, it’s a Compressed Format.
  3. Now, Select the Mod and delete it Completely From The System. (Also check the recycle bin)
  4. Try to Uninstall The SKYUI also. Do a fresh install From The Official Site.
  5. Along with this, Install The newest Versions Of Skyrim Script Extender.

At last, Open the game and check whether the SKYUI Error Code 5 is fixed or not.

Solution 3: Check (*) Symbol in .esp file.

Ensure the (*) is to the left side of the first character of the ESP you are activating. Should not be to the Right of “p” toward the end of the previous .esp (There is an unseeable character divider between the two; you can check whether you have an arrow key between them.)

Solution 4: Disable The Favorites Menu

You found this method during your research. A lot of gamers have detailed that they resolved this error by disabling the Favorites menu. Thus, evaluate this strategy to fix the SKYUI Error Code 5.

Disable SWF Version Checking option to Fix SKYUI Error code 5

1. Open Steam on your System. Select the System menu.

2. Then, Select the Mod Configuration. Then Click on SkyUI and Select the Advanced option.

3. You can see The Favorites Menu under the SKF Version checking section. Click on the Box icon to Disable It

Also, You can uncheck all of the options in this section. Now, Please check whether The SKYUI Error Code 5 Is solved Or Not.

Solution 5: Fresh Uninstall & Reinstall The Game

The last strategy is the uninstalling and reinstalling process. You can resolve the issue by uninstalling and reinstalling the Skyrim game.

1. Go to the Windows search box. Type Control Panel. Double-click to open the Control Panel. 

2. Once you are in the control panel. Find the Skyrim app. Select it. Click on the Uninstall option. Wait for Uninstallation.

3. Next, Go to the Windows search box. Type Run. Open the Run.

4. Type %appdata%. Click on OK

5. Once you are in the app data folder, Check if any folder might be related to this game. Please delete the file because it is a cache file.

6. Check the Recycle bin to remove all the files. After finishing this process, it removes all the files which are related to this game.

Now, Open the Chrome browser. Visit the Skyrim official site. Now download the latest version of Skyrim. To Complete the installation cycle, Please follow the instructions on the site.

What are the best mods for Skyrim?

SKSE, however, if you are talking about in-game, SkyUI is by a long shot the most helpful mod that everyone should install. It is a lot better than the Bethesda UI all around, particularly if you play on a Desktop.

What is the most downloaded Skyrim mod?

For LE: As of today, the most downloaded mod is Skyrim HD – 2K Textures (23.5 million downloaded), followed intently by SkyUI (22.8 million downloaded). 

For SE: the most downloaded mod is Skyrim 2020 Parallax by Pfuscher (10.4 million downloaded), followed by the unofficial SE patch (6.7 million downloaded).

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