SCP 297 Steely Dan | Toy/electronic scp/appliance

SCP 297 must be stored inside a lock box that is standard located at Site 19’s High-Value Items Storage Facility. Standard defenses against positive actions (explosive chemical, biological and memetic) are required to be present at all times, in accordance with the standard operating procedure.

People who wish to use SCP-297 for field or experimental purposes should fill out an application form and send it to the director of Research and Containment.

Object Class:Safe


Description SCP-297 is a clear plastic vibrator measuring around 30 centimeters in length and 5 centimeters in width. The inspection has found that the device’s internal design has been extensively altered and that the normal 6-volt supply has transformed into what is believed to be a tiny nuclear reactor, powered by a small amount of plutonium.

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In addition, the average power and intensity controls have been changed from the standard on/off switch, which has a secondary intensity dial to a single, five-stage selector switch.

The four lowest intensity levels (off low, medium-high) seem to be within the normal parameters for this device and may be used to achieve these goals if wanted.

If you turn it to the highest intensity setting (labeled “suicide”), SCP-297’s vibratory frequency increases to as high as 100,000 kHz.

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If the upper part of the device gets touched by any solid object SCP-297’s frequency will shift to one that creates the creation of a positive harmonic feedback loop within the object, which causes the object to lose its cohesion within 60 seconds of constant contact. This is the only way to kill organisms to which the device is exposed.

SCP-297 Steely Dan
SCP 297

Experimentation has revealed that SCP 297 is capable of disintegrating a one-meter concrete cube into powder in 10 seconds. The time needed for other objects differs, based on the density and the harmonic properties that the substance.

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Due to the similarity between the effects of SCP 297 as well as SCP-1012, research to determine if both of them are variants of the same phenomenon is currently in progress.

Postscript to the Circumstances of Retrieval: SCP 297 was discovered in three basements in the structure for parking an apartment building with a thirty-story height situated in Los Angeles, California, on ##-##-####.

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As per eyewitnesses, the device drilled into the entire northwestern part of the building beginning from the 30th floor and moving through the floor across the entire structure until a maintenance worker neutralized the device by shutting it off the device.

The witnesses were all detained and were given Class-A amnestics as well as the instrument was then retrieved through Foundation personnel. A significant amount of organic Slurry (later determined to be a human body that had been liquefied) was discovered on the thirtieth floor near the top of the destruction.


What SCP-297?

SCP-297 is a translucent plastic vibrator that measures 30 centimeters long, and 5 centimeters in width.

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What SCP is a black mannequin?

SCP-650, also referred to by the name of Startling Statue is a statue-like SCP that is found as a character in SCP Containment Breach: Unity Edition. SCP-650 looks like the shape of a tall black-colored mannequin without hands or faces. It belongs to the Euclid class.

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