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Who is SCP 053? SCP 053 Explained

SCP 053 or SCP-053, also called the Young-Girl, is an Euclid class object owned by the SCP Foundation. She can speak with primary speech and appears slightly above average regarding mental development. She generally has a pleasant personality and is not often unhappy, only displaying anger when she is in the presence of large crowds of people.

SCP-053’s Real Name?

Tiering/Flag: 1-B | 10-C, Also known as the Young-Girl

SCP-053 Death?

Anyone who tries to kill SCP-053 will experience massive seizures or heart attacks and will die within a few minutes of doing any physical harm to SCP-053. SCP-053 regenerates almost instantly from any injury, regardless of the severity.

Name: SCP-053, Death, “Young Girl”, Quarseta-Ql-Paneu, Abby Johnson
Verse: SCP-Foundation
Gender: Female  
SCP 053 Classification: Child of the Fifth Scarlet Bride, Euclid Class Anomalous Humanoid

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SCP-053 age?

Age: 3 | Unknown

What does SCP 053 do?

SCP 053 Powers?

Mind Manipulation (Makes the people who surround her irrational and aggressive) and death Manipulation (Those who attempt to kill her will be killed). Regeneration (At least Mid-Low, but likely much greater). All base abilities are massively stronger, including superhuman physical characteristics, higher-dimensional manipulation, conceptual manipulation, life manipulation, etc.

SCP 053 abilities? 

Destructive Ability: Below the average human (Has the body that of a three-year-old girl). The Hyperverse level (Takes the part of Death, One of SCP-343’s Horsemen of the Apocalypse. SCP-682’s Leviathan form is nothing more than a horse for her.)

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SCP 053 real face?

SCP-053 is an Euclid class believed to be a tiny 3-year-old girl. Anyone older than three who engages in eye contact, physically touches, or stays within SCP-053’s vicinity for more than 10 minutes is likely to become paranoid, irrational, and even homicidal.

Why Didn’t SCP 682 Attack SCP 053? (SCP 053 and 053)

SCP 053 and SCP 682 Why Didn't SCP 682 Attack SCP 053
SCP 053 and SCP 682 Why Didn’t SCP 682 Attack SCP 053

Reason 1,

As we all know, SCP 053 can cause anyone who is near it to become terrified, as well as violent. This person will try to murder the victim but experience a huge heart attack and pass away instantly.

Looking back at the SCP 682 test, We can see that everything was reversed. The lizard did not become hostile after meeting the girl, as it was typically aggressive. But instead, after meeting this girl, it grew calm. This is the apparent reason. SCP 682’s ability to adapt.

The lizard realized it was likely that attacking her could be fatal and chose to stay in peace.

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Reason 2,

SCP 053’s abilities affect 682’s abilities in reverse. The ability makes ordinary people hostile to her, perhaps by reversing the human instinct to safeguard children. Evidently, she triggers a profoundly abnormal change in how people behave.

But 682 is hostile to everyone by default, even children. As 053’s abilities can’t change 682’s behavior to be more hostile than it is already by its nature, it reverses the effect, and it becomes soft and friendly. In other words, maybe 682’s mind is so different that it is the equivalent of insane homicide for the species it is a part of.

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SCP 053 Speed: Incalculable, inestimable, Immeasurable | Below Average Human
SCP 053 Lifting Ability:Below Average | incalculable, inestimable
Striking Ability:Below Average Class | Hyperversal
Durability:Below The Hyperverse (Is an example of a survivor of an enormous catastrophe that destroyed the prior version of The Multiverse. The SCP multiverse comprises 196-884 dimensions and an incalculable number of un observable dimensions.)
Stamina:Incalculable, Immeasurable inestimable, Average 
SCP 053 Range: Hyperversal | Higher with powers, Standard Melee Range. 
Intelligence: Average Above Average 
SCP 053 Weaknesses:Physically, a 3-year-old in that sense, is physically weak • None Notable
Versions: Base | Horseman of the Apocalypse

Is SCP 053 friendly?

SCP-053, in her true form, is incredibly powerful. She is Death of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse and Atanti’s true Leviathan Self,

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Other Quality

List of Equipment: None Notable 

Notable Skill/Attacks: 

  • Mental Manipulation: Anyone over three years old age, who looks at the eyes of SCP-053 and touches it or lingers near it for longer than ten minutes is immediately susceptible to murder and violence. People exposed to its effects want to kill SCP-053, having destroyed or eliminated the entire population within their range of view from the location of the action.
  • Murder: when the enemy causes physical damage to SCP-053, an attack on the heart or seizure occurs, and the SCP-053 dies within just a few seconds.
  • Regeneration: SCP-053 regeneration happens almost instantly, regardless of the severity of the injury that it caused.

How powerful is SCP 053?

So, we’re talking about SCP 053, right? Physically, SCP 053 isn’t the most powerful of the group. Indeed, it’s not the real SCP. However, we’ll come to this.
Therefore, the ability of SCP-053 is faster than any other. Her first powers include mind manipulation, death manipulation, and at least mid-low regeneration.

What is the real name of SCP 053?

SCP-053, also called the Young-Girl, is an Euclid-class object owned by the SCP Foundation.

What are SCP 053 abilities? 

Mind Manipulation (Makes the people who surround her irrational as well as aggressive) as well as death Manipulation (Those who attempt to harm her will die) Regeneration (At most Mid-Low, possibly significantly more powerful). All base form abilities are significantly more potent. Physical Characteristics of Superhumans.

How old is SCP 053 now?

Background. SCP-053 seems to be an infant girl aged 3 years old. She can speak with simple speech and appears just a bit above average in her mental development.

When was SCP 035 found?

The 19th century saw 035 finally preserved in a crypt within an old house in Venice and was discovered in the SCP Foundation during the 19th century.

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