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SCP 001 | SCP 001 When Day Breaks EAS Scenario | SCP 001 Proposals | The Gate Guardian | Scp-001-B | SCP-001 Sun: It isn’t easy to work for The SCP Foundation. Not only is the job dangerous – You could be eaten by a giant, immortal lizard or turned into organic furniture inside the world’s scariest living room – but it’s also insanely complicated. How do you make sense of the nonsensical?

What’s the definition of strange when your career secures, contains, and protects anomalous objects and entities? This brings us to SCP-001. Then What is SCP 001?

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What is SCP 001?

Rather than a single object, location, or being, SCP 001 is a cluster of over 30 different proposals for potential candidates for the prestigious 001 spot. Some believe there’s an actual 001 hidden in this group, and the rest are decoys. Others think that these are all just SCPs cataloged before the introduction of the current classification system.

Some even think that all of the proposals have a valid claim to the SCP-001 throne. We’re not here to make a final judgment. Instead, we’re going to take you on a lightning-round crash course through 31 of the SCP 001 proposals. If you’d like a more in-depth take on any of these SCPs, let us know in the comments, but for now, there’s no more time to waste.

What Is The Real SCP-001?

These proposals could definitely be real. So as we see, there are multiple proposals that hint at a possible origin for all, or at least some of the SCPs. The Scarlet King, The Factory, Doctor Wondertainment, The Spiral Path, The Database, and A Sheaf of Papers all explain the existence of at least some of the known anomalies.

Which SCP is God?

The researcher sat down and began to relay everything he could about SCP-343, which some other researchers had started calling “God.”

What Is The Biggest SCP?

Number one SCP-1795. The star womb. These SCP entities are the most significant life forms that the SCP foundation has discovered. And they inhabit extremely remote locales in interstellar space and are composed of dimensions that exceed that of the earth. Which means they are bigger than our planet.

What Does SCP Mean?

Scp or Special Containment Procedures Foundation is responsible for locating and containing individual entities, locations, and objects that violate the natural law.

What Was The First SCP?

Scp- 173. The very first SCP was written with an air of sophistication and power that has since made it one of, if not THE most iconic SCPs in all literature!

When does SCP 001 when day breaks happen?

The designation for sun after an event that caused 6.8 billion casualties in the first twenty-four hours is SCP-001. Its effect doesn’t seem to come from ultraviolet rays but relatively light with wavelengths ranging between 390 nm – 700 nm (visual). It’s present just as much when moonlight shines on Earth too!

How many SCP 001 are there?

The current count status has more than 30 proposals for SCP-001. The government keeps track of the number to know if there has been any change or influx.

Still, no one knows for sure how many exactly exist because it isn’t made public information, and the standard operating procedure is not followed when counting them up by hand.

What is the real SCP 001?

“The Gate Guardian,” also known as SCP-001. This Keter/Euclid class humanoid substance is one of numerous potential elements that share the SCP-001 title. It very well may be considered the overall hero of the whole mythos.

The Gate Guardian is a humanoid entity that prompted the creation of the SCP Foundation. One word echoes through its mind and causes it to be classed as Euclid/Keter – “prepare.”

Is there an official SCP 001?

The title “SCP-001” has never been given an official status, though all proposed SCPs have listed it as their classification.

When does SCP-001 “When Day Breaks” happen? May 1, 2021. 

The designation for the sun, SCP-001, was given after an event on May 1, 2021, which resulted in over six billion casualties within just twenty-four hours. The phenomenon seems to result from exposure to light rather than ultraviolet rays, and it is similarly present in the moonlight as well.

Would SCP-682 Survive SCP-001 (When Day breaks)?

This is hard, but I’ll try not to lie.SCP 001 S.D Locke’s proposal says that all living beings melt down into a blob of flesh (the sarkics going to be happy!), and this includes SCP 682.

if he were exposed to the sun or some other source with high rates of radiation emissions from it for an extended period in his current state without protection from those things, as you can see in his document, which details what happened when they first got him inside their containment chamber where there’s acid trapped around 5x5x5 area within.”

SCP 001 Black Moon Power?

A Black Moon is a powerful entropic entity existing outside of reality. It can petrify and disintegrate in seconds, whether you’re cryogenically frozen or not!

The Black Moon was a being from another dimension that existed outside of reality. It would periodically come to Earth, kill multiple people in minutes and then leave once more before anyone else could investigate its strange activities or if it had any weakness for researchers who tried looking into these events at all.

Does the Black Moon Howl?

No. Not yet, but the Foundation has employed it in its pre-Foundation records as ‘Black Moon’.

What is SCP 001 Sun?

SCP-001 is the designation given to a star after it had an event that resulted in 6.8 billion casualties during just twenty-four hours of exposure time.

It seems that this occurrence was not due to being exposed to ultraviolet light, but rather all types of visible spectrum lights including those within sight 380 – 700 nm range making up what we see when looking at stars or moonlight etcetera.

How did SCP-001 when day breaks happen?

Within 24 hours of the emergence of SCP-001. The death toll was speculated to be in excess of 6.8 billion human beings. Based on research conducted by those few who survived the daybreak.
The entity that caused this appears to be the sun. Sight and system degradation in the years since emergence has led to some data being lost and or corrupted.

But the remaining findings of several tests seem to indicate that the SCP-001 effect, which we will come to in a moment, is the result of exposure to light on the visual spectrum.
Regardless of whether this exposure is direct or indirect. All visible light between the wavelengths of 390 nanometers to 700 nanometers from the sun is to be avoided.

This includes reflective sources of light as well, such as moonlight and any exposure to this source of light regardless of how big or small. The point of exposure causes the victim to liquefy at the point of contact.

With the effects spread across the body until it is liquefied in its entirety. Visual reports of this effect liken it to melting wax. At no point throughout this liquefaction process, though, does the victim actually seems to die.

What is the true SCP 001?

I’ve been looking into the different groups of monsters. Like Mekane and The Scarlet King, some are certainly massively dangerous entities, while others may only pose a threat at first glance–the Factory is one such group with more influence than most though you have to get up close. Before being able to see their power for yourself!

What can SCP 001 do?

The speed at which these attacks happen makes it look like SCP-001 barely even moves. Oftentimes, victims will be killed instantly or have their molecules scattered across miles of land as if they never existed in the first place! My god…I can’t believe how powerful this thing really is.”

Is SCP 001 contained?

With a valid claim, you could be the proud owner of an exclusive 31-card set from SCP-001. This pack includes two rare cards and one very special object – all for just $5!

How many people are killed by SCP-001?

The first twenty-four hours of exposure to SCP-001 resulted in 6.8 billion casualties with no survivors recorded after this time period has passed, but the light seems not to be the cause of their fate as moonlight still produces similar effects. and can be found throughout daylight when viewing stars at night without any form or substance present which may have been responsible for these deaths (if they were indeed caused by something other than direct physical trauma).

What level is SCP-001?

The SCP Foundation has halted the normal broadcast to issue a threat-level Apollyon. Announcements SCP-001 are part of an event timeline in which the foundation could not contain an Apollyon class entity.

What is a shy guy SCP?

SCP-096, also known as “The Shy Guy,” is a dangerous humanoid SCP that is found in SCP Containment Breach.

Where is SCP-001 located?

SCP-001 is a humanoid approximately 700 (700) cubits tall, situated in an unknown site near the intersection between the Tigris and Euphrates rivers.

Is Slenderman in SCP?

Technically speaking, Slenderman is not an SCP. However, he could become SCP-582’s manifestation; it is an auto-propagating mnemonic that could take on forms of fictional characters described in writing (such as an eerie copy) and then alter the reality so that actions that are associated with that entity are actually happening.

Is there multiple SCP-001?

There is a reason why the SCP Foundation is so secretive that they decided to include numerous entries into “SCP-001.” Their goal is to make it difficult to determine the identity of SCP-001 without being there or having access to the data. That’s why there are many SCP-001s secretive.

Did SCP-999 actually defeat The Scarlet King? (SCP 001-999)

Though it is said that SCP-999 was the one to take to its death his father in the story “When We Came Home”, the Scarlet King is actually defeated by seven warriors (one of which is the mother of 999) each wielding evil god’s spears, whereas the number 999 isn’t mentioned at all.

What is SCP-000? SCP-000 hidden Text | SCP Foundation

SCP 001 Explained 

Suppose you’ve ever read the Book of Genesis, which is the part of the Old Testament that details God creating the world and humanity during a particularly busy week. In that case, you might just already be familiar with SCP-001.

Or at least one of the anomalies that have been proposed for the title of SCP-001. Because, of course, SCP-001 doesn’t refer to a single creature, object, or entity, but rather a collection of various anomalies contained by the SCP Foundation.

Anomalies sharing the name SCP-001 include the infamous Scarlet King, a powerful eldritch being intent on ending all of creation that is thought by Foundation researchers to be one of the most dangerous beings in this and any other universe.

But the Scarlet King isn’t the only incredibly powerful being categorized as SCP-001.

In fact, there are plenty of other anomalies with similar levels of destructive power. And one such being is a creature code-named The Gate Guardian.

All SCP 001 Proposals (SCP 001 List)

  • The Prototype
  • When Day Breaks
  • The Database 
  • Sheaf of Papers 
  • The Broken God
  • The Children
  • The Legacy
  • The Consensus 
  • A Record
  • The Spiral Path
  • The Gate Guardian
  • Thirty-Six 
  • Past and Future
  • Keter Duty
  • The Lock
  • The Foundation
  • The Factory

What is SCP 001 The Gate Guardian? Gate Guardian Explained

The Gate Guardian is a humanoid entity approximately 320 meters or 1,000 feet in height, located in an undisclosed location near the intersection of the Tigris and Euphrates rivers.

The entity possesses a number of luminous wing-like appendages emerging from its shoulders, back, ankles and wrists. Different observers will see a different number of those wings, with the largest count being 108.

SCP 001 carries a weapon resembling a knife or a sword that appears to emit flames at incredibly high temperatures. This weapon is designated as SCP 001-2. any entity that approaches the gate guardian is immediately struck by the sword and obliterated from existence.

This also happens to any attacker that attempts hostile action towards the gate guardian from any range. An incident now called the Indian Ocean submarine missile experiment caused the 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami that killed more than 200,000 people.

Human beings exposed to SCP 0 0 1 report hearing a voice in their heads, giving them a command which the subject reports cannot be disobeyed. The most common directive is forgotten, which results in the subject walking away from SCP 001 with no memory of having encountered the entity.

SCP 001 appears to be standing in front of a gate of immense proportions. Long-range photographs have occasionally detected what seems to be forest wood.

Numerous other entities of the same composition as SCP 001. as well as several fruit trees. Of particular nut or two fruit trees of events proportion near what appears to be the center of the forest. It is noted that one appears to be an ordinary apple tree. Although the other bears a fruit unknown on earth.

Due to the gate Guardian’s aggressive behavior, containment protocols include constant monitoring of the anomaly and ensuring that no civilians get within its destructive radius.

Personnel at the site are required to be followers of any of the Abrahamic religions, Christianity, Judaism, or Islam. And to have a supply of religious items such as crosses, prayer rugs, and religious books.

Any change in behavior is to be immediately reported to the O-5 council, as it may constitute the beginning of an XK class end-of-the-world scenario.

Where is the SCP 001 Gate Guardian Location?

Let’s begin with the gate guardians’ location. We know that it is near the intersection of the Tigris and Euphrates rivers. This location is in southeastern Iraq and the city of Basra near the borders of Iran and Kuwait.

Cities surround it as the rivers allow for the development of agriculture. And without them, this place would be a desert.

The development of cities in close proximity to 001 would be impossible. So that leaves us with the only possibility of SCP 001 being located to the southwest deep in the Arabian desert. We can observe a complete lack of any settlements.

Let’s Figure Out What SCP-001 The Gate Guardian Really Is?

Clearly, it is a religious entity, specifically from the Abrahamic religions. But which one exactly?

When SCP-682 was brought near SCP 001, the guardian did everything possible to destroy the lizard but failed. and in return, 682 said quote “this is not the garden, and you are not an areal pretender.”

In that article, we assumed that SCP-682 was telling the truth, but it is possible that it wasn’t.

Ant was trying to mark 001, who is Oriole. In Christian tradition, Oreo is an angel. Guardian of the Garden of Eden, holding a fury sword.

All descriptions seem to match 0 0 1 very well. This would imply that the forest we see behind the garden is none other than the Garden of Eden.

What is SCP-001 When Day Breaks? Explained When Day Breaks

SCP-001 When Day breaks
SCP-001 When Day breaks

When Day Breaks. This proposal details a potentially world-ending SCP phenomenon wherein the sun becomes hostile and begins to melt all living beings into a living wax-like substance.

In the Year 2371, the SCP 001 event is about to start, and the sun’s heat has risen to unimaginable levels. SCP 001 is a Napoleon class SCP that depicts an event about the sun casting an orange shadow over the earth. And melting people in the area of the sun’s rays into Goo creatures that retain their intelligence.

How To Survive SCP 001
 When Day Breaks

Put on sunglasses and a leather jacket. Or pray that SCP-2047 has activated and switched earth and all its inhabitants with another planet from a completely different galaxy. And thus, the earth now orbits a completely different Sol.

Explained SCP-001 When Day Breaks IKEA

There are three things that we humans are capable of that raise them above every other species in the animal kingdom. one is running. they’re our fastest sprinters. but over long distances, we stand above the rest.

It doesn’t matter if you’re crossing an African savannah to look for your next meal. if you’re running up the street to make it to your job on time. or if you’re stuck in an infinite IKEA trying to find a good vantage point to watch a battle. Running is our thing.

The other thing is really the core of the battle happening here. Humans are natural throwers. Other Apes can do it, even some monkeys can do it. but when it comes to frames with both power and accuracy.

There is no comparison. be it a long stick with a rock on the end, a baseball, or a sharpened piece of cherry wood pulled from a box labeled by jocks nuts.

This piece of cherry wood was thrown by master Thompson of the home decor clan. Its purpose is to find the heart of Lord Tillman of the food court.

SCP 001 “When Day Breaks” Emergency Broadcast System (EAS)


This warning is effective immediately and will continue into the foreseeable future. The US Government has given the SCP Foundation clearance to issue this alert. The Foundation is dedicated to protecting the Public. 

Updates will be given at the top of every hour. The following instructions are vital to Your safety. 

At this time, the Foundation asks citizens to stay indoors and block out all-natural Ii9htin9. 

Due to a fatal meteorological event of unknown origin, an estimated [REDACTED] billion casualties have taken place within the first thirty minutes of activation. 

Stay away from all visual Light (390 to 700 nm) emitted by the Sun. Stay away from all visual Ii9ht (390 to 700 nm) reflected bY the Moon. 

Citizens attempting to travel outdoors must fully cover their bodies in Protective clothing, Preferably several layers. 

Cities and man-made structures in general, Provide the greatest Protection. Formerly-wooded areas should be circumvented. 

Travel by foot should be limited as much as possible and is heavily discouraged. 

Secure and close all entrances and windows to a shelter. Do not look outside. 

Would SCP-682 survive SCP 001 When Day Breaks? 

It would be hard to say, but he adapts. He’d probably feel disgusted by all of life created in When Day Breaks and hide in a chamber or somewhere dark because prior knowledge from SCPs says that there is one thing that can defeat him: His own weakness – adaptation (which does not make sense). But maybe SCP-682 will try again with new strategies this time around

What is SCP 001 When day breaks Unlondon (Explained)?

All Foundation personnel are to shelter in place. Direct exposure to sunlight is highly discouraged at all costs, and communications with SCP-001 entities should be avoided if possible. All dead by now, you say? Well, too bad because they tried contacting us. We know what’s happening, but their requests don’t matter anymore, so just ignore them or give an answer back that will have no effect on whether this apocalypse comes true!

Welcome to UnLondon. A city of the survivors, a City of the free. Together with fellow citizens, we will wait and prepare for the new beginning of a brand new world that is soon to come. Let the world above burn, and we will endure. Let the monsters have their world. We will prepare.

Let the ground tremble with a new Armageddon as evil consumes itself. For I tell you, citizens, upon the day of the ruination of man, their insatiable appetites will turn them against one another in their endless lust for death we will wait.

And I tell you, citizens, that there will be a new door. And you will emerge from UnLondon. by linking in the light of an uncorrupted Sun. as our children play and laugh in their bones of Horrors long dead. And we will walk hand in hand to the sea.

Our faces skywards as that Rising Sun rushes into the new age of man. And you will gather citizens at my feet, as I summon the unlondon to inform its rest .and it shall burst phoenix-like from the ashes of the old.

There shall be a new order as we raise our flag over the entire world. I welcome you to UnLondon. The last City and the first.

SCP 001 Proposals

I’ve been taking a look at the SCP foundation. More specifically, the SCP-001 proposals. 

  • So None of Them Is Real 
  • Or All of Them Are 
  • But Only in Some Universes 
  • Some of Them Might be Fake 
  • Or Used as a Decoy 
  • Welcome to Whose Proposal is it Anyway? 
  • The SCP Where It’s All Made Up and The Proposals Don’t Matter 
  • Unless They Do 

All SCP-001

Certainly, here is the provided text in tabular form:

The Gate GuardianThis proposal suggests that SCP-001 is a powerful guardian entity that protects humanity from various anomalous threats.
The Scarlet KingThis proposal introduces the concept of the Scarlet King, a powerful and malevolent entity responsible for many anomalous phenomena.
When Day BreaksThis proposal presents a world-ending scenario where the sun’s rays turn living beings into amorphous, deadly creatures.
Dr. Clef’s ProposalDr. Clef’s proposal suggests that SCP-001 is a file that contains information about the true nature of the SCP Foundation itself.
The Broken GodThis proposal explores the idea that SCP-001 is a massive, mechanical deity known as the Broken God.

1. SCP 001 Sheaf of papers (Jonathan Ball’s)

The sheaf of papers is a stack of papers in one of the SCP facilities that are continuously writing new information across the top. It’s been observed by the foundation staff that every time that this sheaf of papers is a new entry to the top, an SCP matching that description appears somewhere in the world.

  • It is Proposal Numero Uno.
  • It is a king shift keef.
  • Now it may warn about new SCPs that are created. This file where once you turn the cover page over, it warns about creating a new SCP. Or it creates a new SCP.
  • The current O5 council locked it away just in case it creates SCP.
  • It seems benevolent. But those are too rare. I believe this thing creates them.

2. SCP 001 The Factory (Bright’s Proposal)

The Factory is a statement from an 05 council member who was alive at least in 1875. they might still be alive. a factory that creates quality goods and anomalous things. It is built off of 16 hours a day shifts from workers in terrible conditions, and production only stops on Sunday from dawn to dusk.

It was a Thunderdome when the SCP foundation found that 150 people went in, and 71 came out. This Factory became the base of operations of the SCP foundation. And when fairies attacked the O5 council.

They created a thousand bargains to let themselves live while also essentially selling themselves to the Factory. one out of ten, I like Irish lore, and they exterminated the Fae.

3. SCP 001 The Prototype (Dr. Gear’s proposal)

We have Dr. Gears’ proposal known as the prototype. This prototype was a six-foot-tall, greyish black creature with spikes for limbs and an eye inside its mouth, and seemingly no other features.

However, this creature did give off an amount of radioactive energy. And the theory states that given its name, the prototype, this creature may have been an original embodiment of what is now human. During containment for this creature, it killed someone known as dr Herman Ketter.

  • It creates Micro Black Holes When it Opens Its “Eye.” 
  • It is Weak to Lead, High Heat, Humidity, and Flashing Lights 
  • These things Would Hate a Miami Nightclub… Which is Fair 
  • It Killed Doctor Keter, Which Gave His Name to the “Keter” Classification 
  • 8/10-Black Hole Monsters Are Inherently Top Tier 

4. SCP-001 When Day Breaks (Sd Lock’s Proposal)

When day breaks, it feels more like a traditional SCP. The story is told more so in the form of a tale. Essentially this follows an alternate timeline in which the sun, for whatever reason, became evil. Whatever sunlight touches immediately form into this disgusting blob creature.

It’s described that people melt and then become putty, and then join with other melted entities and these giant things like Cronenberg monsters begin to form.

5. SCP 001 The Scarlet King Proposal (Tufts)

Scarlet king, like the arborio cycle, is a really long one. I’m not going to get into it now. The shorter version is that scarlet king is an entity that is seen and mentioned throughout the entire SCP canon.

According to this, the foundation eventually discovers the deal with him anytime a group on earth has ever tried to assert their dominance. Or to create these overarching groups, such as empires or governments or what have you. The scarlet king gets more powerful through the tyranny of man.

Because of this, the foundation itself is trying to assert dominance, even if it is unknown to the public across the entire world, making the scarlet king more powerful.

Therefore this SCP-001 is an antithesis of the foundation itself. Because every time they discover more about the world and contain it. They are building up to the inevitable apocalypse that they themselves are creating.

6. SCP 001 The Spiral Path (Dr. Man’s Proposal)

The spiral path is interesting as, unlike these other ones, it’s like a normal SCP. It is a gravel trail in the middle of the woods in Wisconsin that whenever it is walked in one direction, forever goes up one route. Until you get back to where you began and have gained no altitude.

Suppose you walk in the other direction. The same happens only going downhill. According to this proposal, there’s nothing that special about it aside from other standard SCP.

7. SCP-001 Past and Future (Kalinin’s Proposal)

Next, we have Kalinin’s proposal of the past and future. This story opens up with 05 members number 2, going to see SCP-411. 4-1-1 tells the 05 members that a sort of end of days is coming. And that’s the final time on planet earth.

What spurred this was SCP-2788, which is a giant ring of protection around the earth that is invisible to the human eye being destroyed. According to this, there are these entities out in space that we can’t identify.

But what we do know is they hate humanity. Because every time that they send a transmission to earth, new Keter in these appear.

8. SCP-001 The World’s Gone Beautiful (Lily’s proposal)

Next is Lily’s proposal for the world’s gone beautiful. This one’s very simple. Twenty-four hours before the world is destroyed by whatever supernatural entity occurs. There are going to be these flowers, birds, and natural beauty that blooms all over the world at once. This blooming is SCP-001.

And it is in no way related to the causation of whatever destroys the world. It’s simply a warning and a time of peace that can occur before the world ends.

Procedures if O1 happens in this scenario is to simply let out every entity that won’t hurt people, let everyone leave, and spend their last day however they wish.

9. SCP-001 The Database (Andrew swan)

This refers to the database. According to this, the O1 slot is what’s used to categorize every leaking of foundation information that gets out of hand.

For example, this could be movies that seem to reference SCPs, or websites like the website itself that are used to reference SCPs.

It essentially says that if the website ever reaches such big groups of popularity, people start to question the actual validity of the SCP foundation. Or if I right now make an article about it. They will disperse memetic kill agents online. Either hearing or just seeing things will cause you to die.

SCP 001 The Broken God

SCP-001, the broken god, is an ancient and mysterious deity. In the universe of the SCP foundation, which the church of the broken god worshipped. SCP-001 also called Meccan, is a hostile creature and is believed to be motivated by a desire to destroy humankind

SCP-001 is a collection of strange items. Formerly a single massive mechanical entity assembled by members of the church of the broken god.

In late 1942, near La Paz, Mexico, those items included SCP-217, SCP-1139, SCP-888, and several internal components of SCP-629. SCP-001 keeps integrating metallic objects into itself from its surroundings.

SCP 001 The Black Moon

It is unknown how the Black Moon came to be. It existed outside of reality and began using its power to petrify and obliterate random sentient beings within a universe every long period of time- stamping them with a sign that would leave only death for those who became victims too early on in their journey through this doomed planet. 

The first man to obtain the Counterbalance was granted immortality and immunity from Black Moon’s power.

Scp-001-B The Prototype

To prevent knowledge of SCP-001 from leaking, several false files have been created alongside the true one. All documents concerning this object’s nature and properties are protected by a memetic kill agent designed to cause cardiac arrest in anyone attempting unauthorized access immediately;

Those who do not die from it will still end up brain dead if they read more than 5% of written material relating back directly or indirectly (through links)to what was originally blocked out on their heart palpitations screen at the time frame [DATA EXPUNGED].

“When the people of this world find out about SCP-001, it is cause for execution except as required under ████-███-████.”

Scp-001-B Description 

The creature is tall and thin, with long limbs with sharp points. It has three fingers on each hand and black claws for feet or hands- an emaciated appearance to its bone structure unlike any recorded species before it! The legs are very similar in length compared to their torso.

So they don’t get disproportionately large as many other animals do; this allows them enough room at the hip joints when running across uneven terrain without crashing into tree branches.


The Non-Authorized Personnel must immediately leave the document, as termination by Memetic Kill Agents will occur if they do not receive vaccination through injections or some other method such as blue light projection onto their body parts for immediate effect.

Scp-001-B Current Containment:

The room is heavily lead-lined and lit with floodlights. The temperature inside the area remains at 98 degrees. Still, it’s humid enough to make breathing difficult – a condition that can be expected when facing down an armed guard or two machine guns pointed in your direction! 

Surrounded by reinforced steel blast doors sealed tight against intrusion from outside forces: this must have been one heckuva critical containment zone for whatever object lay hidden under those soil samples up above ground level…

What is the SCP-001 Sun?

SCP-001 is the title given to the Sun following an incident that led to ~6.8 billion deaths within the first 24 hours. The SCP-001 effects appear to arise from exposure to ultraviolet rays; instead, it is due to light within the visible spectrum (~390 up to 700 nanometers).

This effect is also evident when the moon is lit. In the event of the contact of visible light created by the Sun’s rays, things melt when they come into contact, the effect spreading until the whole organism has been transformed. Visually, this reminds us of melting wax. The amount of time required depends on the degree of exposure and the size of the living thing.

SCP-001 – YOU Are The Anomaly

SCP-001 is a Paradox-Apollyon Class anomaly that is also called YOU Are the Anomaly. SCP-001 includes every living member of the Homo sapiens species with no exceptions. SCP001 is currently comprised of humans living in the relict dimension R42 as well as that of the PD part dimension. The threat to reality that SCP-001 is a threat lies in its atypical capability to allow for large-scale replication of the part dimensions.

SCP 001 When Day Breaks Minecraft Mod Info

CategoryGame/Movie themed mods
Connected forum topic“When Day Breaks” mod discussion page
Project StatusAlpha
Modification type Minecraft Forge mod
Project membersLead developer the cat lover
LicenseCreative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 3.0
Latest supported Minecraftversion 1.12.2

Caution: This mod and related source material isn’t suggested for individuals younger than 16 (quote from wiki). There’s some truly damaging stuff on there, so if it’s not too much trouble, think about that prior to going into this mod (the actual mod isn’t really awful; however, for the security of everybody, I’m putting this here in any case).

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