What is SCP 579? SCP-579 Explained, Powers, Location

What is SCP 579 Description?

The O5 Council has decided that due to SCP-579 being some sort of powerful ZK-Class scenario cause and the information about this entity not even coming up in regular research as such things happen more often than we know because they’re hidden from view by an effect called “scare dimension,” only those who need it would be allowed access.

What is The 579 Alias?


Who is SCP – 579 Enemies?

The main enemies is  SCP-5000 (SCP-Foundation)

SCP-579 Origin?

The Origin of SCP-Mythos

Where is SCP 579 located?

SCP 579 is located in a small town called Independence, MO.

Where is the SCP Foundation located?

The SCP Foundation is a non-profit organization that has its head office in London, England.

What does SCP 579 do?

It is accepted that SCP-579 can get entrance into an aspect where the arrangement of human race consciousness is overseen.

What is the interaction between SCP 579 and SCP 055?

I accept it is identified with the primary iteration of the archive, with the notice that says that it’s an info hazard that is bizarrely versatile to changes. Utilizing and tentatively combining 055 and 579 to make the archive unchangeable, with the goal that it endures the all-inclusive reboot, Thus cautioning the post-reboot organization of the missteps the pre-reboot organization made.

In this way, it warns the post-reboot organization of the errors the pre-reboot establishment made. 

Presumably, additionally the documentation is just about as evident as it doubtlessly will at any point be, to such an extent that faculty influence of 2998 will not have the option to alter it.

The right answer is either [DATA EXPUNGED] or simply passing it on to the pursuer’s own creative mind.

What is SCP 579 declassified?

Despite being an unknown cosmic eldritch abomination, it is believed that SCP-579 has been present in the minds of every human race in existence.

What is the Connection between SCP 579 and SCP 5000?

It originally showed up in SCP-579’s regulation room instantly of light containing the body of Pietro Wilson, a representative of the foundation, in spite of the fact that he is as yet alive. Pietro has no recollections of anything depicted in the data logs or SCP-5000 itself.

How does the timeline reset with SCP-055 and SCP-579?

In the end, the whole planet is a screwing Warzone, yet some Foundation survivors choose to toss 055 into 579 (failed to remember by what means they discovered, no joke planned).

They successfully do it, and the universe resets, but one event remains. The Foundation still knows about this because they were able to document 2998 with alien invasions before passing them off as glitches so that these events would never happen again if possible.

“So it seems like 055 and 579 have reset the universe while causing something to happen, which will prevent disasters from happening again. This is a huge victory for our side!”

“Israfil” An SCP-579 Tale?

The tale is incredible fiction. A mounting agitation with nothing to burglarize the horror behind it by restricting it through depiction. It’s incredible.

The real passage it originated from? Eh,…not on my faves list. It’s one of those sections that seems like it has every one of the bases shrouded in control upon initial read-through. In any case, if you look hard, the main thing that is covered by all accounts is the sections’ own butt. It’s a “nothing” section.

What was SCP 579?

The story of the SCP-579 will leave you feeling both relieved and disturbed. This cosmic eldritch abomination seems to have existed within our minds since time immemorial, but nobody knows for sure what it could truly do or how we can get rid of it!

What happened to SCP 579?

SCP-579 is contained within a specialized unit measuring 30 meters on each side, constructed with a material marked as [DATA EXPUNGED]. This containment structure utilizes electromagnets to maintain SCP-579 in a state of permanent suspension. Additionally, Site-██ is outfitted with a direct communication line to High Command, serving as the designated channel for submitting all reports and notifications related to SCP-579.

What does SCP 579 look like? SCP 579 Image

What does scp 579 look like? SCP 579 image

What is SCP-579?

Site-62C is a compound currently housing SCP-579, located approximately 80 km from Site 59. Nonessential personnel are not advised of its existence unless they’re involved in containment procedures for this object.

Site-47 is home to one of the world’s most dangerous entities, SCP-579. This godlike creature was encased in a 30m x 30 meters by 3 meters thick unit made from [DATA EXPUNGED], which houses it and provides containment for staff who must monitor this object 24/7 without being able to touch or taste anything themselves!

Site-47 is a division of high command that deals with information deemed too sensitive to broadcast. The staff consists of two teams (each composed of 17 level 1 personnel and three level 2), which are rotated biweekly so no one team has any knowledge beyond what the other members may know;

Only through this security measure can we ensure our classified data stays safe from external threats like leaks or infiltration!

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SCP 579 Explained

It consists of a building housing SCP-575 in quarters for containment staff. SCP 517 is encased in a 30-meter by 30-meter by 30-meter unit made of deleted data. SCP 579 is kept in permanent suspension through electromagnets. Site redacted is equipped with hardline to high counsel, through which all reports and notifications are to be made.

The staff consists of two teams. Each is composed of 17 levels: one personnel, three levels of personnel, and one level of 4 personnel, which are rotated weekly. All instruments are to be checked every half an hour. to ensure their continued function. Changes in any measured attribute are to be immediately reported to high command.

Any instrument or electronic device registers more than 0.2 percent of its median range of function. Or displaying any errors or lapses in functioning will result in the automatic execution of actions 3 to 6 being refilled. 

Routine reports to high command are to be made hourly. If a report is not received within 7 minutes of its scheduled time, action 10-Israfil-A is to be executed. Absolutely no action regarding SCP 579, other than those strictly outlined above, is to be taken, description, data deleted, supplement,579-001 action 10-Israfil-A.

What is SCP 001? When Day Breaks ,SCP 001 Proposals, The Gate Guardian


The successful execution of Action 10-Israfil-B will release all sealed documents regarding SCP-579 to any personnel involved with the action. Be aware that even after an event has occurred, it’s estimated that 1 year or less before more copies will be found and released again (data expunged).

If SCP-579 is mentioned in any capacity by [DATA EXPUNGED], it should be treated as a hostile entity. Any anti-foundation or public groups that reference the Religious text may also become violent toward Foundation personnel and civilians with little warning, 

so we advise immediate execution of Action 10 – Israfil A if successful; alternatively, no action will need to be taken following an unsuccessful raid due to scripture’s effect on humans.

The activation code “10– ISRAFIL-” has been set into motion when SCP does not respond positively after ten hours of speaking aloud during a conversation between them.

What is SCP-000? SCP-000 hidden Text | SCP Foundation

SCP-579 Occupation

The Apollyon, a.k.a “Keter” Class SCP of the Foundation (Possibly/Due to having its information being redacted), is an object that knows how to lie and tricks other SCPs into believing that their classification even though what they are doesn’t exist or has been changed possibly because The Center For Information ControL does not want anyone else besides themselves knowing about these objects.

SCP-579 Powers/Skills


Notion Manipulation

SCP-579 Abilities:

It is accepted that SCP-579 can obtain entrance into a measurement where the function of human race consciousness is overseen.


When Pietro Wilson brought SCP-055 to the entity, it played its role as the “savior” of humanity by creating a new reality.

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