How To Create and Edit Videos Online?

Do you know anyone who has never shot or edited a video? Everyone with a social account or a smartphone has tried to create a video at least once. With time, this process has become easier with all the available tips and tools. So, this article will discuss video creation and editing from the beginning. We will discuss helpful tools and give important advice to create videos online easily.

So, let’s start!

Choose the Suitable Video Format and Platform

The format and platform will differ depending on your goals and what kind of effect you want from a video. Every platform has its video format, which will form your target audience. For instance, Instagram and TikTok users prefer short video formats, and YouTube and Facebook video lovers prefer long video formats. You can create a video and trim it to different formats to align it with various platforms.

In addition, there is another connection: if you want to create a specific type of video, you have to choose a suitable platform. Besides, you have to take into account the style of your video. 

    Write Your Video Script

    Here comes the time to decide on the idea of your video. When you choose the idea, the next step is the script-writing process. Internet will be helpful in both processes. You can search for ideas on Google, understand what’s more enjoyable for a specific platform, ask Chat GPT questions, and more. 

    What about writing the script? You can do research, write the outline, or generate ideas with AI-driven tools. Grammarly, for instance, can help find mistakes and get a more accurate style for your script. 

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    Capture and Edit The Video

    What else? The central part of your video should be your video itself (obviously) or screen recording. If you’re shooting yourself or someone/something else, you should have good-quality hardware. If you want to create a YouTube video or a professional Instagram commercial reel, only a phone and a tripod are not enough. If you’re doing a screen recording, you can use one of the hundreds of available online tools and a microphone. This way, you can create tutorial videos online. 

    After the video capture, it’s time for editing. Adobe Express video editor, Invideo, and CupCut are among the many online editing tools available. If necessary, you can find video quality-enhancing tools as well. The main video editing tools allow cutting, cropping, and splitting features and various transitions. Other specialized tools will enable the removal of background voices and the addition or deletion of watermarks.

    Add Text and Subtitles

    The final touch to your video can be subtitled. Subtitles are very common, especially on Instagram reels and YouTube shorts. Why? On this platform, the possibility that your video can be watched muted is very high. So, if your message is essential, the subtitles are also becoming vital. Many online video editing tools allow adding captions and even automate that process. Finally, subtitle text can help a video rank higher on search engine pages. 

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    In short, videos have become more engaging, and video editing has become more automated than ever. The video editing process may have more steps, but almost all steps can be conducted online. 

    One of the most important things is to put creativity into each step, even if you do it automated. Experimenting, keeping up with the trends, and being unique will always help!

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