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Find My iphone How To Turn On IOS 13 – Updated 2020

Find My Iphone

With the presentation of iOS 13, Find My Friends and Find My iPhone are converged into a solitary application, called just ‘Find My’.

Find My iPhone How To Turn On IOS 13: With it, you can find lost or taken Apple devices, including iPhones, iPads, and Macs, and also locate your friends or family members on the map; only the thing in case you’re all on a day out and at risk of losing one another.



Find My Friends Tab


Find My Iphone 23

1 The Find My application is isolated into three segments spoke to by icons at the foot of the screen; People, Devices, and Me. Obviously, the People tab is for finding your companions. On the off chance that it isn’t already selected, tap it.



Find My Iphone 21

2 To begin sharing your location with family members or friends, tap the enormous Start Sharing Location button. You should then enter the name, Apple ID email, or telephone number of the person with which you need to share areas.



Find My Iphone 20

3 As is common, you can tap the + sign to one side and choose a person from your Contacts application. Include any number of people as you wish, and tap the Send link. At that point, you can choose whether to share for 60 minutes, the remainder of the day, or uncertainly.



Find My Iphone 19

Returning the favor. When someone shares their location with you, you’re given a notification. Tap this and you can quickly and easily choose to return the favor, and share your location with them. 



Find My Iphone 18

 4 The people with whom you shared your location can now see exactly where you are, that is the blue spot on the map. You can pinch and spread to zoom in on this map, just like you can in the Maps app. 


Find My Iphone 17

5 To access an options screen, tap on the name of someone with whom you’re sharing your location. Pull the menu up to see all of the options. From here, you can tap Contact to bring up their card from your Contacts app. 


Find My Iphone 16

6 Other options available on this screen are: ask for their location, stop sharing your own, or remove them from the people with which you’re sharing. You can also send them a notification when you leave or arrive.



Find My Iphone 15

7 To add a location to your list, tap Add Location and then find it on the map or search for it. You can then opt to send a notification when you arrive there. Tap the Done tab in the top right when you’ve finished. 



Find My Iphone 14

8 Tap a friend’s name, that isn’t currently sharing their own location with you, and then tap Ask To Follow Location to request they do so. If they comply, they also appear on the map, along with yourself and others who are sharing. 



The Me Tab

Find My Iphone 13

Tap the Me tab at the foot of the screen for a range of options and info. You’re told where you are, given the option of naming that location (work, home, school, and so on), and can also stop sharing your location too. 


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The Devices Tab

Find My Iphone 12

The Devices tab, found at the foot of the screen, gives access to what used to be called Find My iPhone. Tap it, and any Apple gear you own, that’s logged into the same Apple ID as your iPhone, is shown on the map. 



Find My Iphone 11

2 Swipe the devices list up to see all your Apple gear. If a device hasn’t been online recently, it is listed as ‘No location found’. Its location will be updated when it next goes online, so if it’s been stolen, keep checking back.



Find My Iphone 10

3 Tap a device on the map or list for an options screen. To locate a device that’s likely to be within earshot, tap the Play Sound link. Your device makes a noise, enabling you to find it; just the thing if it’s lost in the house.



Find My Iphone 9

4 Tapping the Directions link opens up the Maps app and gives you directions from your current location to the whereabouts of your missing device. As you can see, this one isn’t too far away; maybe it was dropped in the street? 



Find My Iphone 8

5 If you fear a device is lost, as opposed to simply being mislaid in the house or at work, you can tap Mark as Lost to lock and track it. This prevents thieves or finders from getting at your precious personal data.



Find My Iphone 7

6 When you lock a device, you can enter a phone number and a short message, which is displayed on the gadget’s lock screen. This way, an honest finder can see the message and give you a ring to say they found it.



Find My Iphone 6

7 In the Devices list, an item you’ve marked as lost is shown with a Lock icon next to it. You can still tap the item on this list to go to the options screen mentioned earlier. Tap the Activated link for various Lost Mode options.



Find My Iphone 5

8 Tap the device in the Find My list,   then tap Mark as Lost and you can change this phone number and/or message. You can also get email updates (on by default) and, when you’ve found it, switch off Lost Mode.



Find My Iphone 4

9 As a last resort, you can tap Erase this Device to wipe it clean. This should only be done if you’ve given up hope of ever recovering it, as, when it’s wiped, it can no longer be tracked using the Find My app. 


Map Functions

Find My Iphone 3

1 The Find My app draws its maps from the Maps app, so it shares some of its functionality too. Like in Maps, you can tap the blue arrow in the top right to home in on your current location. Tap again to have the map rotate around you. 



Find My Iphone 2

2 Like in Maps, you can pinch and spread on the screen to zoom into or out of the map. You can also tap and hold with one finger, to drag the map around the screen and tap the compass to rotate it so North is up.



Find My Iphone 1

3 Tap the I icon in the top right corner,   and you can switch between a drawn map, a satellite view and a hybrid, that is, a satellite map with street names overlaid. You can also switch between miles and kilometers.



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