How to Rank Website on Google No #1 | #Seo Strategy 2023

Best Way to Rank Website on Google: The main goal of any SEO strategy is to ensure that search engines like Google can find and understand your website. To achieve this, you want these search engines to visit your site and benefit from professional SEO services. This process can take a few days, weeks, or even months, depending on how welcoming your website is to these search engine “spiders.”

While it’s true that the initial visits from these spiders can be unpredictable and slow, once they start coming, you can have some control over how often they return.

One way to attract these search engine spiders more frequently is by regularly updating your website pages. That’s only part of the challenge, though. The other half is making sure that search engines and libraries like to include your web pages in their search results.

To do that, you need to start at the beginning. Moreover, the beginning of this particular event is making and updating pages so that the web search engine crawlers will be stunned. Please read through this post, and We will learn how to Rank Websites on Google.

Certainly, here’s the information on how to rank a website on Google No. 1 presented in a tabular format:

Keyword ResearchConduct research to find relevant keywords with high search volume and low competition.
On-Page SEOOptimize title tags, meta descriptions, headers, and content with targeted keywords.
High-Quality ContentConsistently create valuable and engaging content that addresses audience needs.
Mobile OptimizationEnsure the website is mobile-responsive and loads quickly on mobile devices.
Page SpeedOptimize page loading times by compressing images and minimizing HTTP requests.
BacklinksBuild quality backlinks from authoritative and relevant websites.
Technical SEORegularly audit the website for technical issues and submit a sitemap to Google Search Console.
User Experience (UX)Improve user experience with a well-structured, easy-to-navigate design.
Local SEO (if applicable)Optimize for local search with Google My Business listing and consistent NAP information.
Social SignalsEngage with the audience on social media platforms to indirectly impact SEO efforts.
Regular UpdatesKeep the website fresh with updated content and republishing older blog posts.
Monitor and AnalyzeUse tools like Google Analytics and Search Console to track performance and rankings.
Patience and PersistenceUnderstand that SEO is a long-term strategy, and results may take time. Stay persistent.

Implementing these steps and staying up-to-date with SEO best practices can significantly improve a website’s chances of ranking No. 1 on Google.

How simple the procedure is to Rank a Website on Google

All the content that search engine spiders accumulate is indexed and saved. User leads look through depending on specific keywords (phrases). Whatever substance has the closest importance with respect to some random phrase will be put in the top places of the search results.

Generally, page title or post title and inner text content are the most valuable part – at any rate, search engine spiders consider most applicable during their crawling –  it makes sense that improvement in page rank, as well as a search result, can frequently be credited to having individual and explicit keywords appropriately integrate into those two prime sections.

Obviously, if keywords are the main reason for which page rank and position in indexed lists were resolved, it would be more or less better to optimize your website pages.

The issue is there are such huge numbers of factors that become integral factors as well as change all the time; sometimes, it can appear that accomplishing effective and strong search engine optimization may never be conceivable. 

Luckily, it’s not just possible; it tends to be generally easy, too. You should simply do the best three necessities of practically all significant web crawlers.

Write Quality Post Content

Get Backlinks From various High-Authority Sites

Keep Updating Content Frequently 

Now, you need to be attempting to dazzle the best of our favorite directories and search engines.

Open Directory DMOZ



Most favorite Google

Not only that, but there are also innumerable other web search tools and indexes like AllTheWeb, AltaVista, and  Ask Jeeves. 

Would it be advisable for you to optimize for those also, or essentially level your websites on the significant players and sidestep all the search engines and registries underneath them? Not really. 

You, despite everything, need your pages recorded in however many areas as could be expected under the circumstances. You just shouldn’t attempt to convince all of them to consider optimization.

Convince the main four competitors. At that point, if you have the opportunity and aspiration to widen the extent of your SEO endeavors, do it. If not, don’t stress over the hundreds (or even a great many) of other directories and search engines that exist. 

You’re just human. What’s more, simply meeting the improvement models of the best four will be spirited and challenging.

Obviously, except if you intend to make SEO your labor of love, it’s not likely you’ll put a large portion of your vitality in that one single region (in any event, when limited to the best four players). Be that as it may, you do need to contribute a considerable amount of value effort.

What’s more, that fundamentally compares to these two journeys… 

1. Improve your position and page rank in search results. 

2. Get your website indexed by significant search engines. 

So as to achieve both of those, you have to deliberately adjust the line between great optimization methods and the desire to take things a bit excessively far.

As such, you have to verify you do your two journeys without venturing over the line into what’s usually alluded to as a “black hat” search engine strategy. 

That evil and dark region would incorporate things like: 

Entryway Pages – not the purpose for the visitor to see, rather than trying to trick web crawlers into putting the site into a top index position.

Keyword Dressing- Using keywords again and again for no consistent or useful explanation.

Is Content Hidden? – adding keywords or text that is the same background color or any CSS display none property to control web index crawlers.

In spite of the fact that these kinds of works could be smart and compelling strategies to rank websites on Google, they would now be able to bring about having your site prohibited from search engines totally. 

By and large, it’s superior to focus on the most mainstream and most sensible SEO strategies. By doing that, you’ll accomplish the outcomes you’re expecting, and your hard work will have enduring outcomes.

What’s more, when you understand how much work is engaged in getting any site to the head of the search engine rank and position, it merits whatever hard work it takes to take care of business the first run-through.

Basics of Search Engine Optimization Strategy 

Generally, there are three essential things you’ll have to do so as to achieve legitimate and successful search engine optimization. 

1.  Arrange your keyword records 

2. Post Quality content with rich keyword

3. Set up an advantageous link strategy

Normally, using software that can assist you with achieving those three things rapidly and productively would be an extraordinary resource. Along these lines, notwithstanding investigating every one of these territories, we’ll explain the best software programs for making each step simpler to rank a website on Google.

1st, Keywords 

The center of any SEO methodology is the keywords (or a group of keywords) that you want to target (Keep in mind that Keyword is the key to Rank a Website on Google).

The primary thing to take care of is to choose which groups of keywords you’ll be using. On many occasions, those groups will be either legitimately or, by implication, identified with the niche or specialty that your site is related to.

When you’ve set up the different groups of phrases you need to target, you can start to accumulate an exhaustive rundown of high-level keywords that have every one of the following qualities: 

1. choose keywords that have a huge number of monthly visitor

2. choose low-level competitors for the topic

3. Our free Chrome extension see below Image

The more individuals who scan for the term joined with minimal measure of rivalry related to the keyword, the more important the keyword will be to increasing organic search engine traffic. 

After that, you’ll need to incorporate lists of auxiliary phrases. These would, in any case, be important, however not to the degree that the principal high-level list would be.

The fundamental power of lower-level phrases is the way that you don’t need to work very as difficult to get authoritative (SEO) search engine acknowledgment. What’s more, since you’ll naturally get a genuinely better-than-average outcomes position, you’ll likewise get extra focused on visitor traffic.

To fill up for the absence of value in the keyword itself (as a rule, that compares to fewer inquiries being led each month and, in this manner, less rivalry), you have to work with a much bigger amount of lower-level keywords.

Fundamentally, the outcomes will be similar on a par with what you experience through high-level phrases. It will simply take more keywords to accomplish those equivalent results. 

Obviously, fortunately, there are software programs that can essentially minimize the volume of time it takes to increase content – no matter how many keywords you choose to rank(see the following fragment on Quality Content).

There are a few manners by which you can incorporate keyword records. One of the speediest and simplest techniques is to utilize the free online suggestion instrument that Google gives at

Despite the fact that it will give you proof of what number of searches have been performed on some random keywords during the earlier month, it’s fairly no-frills. Additionally, it’s absolutely impossible to effortlessly move results from their page to your autonomously aggregated keyword list.

At this point, you can reorder the Prelude results; you likewise get how many times it has been searched for each keyword. While that may be useful for research purposes, you’ll need to physically evacuate that piece of the information so as to end up with a document that solitary records keywords.

Another option is Wordtracker at, which does, in actuality, permit you to reserve your outcomes with only the keywords recorded. 

You’ll need to pay to utilize their online help. However, it’s certainly justified regardless of the cost. It’s profoundly compelling and offers the most inside and out and precise ability as to genuine searches that the audience performs.

In spite of the fact that there are various ways you can direct research utilizing Wordtracker, they will all spin around the capacity to compile keyword records that depend on the gatherings of keywords you initially settled. 

When you know precisely which keywords you’ll be focusing on, you can start to execute content that will be related to every one of those keywords.

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Focus on Quality Content (This is the most valuable thing to Rank a Website on Google)

There are various reasons why “Quality written Content is the final King factor.” From a watcher’s point of view, content welcomes them to visit your site as well as urges them to return all the time. It’s a generally straightforward condition…

They’re searching for significant data. Offer it to them. From a search engine point of view, content is one of the essential factors in deciding exactly how much power or significance ought to be given to any website page. 

Tragically, this one isn’t exactly as straightforward as a condition…

Content gets indexed and gathered by Search engine spiders. Think smart about how to make the spot of your article higher on the search result stepping stool than on some other site.

Obviously, so as to become King, content should be of extensive quality. So, to keep the King, content should be refreshed on a genuinely customary premise. 

Also, the way that you additionally need to include new content (new pages) all the time. If not, whatever ground you at first increase will essentially blur away. Thus will whatever search index position or rank you’ve accomplished.

Normally, you can physically include content by writing everything yourself. In any case, that by itself would be very tedious. Particularly when you consider the various webmaster assignments that need your consideration. 

So, we should discuss mechanizing the assignment…

Probably the best technique for increasing quality content is to incorporate keyword-rich articles on your site. What’s more, as opposed to setting aside the effort to think of them yourself, you can just scan for and amass articles that others have composed.

Obviously, doing that can likewise gobble up a lot of time. To limit the undertaking – just as improve the outcomes – you can basically utilize the accompanying software system.

Article Directory Software Article Equalizer (Click here to grab it)

This permits you to aggregate up to one thousand articles with simply the snap of a button. Also, you can do it depending on a particular subject or keyword. 

Utilize the articles to add quality content to your current sites or use them to assemble a completely new niche website. In any case, this is one of the quickest and most effective strategies for gathering quality substance. 

RSS channels are one more prevalent strategy for increasing content as well as keeping it new and updated.

Contingent upon what feed or feeds you happen to pick, the substance can be as basic as a list of topic-allied links or as complete as a full-page article, full-scale. What’s more, obviously, there’s a beginning and end in the middle.

The most well-known decision for RSS channels is the ones that show a list of subject-related URLs with a brief description underneath each one. The explanation for this kind of feed is most well known in the way that the brief description permits increasing potential for focusing on explicit keywords.

For instance, if the subject of your site is golf and you need one of your pages to be upgraded for the keyword “golf swing,” you would need all content to incorporate that specific search phrase. 

It’s the same as streamlining some other content on your site. You have a particular phrase, and you need that expression to be remembered in such a way that it will convey a huge load to the web search engine spider.

In the event that you can’t achieve that, you’re simply shooting in obscurity, planning to pick up focused web traffic without really focusing on it. 

The aim is to include content that is intended for explicit keywords. What’s more, RSS channels are the same as some other content. On the off chance that it does exclude the phrases, you’ll only get internet searcher kudos for having conventional subject-related substance.

Obviously, what you truly need – and want- is to increase rank and posting advantage from whatever content is included. That is the entire reason… to increase enough web index acknowledgment, which thus picks up your focused viewer traffic. 

That being the situation, a definitive programming system would be one that could consequently put RSS channels on your pages while simultaneously doing it dependent on explicit keywords.

Luckily, there is such a program. Also, it’s the best programming accessible… 

Get the RSS Equalizer (get it now)

What you accomplish by utilizing RSS Equalizer is moment topic-based content, the thoughtful that web search tools like Google are searching for. 

What’s more, in light of the fact that the content changes every single day, you can rely on accepting progressively visited visits from web search engine crawlers.

So a definitive outcome is exactly what you want to increase (rank website on Google)… quicker indexing, higher page rank, and better search position.

Link Building Strategies 

Picking the correct keywords and writing quality keyword-rich articles puts you roughly 68% of the route toward ideal internet searcher acknowledgment. The other third is essentially exclusively dependent on prevalence.

If we were discussing demand, in reality, it would presumably incorporate straightforward things like who has cast a ballot, King and Queen of the secondary school prom, who had the most date alternatives on a Saturday night, or which relative got the most consideration from Mom or Dad. 

In the realm of web indexes, fame takes on an entirely distinctive significance. What’s more, in many occurrences, the spider comes to this website… the site with the most quality links highlighting it wins the challenge.

Popularity of Link 

That is the game. Furthermore, a definitive objective is to get valuable “significant” sites (those that have a topic or point that is like yours) to give backlinks back to you. Obviously, when we’re discussing significance, we’re alluding to how most search engines see them.

Frequently, that likens to the top position and high page rank in search results. The higher up the food bond a site happens to be, the more impressive any link they give back to you is seen.

So as to get the most blast out of the link demand process, it’s ideal if you really search out significant sites. Besides those you may now have as a primary concern, direct inquiries depend on the keywords you’re generally keen on picking up search engine acknowledgment for.

Normally, somebody who’s in direct rivalry with you wouldn’t consider giving you a link back. So what you’re truly searching for are well-known sites that have substance or items that are either reciprocal to yours or are incidental.


We tried to explain a real-life keyword strategy that helps you to Rank a Website on Google.

For instance, suppose your keyword and topic depends on methods of perfecting your golf swing. Great backlink decisions would be sites with the accompanying topics or items:

1. golf competitions or golf course information 

2. golf apparel or attire 

3. golf seminars or teachers 

In the event that the niche is identified with yours and the site that is giving the backlink conveys a decent deal of weight with significant web indexes, the estimation of your site will naturally be raised. 

With regards to the genuine connection that these significant and valuable sites place on their pages…

It should be used every time instead of only a URL. For instance, rather than normally showing as the backlink to your site, you need something more considerable and keyword-rich. Furthermore, obviously, web search tools are standard. 

On the off chance that one of your keywords is “SEO For Beginners,” for instance, the connection may peruse as follows:

How To Do SEO For Beginners Guide Step-By-Step

That gives you a backlink for the keyword; however, it additionally empowers the web index crawler to see your site as having more worth. 

On the off chance that you have a different page on your site where you request a backlink, it’s consistently a smart thought to make a list of at least one or many link text prospects.

That way, you’ll get credit for the keywords you have decided to target. You ought to likewise give the HTML code to set your backlink on different sites. Essentially, make it as simple as workable for another person to add you to their pages.

You ought to likewise indicate where you require a backlink to be put. In a perfect world, you would need your backlink situated on either a landing page or a single click away from the landing page. In any event, your backlink ought to be found where it will be seen as important by the search engine spider.

Covered four or five steps deep on some dark page that probably won’t be indexed is totally useless. The general purpose of getting backlinks is to acquire significance with the search crawlers. 

So the primary concern is…

how more control you have over the backlinks that others place on their sites, the more web index esteem you’ll encounter. It requires some investment and exertion to urge high-positioning sites to interface back to you. 

Verify you put whatever extra exertion is important so as to pick up the most ideal backlink, too.

Also, the rules for the most ideal backlink is this: 

1. It starts from an important and high-authority site. 

2. It’s put in what might be viewed as a significant area.

3. It incorporates keyword-rich content. 

Something cheap of that, and you’re building the entire backlink procedure. 

Continuously remember that in this specific case, the quality will consistently win over the amount. Truly, you need countless backlinks pointing back to your site, which effectively ranks the Website on Google. 

Yet, given a decision, you’re greatly improved off with fewer backlinks from significant sites than many backlinks from low sites that don’t convey a lot of weight with web search tools.

What should you Do to rank a website on Google’s first page?

Following is a short review of what every one of the significant directories and search engines is searching for as to optimization and esteem.


No prime significance, but the keywords and description are filled in to play a job role. Won’t index anything related to SE spam. Slow-stacking pages risk being rejected. 

The title of the page has some importance and ought to be brief. Preferences webpage notoriety and need to see a topic all through the site.


Doesn’t utilize keywords and meta descriptions. High score for the general weight and closeness of keywords strong text<b> or <strong>, < h1 > tags, and. Prizes quality article, placed between 50 to 600 words. Here is an example of how to use HTML tags for SEO.

The article sought to remember keywords for text and anchors<a>. Best-to-see keywords should be in the page title (using 90 characters or less) and conveyed reliably all through the site. 

Particularly worth anchoring link text, keywords in URLs, and themes. The utilization of too many keywords or (meaningless sentences) and links ranches is seen as SE spamming.


Likes to see brief and precise keywords and descriptions. Slow-stacking pages can be punished. The page title has some centrality and ought to be filled in. Keyword frequency isn’t considered. 

Link prominence isn’t important. Particularly prefer to see the exact and fitting category options.


Allow keyword tags and meta descriptions. It rejects indexing any SE spam-related things. Casings must utilize a <no frames> tag to get recorded. Considers the page title significant and needs it to carry keywords. 

Needs to see appropriate keyword recurrence. Link fame conveys a decent arrangement of the weight. Likes to see a subject conveyed all through the whole site.

What You Should Not Do to Rank Website on Google?

After the entirety of your difficult work getting your website pages optimized, the exact last thing you need is to accomplish something that would keep your webpage from getting indexed. Or, on the other hand, more regrettable, have it boycotted via web crawlers altogether.

At the head of the “don’t do” list is the utilization of invisible content (the content is a similar shading as the background ). Practically every web crawler is insightful to this training and will, as of now, boycott any site seen as utilizing it.

Here is a speedy overview of everything else you ought to never do:

  • Try not to put extra keywords in the meta tags and titles. 
  • Try not to use keywords excessively. 
  • Try not to utilize link farms.
  • Try not to utilize meta-refresh labels.
  • Try not to submit to the wrong categories in search indexes. 
  • Try not to distribute indistinguishable pages. 
  • Try not to submit too many site pages in a single day. 

Regardless of how great your site is – regardless of how important the content it contains or how legitimately streamlined it may be – on the off chance that you utilize any of the things illuminated above, you risk being boycotted and marked as a web engine spammer. 

Despite the fact that it differs starting with one search engine and then onto the next, spamming can incorporate at least one or more of the following: 

  • Insignificant website page titles, keyword tags, and meta description; 
  • Reiteration of catchphrases;  
  • Utilizing meta refresh tags; 
  • Covered up or very small font size; 
  • Reflect websites  that highlight distinctive URL addresses; 
  • Submitting pages more than once in a 24-hour range

It’s not hard to avoid the black hat area. Be that as it may, it’s absolutely hard to recoup from having utilized those sorts of strategies. That is, expecting you can recoup by any stretch of the imagination. 

Simply focus on the standards built up via search engines and directories. Furthermore, since Google is the player you’ll most need to fulfill, 

it’s significant that you read again and again their webmaster rules, which are distributed there. (Check Webmaster Guidelines)

Defy the rules, and you’ll generally be battling to pick up an advantage from all the significant search engines. 

Keep the guidelines, and you’ll build up site pages that won’t just be around quite a while, yet they’ll likewise consistently be in contention for top search results position.


Content Is King: Content is the Heart of your site, and the search engine gives the most priority to rank the website on Google.

From a watcher’s point of view, content welcomes them to visit your site as well as urges them to return consistently. 

You have to include new content, a customary premise. 

. You need to update old content regularly.

From a search engine point of view, content is one of the essential factors in deciding exactly how much weight or significance ought to be given to any site page.

Use of Article Equalizer ( ) to effectively and rapidly aggregate and distribute keyword-rich content. 

Use of RSS Equalizer ( ) to put keyword-related RSS channels on explicit and different pages.

The keyword is key to Rank a Website on Google 

1. Start by setting up a collection of keywords that are identified with your picked topics or zones of interest.

2. Since optional keywords are related to fewer searches and less rivalry, you’ll have to execute a greater amount of them so as to accomplish the most extreme advantage.


3. The best phrases are ones that are looked for by a great many watchers every single month yet have little rivalry related to them.

4. Wordtracker is a thorough and to-bottom online help for accumulating precise and successful keyword records.

5. Keywords ought to be placed in the title, in < h1 > labels, and all through the general content. 

6. Try not to place keywords unreasonably. 

7. Try not to utilize the wrong keywords in the page description and title.

Link Building Strategy 

The aim is to get endless “significant” sites to give backlinks back to you. This is one of the important things that help you to Rank your Website on Google.

The higher up the natural pecking order a site happens to be, the more impressive any link they give back to you is seen. 

Effectively search out significant sites that have comparative or related topics, data, or products.

Urge connectbacks to incorporate important and keyword-rich content as opposed to just a URL address. 

The best backlinks start from high-positioning sites, are put in significant page areas, and incorporate keyword-rich content.

Focus on the principles set out via search engines and directories, particularly the website admin rules distributed by Google. 

Observe the principles and rules set out via web engines and catalogs.

Google Web Stories

So Google recently rolled out a brand new feature that allows you to get found in search in a brand new way. And the best part of this is there’s pretty much no competition for these spots at this point.

Google web stories

Not only that, but when you use this new feature. You’re also getting other potential seo benefits too. This is a great way to build natural backlinks to your site. Because it’s so shareable, it’s also a great way to make your existing blog posts and your content much more engaging.

This can actually keep people on your site for a longer period, which is a huge signal for Google to give you even more traffic. It will help you to Rank your Website on Google easily.

This new feature is called “Google Web Stories,” and it lets you easily build visual stories in five or more slides right inside your WordPress dashboard. So, it’s a new plugin you need to install it.

Be patient and keep trying with this strategy; you will get to rank your website on Google.

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