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Blue Light Filter on Android with Twilight 

Blue Light Filter on Android, the kind of light given out by practically every LED screen, has appeared to upset the rest of the designs. This implies utilizing a smartphone or tablet late in the evening can influence your well-being. 

Fortunately, some sharp application engineers have made an answer. Twilight, much like Night Shift on the iPhone, will move the shadings in the gadget display to the hotter finish of the range, making it simpler on your eyes and delivering less blue light.



Quest for, download, and finish installing the Twilight application from the Google Play store. The application is free, albeit a portion of the advanced features will require an update to the Pro version. 

The Blue Light Filter on Android application is viable with practically all Android gadgets (tablets and smartphones) presently available.

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Twilight is intended to be a “set and forget” application. This implies you shouldn’t generally need to wreck about with settings once the first setup is finished. 

The principal screen that shows up after pressing the application symbol contains each option you have to get set up effectively and correctly.

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If you need to peruse more about the technology behind Twilight and other night move applications, tap the “How it works” alternative at the head of the screen. 

This clarifies the science behind the application, just as guiding you to places where you can peruse more about blue light, circadian rhythms, and then some.

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The following feature is Color Temperature, set at 1500k (unwinding). You can utilize the slider to adjust the color temp to suit your inclination. You can even set the color temp to over 3500k, which is classed as Energizing instead of Relaxing. Press the Preview option to test.

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The Intensity controller sets how serious the chosen shading is. 1% is fundamentally turning it off, while 100% will ordinarily be excessively extraordinary; it makes your screen much red. The default of 40% is a decent spot to begin; however we found that decreasing that to about 30% can work similarly.



If you need to set the screen to diminish at whatever point the night shift mode kicks in, utilize the following slider to control the amount it darkens by. Once more, you can test your settings by pressing the Preview button.

A slight diminishing of the screen is believed to be useful for the eyes, yet the decision is yours.

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It is an ideal opportunity to choose when you need the Twilight filter to begin and finish naturally. The default is Sun, implying that it will recognize the nightfall and dawn times and turn on and off appropriately.

You should enable Location Services for the application to utilize this choice.


You can pick a custom time range if you are inclined toward not permitting automatic location observation. Press the Custom button and utilize the slider to change the time period when the component is activated.

The element is currently set up, so close the settings by squeezing the Home option.

Some Science


Loads of ongoing examinations have indicated that exposure to blue light, the kind of light our phone and tablet screens produce, can misshape your common circadian cadence and, eventually, make an incapacity to nod off without any problem.

Blue Light Filter on Android Applications like Twilight works by sifting through the blue light our screens produce.

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