How to Show Android Hidden Menus | Andorid Secret Codes and Tricks

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Each Android phone is an assortment of various test android hidden menus, that permit clients to check all sorts, including how well the touchscreen is reacting and whether the warning LEDs are working.

You do not need to bother with any unique applications or extra software to get to these test menus, you simply need to realize which android secret codes to type into the dialler screen.

We should investigate probably the most helpful Android Hidden Menus and what they permit you to do.

Testing Secret Codes For Android Hidden Menus

Whichever manufacturer or producer is included, these secret test codes should work for most Android gadgets. On the off chance that they don’t, have a go at scanning on the web for explicit codes for your specific device.

01. Open the smartphone dialer screen on your telephone and enter *#*#4636#*#*. When you type the last “, the test menu will show up on the screen. This contains four primary areas: Battery Information, Phone Information, Usage Statistics, and Wi-Fi Information. Press any going to see more information.

02You can access a great deal of general data about your smartphone by going into the Smartphone information menu. You will likewise have the option to run a PING test that checks the speed of association with your present smartphone pole. Be cautious when running tests or evolving arrangements.

03. On the off chance that your phone has a removable battery, you can discover bunches of itemized data about the battery in the Battery Info screen or you can use AccuBattery apps. Just as indicating the charge rate remaining, it will uncover if the battery wellbeing is good, letting you choose whether purchasing a replacement merits considering.

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Valuable Secret Codes for Android Hidden Menus

Here are some more Android hidden menu codes to test. These may not work for each gadget however should work for most Android smartphone. 

  • Administration Secret Code – *#*#197328640#*#* This Android Hidden menu lets you access administration mode where you can run different tests. 
  • LCD Secret Code – ‘W#0*#*#* This lets you test the LCD show on your gadget, to check whether there are any showcase blunders. 
  • Contact Screen Test – *#-#2664#-#* If you need to test your smartphone’s touch screen, at that point utilize the code that appeared here. 
  • Smartphone IMEI Number – *#06# One of the most famous and valuable concealed hidden menu android, indicating you the IMEI number of your phone.
  • RAM Details Hidden Menu – *#*#3264#*#* This Android Secret code can be utilized to discover your smartphone’s RAM version.
  • Camera Information – 44-#3497153941*W – To see nitty gritty data about the camera equipment and software on your smartphone.
  • Backlight test Code – *#*#0842#*#*
  • Show MAC address Secret Code – *#*#232338#*#*
  • Totally wipe the smartphone and reinstall firmware – *2767*3855#
  • Display Bluetooth address Code – *#*#232337#*#
  •  Proximity sensor test- *#*#0588#*#*
  • Ram version – *#*#3264#*#* 
  • Bluetooth test – *#*#232331#*#*
  • Field test – *#*#7262626#*#*
  • For a quick backup to all your media files – *#*#273283*255*663282*#*#*
  • Show Wi-Fi Mac-address – *#*#232338#*#* 
  • For a quick GPS test – *#*#1472365#*#*
  • Enabling test mode for service activity – *#*#197328640#*#*
  • Wireless Lan Tests – *#*#232339#*#* OR *#*#526#*#*

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Open Samsung Service test Mode

01. Likewise, with the previous codes, you should enter this one into the dialler screen on your Samsung smartphone. Type the code *#0*#. When you type the code, the test menu will show up. This code may not chip away at the old Samsung Galaxy smartphone however it ought to on most.

02. The screen should now be loaded up with buttons offering admittance to the tests that appeared on each. Inside each test, there might be extra options or requirements. The Touch screen test, for instance, expects you to utilize your finger to feature the entirety of the components on the screen before it will finish.

03. You can pass any of the tests, either when they are finished, or by tapping the Back button on your smartphone. When you have finished the entirety of the tests you need to perform, you can leave the test menu by pressing the Back button on your smartphone twice with hard succession.

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