9 Best Two-Factor Authentication Apps 💎 [Android,iPhone]

Passwords are a famously weak approach to ensuring your valuable online accounts. We test 9 Best Two-Factor Authentication Apps that give an additional layer of security utilizing your smartphone

Our Choosing Process for Best Two-Factor Authentication Apps

No need to proffer a huge to be acceptable best two-factor authentication apps. yet a terrible quality can be a genuine torment to utilize or even represent a security problem. This is what we saw as generally significant through our meetings with specialists and our free research or investigation

Dependability: More or less any software engineer has a license to make an authentication application. so when it comes to security we searched for applications run by notable organizations like Microsoft Corporation, Google, Oracle Corporation, Cisco, IBM, Oracle, and others. You should go with a dependable organization to help ensure proceed with help for new portable algorithms and technical support if something turns out badly.

Application security: We searched for applications with the help for PIN or biometric locks, so you can include another layer of security, for example, Face ID or your smartphone’s unique finger impression scanner, to the application in the event that you need it.

Helpfulness: An authenticator should make it simple to include new records, find existing records, and erase unneeded records.

Recovery Management: The greatest torment point with two-factor verification is Account recovery Management, so we searched for applications that offered various approaches to recover your account, regardless of whether through a helpline, some sort of app can backup your device or different methods.

Stage compatibility: A decent two-factor authentication application should chip away at both Android and iOS. Accessibility on Windows and Mac can be valuable, particularly for account recovery, however isn’t a requirement.

Voluntary backups: The security specialists we talked with said they don’t suggest backing up or matching up a two-factor authentication account since then your tokens are on the organization’s servers, which could be undermined. 

So we searched for authenticators that left this component selected in. For the applications that give you the backup options, we searched for away from how the backing option works, where they’re put away, and how they’re scrambled.

This is How We Tested the Best Two-Factor Authentication Apps

Talking with specialists and picking the feature standards, we read surveys of the applications on Apple’s Application Store and Play Store, and we burrowed through each application engineer’s site searching for legal papers about the organization’s safety efforts, user support, and application features. 

When we chose Authy as our pick, we connected with Twilio for insights concerning its security practices and procedures.

We utilized each application to include new accounts, and some copy codes, and test out highlighted features, for example, renaming accounts, evolving symbols, and performing message pop-up logins. 

On the off chance that an application bolstered reinforcements or different devices, we gave recuperating accounts a shot at new devices. In the event that it didn’t, we tried how the recovery procedure worked.

Duo Mobile

Best Two-Factor Authentication Apps 17

What we loved: 

Duo Security makes its own two-factor authentication (2FA) programming that organizations can purchase to add secure login administrations to their sites. As a result, Duo Security has a free application called Duo Mobile, which its customers can provide for their clients to assist them with sign-in. 

It’s to our advantage that this free application doesn’t simply work with Duo Security’s instruments, but with any 2FA help that conforms to the fundamental norms. This is extraordinary news since it implies that we get an expertly developed application, with all the fancy odds and whistles, at no expense.

Duo Mobile is effectively the most appealing and best-planned of all the applications we’ve looked into here. Setting up another password is as basic as tapping the plus symbol at the top, at that point snapping a picture of the code that your picked service shows. 

With regard to sorting out administrations, you can mastermind them how you like. Symbols are utilized to help with the initial determination, and you can pick whether to have passwords in plain view for comfort or concealed to be gotten to with a tap as they’re required.

You can utilize the Duo Mobile help beyond one gadget and it very well may be set to make a backup on Google Drive to make it simpler to move accounts starting with one gadget and then onto the next. The duo gives you push notifications, 

so a few services don’t expect you to enter the security code – you can simply tap a message to acknowledge an ‘is this you’re warning that springs up on your gadget. We didn’t see this on any of the administrations we joined, be that as it may, so it might just be accessible on sites that utilize Duo’s product to make their login tools.

How it very well may be improved: 

Duo Security is developed by Cisco and is transparent about the way that it accumulates information on how its clients are connecting with its devices. You can turn this off in the settings however it merits examining the protection strategy at bit.ly/duopriv494 for more data.


The duo is a smooth, easy-to-utilize application that irons out a large portion of the issues that encompass 2FA. Most sites despite everything make you put in a password instead of sending you a notice, yet that is the thing that makes the framework so secure. Overseeing and sorting out your records is as simple as it gets, and you can modify the format to suit your necessities.

Android  IOS

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Best Two-Factor Authentication Apps 14

What we loved: 

Not every person needs to hand over their security information to huge organizations, for example, Cisco, Microsoft, and Google, especially those who know how that data could be utilized later on. In the event that you don’t confide in serious weapons, you’ll be pleased with FreeOTP, which is a free, open-source elective. 

It works similarly to Duo – tap the QR code symbol to add another support of the application or tap the key symbol to include it manually. It’s not as smooth in its introduction yet it carries out the responsibility. Security codes are taken cover behind runs of default

– you simply tap the services you’re utilizing to uncover the code beneath. The best thing about the best two-factor authentication app FreeOTP is its security strategy. Despite the fact that it needs to get to your camera for codes and the like, it claims not to gather any information.

How it tends to be improved: 

Most smartphone screens will just fit a bunch of services on the FreeOTP home screen before you need to look down to locate the ones at the bottom, and it’s absolutely impossible to revamp them (new administrations are added to the top). Every one of our administrations appeared to be identical, as well, utilizing a similar 3D box symbol (not as appeared in our screen capture).


FreeOTP doesn’t have the style of our Gold Award victor be that as it may, as with most open-source choices, it carries out the responsibility with at least one object. In particular, you aren’t imparting any information to the association behind the software.


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Microsoft Authenticator

Best Two-Factor Authentication Apps 11

What We Loved:  

There isn’t a lot of distinction between Microsoft Authenticator and Google Authenticator – both applications are entirely utilitarian and your inclination will come down to which organization’s services you utilize the most: in case you’re a Gmail client, choose Google’s; In the event that you utilize Microsoft’s online tools, utilize this one.

All things considered, Microsoft Authenticator works somewhat harder in its introduction, with symbols next to the arrangements of account names and numbers, which Google doesn’t care about. That’s why this app is the Best Two-Factor Authentication Apps.

The Microsoft application additionally lets you pick whether to show the security numbers consistently or shroud them away, so you can see a more extended rundown of services. The colossal advantage that both Google and Microsoft have over different authenticators is that they use message pop-ups to let you acknowledge logins to their own services. 

On the off chance that you utilize these records to enroll for different devices, as well, you could spare yourself a ton of time. 

How it tends to be improved: 

Microsoft has placed somewhat more plan into its application than Google however bounty vexed us.

 especially detested the way that it takes two taps to crumple or extend each account to show or shroud the security code. That is unquestionably one tap too much. 


Which sites do you invest the most energy in? On the off chance that the appropriate response is Microsoft’s, at that point, it bodes well to utilize its own-brand Authenticator. In any case, it misses well short of Duo in its structure and doesn’t regard your security as much as FreeOTP.

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Aegis Authenticator

Best Two-Factor Authentication Apps 9

Price: Free

Aegis isn’t the most well-known among the best two-factor authentication apps, yet it’s very acceptable. It covers a ton with an OTP, however, includes a couple of highlights at the top.

For example, you can bolt the application and just enter in the wake of utilizing a PIN, secret key, or unique fingerprint unlock. 

That additional layer of security is entirely decent. The application bolsters both HOTP and TOTP techniques and it should bolster most destinations on the Internet.

At last, you can back up your record and fare it to another gadget when you get one and import it from Authy and OTP too. The application is additionally open-source. You can look at the code here in the event that you need to see it.

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Google Authenticator 

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As we referenced in the Microsoft Authenticator survey, Google Authenticator’s bit of leeway is the simplicity with which it logs you into Google accounts. In the event that you use Google as a catch-all login for different administrations, its Authenticator application is going to spare you a great deal of time.

It’s only a disgrace that the application has had so little exertion put into its introduction. On looks and ease of use, Microsoft’s application is better.

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Best Two-Factor Authentication Apps 5

Price: Free

AndOTP is one of the more up-to-date best two-factor authenticator apps on the rundown. It’s totally free and open source. The application likewise supports the TOTP convention. It’s not the most convoluted application and that is presumably why users like it up until now. It just needs a couple of consents and the Play Store depiction informs you regarding every one of them.

Some different highlights of AndOTP incorporate various reinforcement alternatives, a dim mode, and similarity with Google Authenticator. Those aware of everything can look at the open-source code here.

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Best Two-Factor Authentication Apps 4

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At the point when I began exploring this rundown, I didn’t know about SAASPASS. I ran over it on the App Store and was charmed by its heavenly evaluations. In the wake of introducing the application to test it, I immediately realized why it merited the rave audits. 

SAASPASS is one of the main authenticators on our rundown to requires PIN security. During the underlying arrangement, you’re incited to make a four-digit PIN code that you can change to six digits in the application’s settings.

You additionally have the alternative to utilize either facial recognition or fingerprint (right now restricted to Apple’s Face ID) after the underlying arrangement.

I do wish SAASPASS would take into consideration more grounded passwords, especially in light of the fact that probably the best component is the secret word supervisor,

which means SAASPASS permits you to store your online usernames and passwords. Consolidate that with the fundamental 2FA token functionality and you can sign in and validate in one activity. SAASPASS is the most recommended among the Best Two-Factor Authentication Apps. 

SAASPASS bolsters more than 60 thousand sites, so the risks are most (if not the entirety) of the administrations you use will support it. You can even utilize it to remotely unlock and lock your PC.

SAASPASS additionally has the broadest OS support on our rundown. On the portable side, there’s an application for BlackBerry close by Android and iOS. For the work area, you can utilize their macOS application and Windows application (Windows 7 and fresher),

and you can utilize it on any working framework where Google Chrome is accessible.

SAASPASS likewise lets you utilize numerous gadgets by examining a protected QR code from the main gadget you set up. Once examined, you would then be able to get to your token on the two gadgets.

This is one of the most secure reestablish techniques, as it dispenses with the chance of a capture attempt while uncovered on the web. 

Regardless of whether you are new to 2FA or have been utilizing it for a considerable length of time, this is the application for you. It makes the procedure staggeringly simple with its autofill and auto-login highlight.

I will let it out isn’t the prettiest application on the planet, however, it takes care of business, and it is adaptable to some extent. With its wide gadget support and the capacity to open your PC, there is no better choice accessible.


Best Two-Factor Authentication Apps 2

First, you have to enter a number to make it work and Authy locks itself on your smartphone. In case you’re inclined to change smartphone numbers each time you get another smartphone, that may not be perfect, yet on the off chance that you’ve had a similar number for the greater part of your life,

it’s a reasonable choice. The application functions work very well and has a discretionary ‘lattice’ design that is somewhat not quite the same as the typical rundown group, however we despite everything lean toward Duo Mobile.


LastPass Authenticator

Best Two-Factor Authentication Apps

In the event that you as of now use LastPass to deal with your passwords, at that point letting it control your (this one of the best two-factor authentications on Android and ios ) 2FA is an easy decision.

The application works superbly in controlling records and giving passwords, however, it doesn’t equal Duo in the introduction. Be that as it may, in case you’re not effectively integrated with LastPass, you’re probably not going to be prevailed upon by this application.

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if you agree with our Best Two-Factor Authentication Apps list or if you have any other 2FA apps, Please give us feedback.

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