Best Health App for Apple Without the Gym

Health App for Apple: The big stretch of holiday indulgence runs from Thanksgiving through to the new year, with barely a let-up, and it can leave you feeling a little heavier than maybe you’d like. We’re not here to recommend intense gym sessions or anything like that


With the help of the Health App for Apple, you can lose weight or get fitter without hardcore training


— we know the motivation just isn’t there for most people to dive into CrossFit or worry about “summer-ready bodies”. Some easy at-home exercises that don’t require equipment will help you feel a bit healthier and more active when spring arrives. These apps will help you spend time getting healthier.


Health App for Apple


The YouTube community is full of great fitness video creators who can guide you through just about anything. Some run entire courses, while others will suggest exercises you can perform at home with no equipment.


The great thing about the videos is you can follow along as they perform them, and get a good look at the form you need to follow.



Health App for Apple


Yoga is brilliant for growing core strength and keeping your joints moving smoothly when time tries to start gumming them up (it worked for Shaq and LeBron…). This app has Yoga courses for specific needs (back pain, weight management, running flexibility, and more), and you follow with the HD videos. It syncs with the Health app and tracks your progress.



Health App for Apple


Worried you don’t have time or space for exercise? This app shows you simple workouts you can do anywhere. Kitchen exercises have you using skillets as weights, car exercises get you working your thighs, desk punches move your torso, and the “cushion tower” tones your arms on the sofa. So there’s no excuse not to take some time for your health!



Health App for Apple


Pushups are a great workout because they require your whole body to hold steady. Best Health App for Apple 22 Pushups coach you to do pushups. That’s it — nothing elaborate or new to learn. You put your device under your chest and it automatically detects how many reps you’ve done and logs it. It just wants you to do what you can, and you’ll see what you can do to grow quickly. if you looking for a mobile app like this. Here is the best mobile app development company


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Health App for Apple


This may be the most serious of the apps we recommend here. The official “Couch to 5K” app, turns you into a runner capable of going the distance from a, uh, sitting start. It takes things day by day, and you’ll be amazed at how quickly you improve when steered consistently and gradually. And all you have to do at the start is go for a walk…



Health App for Apple


The 30 Day Fitness app creates workouts that take just minutes of your day and the clever interface shows you what you should be doing for a set length of time in a motion video, with the next exercise also on video, so you know what’s coming up. You don’t need any gym equipment for them — just keep going and use the app to track your personal challenge!


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