BEST Hell Let Loose Console Settings – Xbox Series X / PS5

Hell Let Loose is the extreme tactical shooter known for its immersive environment and brutal team battles. It has finally arrived on consoles. But with a new platform comes a new set of challenges, especially when it comes to optimizing your settings for the best possible experience.

Don’t worry, soldiers! This guide will provide you with the knowledge and BEST Hell Let Loose Console Settings used by a seasoned Hell Let Loose veteran. It will help you to dominate the battlefield and rack up those kills.

What is Hell Let Loose?

Hell Let Loose is a real World War II first-person shooter game that was released for PC in 2021 and for PS5 and Xbox Series X/S in 2024. It features 50 vs 50 multiplayer battles with 13 playable roles, 9 maps, and over 100 weapons and vehicles. It is praised for its immersive gameplay, realistic graphics, and tactical partnership.

BEST Hell Let Loose Console Settings

We used bullet-point lists to organize your settings and explain them briefly. For example, instead of writing a long paragraph about the gameplay menu, you could write something like this:

In the gameplay menu, I have changed the following settings:


  • Manual bolt cycling: Off (automatic chambering)
  • Show hints: Off (experienced players)
  • Nameplate view distance: 250 meters (reduced clutter)
  • Nameplate use icons only: 15 meters
  • Nameplate player opacity: 40 (reduced clutter)
  • Hide markers with hud: Yes
  • Marker display duration: 15 seconds
  • Ping display duration: 5 seconds
  • Hud display mode: Default (toggle recommended)
  • Hud display duration: 5 seconds
  • Map icon scale: Default
  • Contact: Blank
  • Reset hints: No


  • Lean toggle: On (recommended for controller type A)
  • Ads toggle: Off (faster ADS)
  • Sprint toggle: On
  • Steady aim toggle: On (improves aiming with RB)
  • Vibration: Off (personal preference)
  • Aim assist: Off (personal preference)
  • Controller sensitivity X/Y: 56%/30% (separate axes for better control)
  • Controller sensitivity when ADS X/Y: 16%/12% (slower for precise aiming)
  • Acceleration X/Y: 100 (no acceleration for muscle memory)
  • Map cursor sensitivity: 50 (default)
  • Movement dead zone/Look dead zone: 16 (minimize stick drift)
  • Invert axes: Off (personal preference)


  • Brightness: 130 (personal preference)
  • Motion blur: Off (improved target visibility)

Controller menu:

  • Controller type: A
  • Lean: Click on thumbsticks.
  • Comms wheel: LB
  • Equipment wheel: RB


  • Master volume: 100
  • Music: 70
  • Sfx: 50
  • Communications channel: Reset levels each game (bug)
  • Proximity chat: 50
  • Unit voice: 50
  • Leadership voice: 50
  • Party voice: 50
  • UI volume: 80
  • Ping marker volume: 90
  • Microphone volume: 50 or under (avoid overdrive)

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