How To Open Chest in the Underground Room From Cupboard On Escape From Castle Claymount?

Open Chest in the Underground Room From Cupboard: The mysterious chest in the hidden underground room From Cupboard On Escape From Castle Claymount, accessible only through the dusty old cupboard in Castle Claymount! This puzzle is one of the most challenging in the game. Opening Chest in the Underground Room From Cupboard Secrets will require deduction, observation, and a little bit of creativity.

I see that you are playing Escape from Castle Claymount, a point-and-click adventure game on Cool Math Games. I found a walkthrough for this game that might help you with your question.

How To Open Chest in the Underground Room From Cupboard?

Here’s your step-by-step guide to Open Chest in the Underground Room From Cupboard On Escape From Castle Claymount:

  • Go to the underground room by using the key from the chemistry room on the door in the hallway.
  • Approach the cupboard and open the top drawer. Take the hammer and the screwdriver from the drawer.
  • Use the screwdriver to unscrew the four screws on the cupboard door and open it. Take the crowbar from inside the cupboard.
  • Go back and approach the chest. Now, Use the crowbar to pry open the chest and take the gold coin inside.
  • Go back and approach the door on the right. Use the gold coin to unlock the door and escape the castle.

Phase 1: Deciphering the Clue

  1. Inspect the Cupboard: Examine the cupboard thoroughly. Look for any hidden compartments, unusual markings, or anything that seems out of place. You might find a small, faded symbol etched on the inside wall. Remember it – it’s the key to the puzzle!
  2. Consult the Mysterious Book: Head back to the main room and refer to the cryptic book. See if the symbol you found in the cupboard matches any of the strange illustrations within. If it does, the page next to it likely holds the solution.
  3. Understand the Mechanism: The page in the book should depict a sequence of shapes or symbols. This sequence represents the activation order for hidden buttons within the cupboard. Analyze the order carefully and memorize it.

Phase 2: Activating the Passage

  1. Back to the Cupboard: Return to the cupboard and locate the hidden buttons. They might be disguised as knots on the wood, faint scratches, or even tiny pressure plates under the floorboards. Use the sequence from the book to press the buttons in the correct order.
  2. Listen for the Click: If you activated the sequence correctly, you should hear a subtle click or grinding sound. The cupboard wall might shift slightly, revealing a hidden passage behind it.
  3. Prepare for Descent: Equip your lantern and grab any useful items you might need from the main room. You’re about to enter the unknown!

Phase 3: Conquering the Underground Room

  1. Navigate the Cavern: The underground room is likely dark and maze-like. Use your lantern to guide your way and watch out for potential hazards like traps or unfriendly creatures.
  2. Locate the Chest: Your goal is to find the chest hidden somewhere within the underground room. Use your observation skills and look for clues based on the environment or any additional notes you found in the book. Perhaps the room itself holds a hint?
  3. Unlock the Treasure: Once you spot the chest, approach it cautiously. It might be locked or have some form of protection. Apply your logic and ingenuity. Try using items you collected in the castle or perhaps the knowledge gained from the book’s riddles.

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Bonus Tip: Remember, exploration and experimentation are key in Escape from Castle Claymount. Don’t be afraid to think outside the box and use your problem-solving skills. If you get stuck, consult the book again or try looking for clues in other parts of the castle.

With careful observation, logical deduction, and a dash of bravery, you’ll unlock the secrets of the mysterious chest and claim its hidden treasures. Good luck escaping Castle Claymount!

Please note: This is a simple guide based on the available information about the game. Specific details of the cupboard, symbols, and underground room might vary depending on your gameplay and save file. Don’t hesitate to adapt the steps as needed, and trust your intuition!

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