Fix PS5 Error WS-116330-4 | Account Suspended/Banned

I’m going to show you how to resolve the PS5 error WS-116330-4 – Account Suspended/Banned.

What Is The PS5 Error WS-116330-4?

This is a PlayStation 5 account suspension error that basically pops up when you’re trying to log in. it gives you a network error that your account is suspended. And you’re probably just sitting there, like what are you talking about? I didn’t do anything because this had happened to me. Who banned me? I got no emails. So it is kind of sucky on sony’s part.

They say we sent you an email, which is a lie? You rarely ever get an email. Do check your spam. If maybe you got it. I never received one of them. A few people I’ve spoken to don’t receive one, and it kind of sucks.

How To Fix PS5 Error WS-116330-4 – Account Banned/Suspended

 I’m gonna teach you all how to fix BANNED ON PLAYSTATION NETWORK for absolutely free, no money required.

Solution #1, Contact For Help

1. So all you need to do is Open Safari or Google chrome. It doesn’t matter. You could do this on any mobile device or computer. So this works on every device.

Visit playstation official website

2. Go to the address bar and type in Now, press enters for search, and it’ll bring you to a website. Or if it brings you to the search result. Just click on the top one. and then you should be on the PlayStation official support page.

Search for banned

3. So, don’t click on any of these options you will see there. These have nothing to do with your problem. What’s one do if you want to go into the Search tab and type in banned. Because that’s probably banned. So all you need to select “Suspensions on PlayStation Network” option.

4. It’ll bring you to a lengthy article right there. You don’t need to read it at all. You can if you want, .but like you, it doesn’t help your situation that much. Scroll down to the bottom. You will see two options. So like there’s more self-help on YouTube, or Contact us.

Click on Chat Under contact Us

5. You need to go to Contact us. Click on Chat, and then it brings you to the next page with a bunch of information. And if you’re doing this on the weekend. It doesn’t really work that much because they’re more active during the week.

Click on Sony Account Help

6. So once you reach this page. All you need to do is click on Sony account help, which is right under subscription. Then It’ll bring you to the next page.

 Again Click on Contact Us

7. Then, You can change your online ID if you want. It’s not that hard, but like you, I’m trying to fix this problem right now. All you want to do is click on Contact Us. It will take you to a form.

Type your PSN name,Email,Id it will fix PS5 Error WS-116330-4 Account Suspended/Banned

8. Next, You need to put in your PS5 or PS4 info for the account that got banned. And then it’ll bring you to this chat room, which You have to wait until it’s your turn. It’s between 200 and 300 people usually.

It takes less than 10 minutes to load into a chat with someone. Now you have to tell them your problem, that you were banned or something. They’ll send it in for review, and they said they’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

But to be honest. It takes a long if they, if you want your account unbanned as soon as possible. I recommend going into chat every 2 to 3 hours. That’s what I did. and it got my account unbanned pretty quickly.


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Method 2, Contact With Someone Expart To Fix BANNED ON PLAYSTATION NETWORK

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