Valorant Error Code 43? Best Way To Fix ?

Fix Valorant Error Code 43: I will show you. How can you fix the Valorant error code 43 and all of the possible solutions that I have compiled that could help you fix this problem?

I have experienced this issue, and I need to share what might assist you with fixing the Valorant 43 error or with fixing the Valorant error code 43: “There was a blunder connecting with the stage in the Valorant.

No specific solution is ensured to work for everybody. Subsequently, I recommend that you attempt every solution individually and see which turns out for you!

What does the Valorant error code 43 mean?

 “There was an error connecting to the platform Valorant” with 5 possible compiled solutions.

How To Fix Valorant Error Code 43

Solution #1, Run The App As Administrator

So, to start, the simplest way to fix this problem for some people is to simply run the game or the Valorant launcher as an administrator. 

RUn-valorant-as-administrator to solve Valorant error code 43
  1. Go to the desktop and go ahead and simply locate the Valorant shortcut file on your desktop if you have one.

2. Just simply right-click on the Valorant launcher and select the Run as administrator option.

Take note That you must have administrative privileges on your Windows account for you to be able to launch the game as an administrator. Otherwise, it might ask you to enter some credentials for you to run the game as an administrator.

Go ahead and try setting in the game and see if that would fix your problem.

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Solution #2, Start Automatic VGC Service

Another fix for this problem is to set the VGC service to automatic or make sure that the service is running.

Automatic VGC Service Startup

To do so, let’s follow the steps:

1. First, You need to close the opened Valorant launcher. 

2. Then open up the Start menu and type in here services.msc. Make sure to right-click the services app and make sure to run it as administrator.

3. Once the services windows open. Find the VGC service by scrolling down. You’ll be able to see the VGC service. Simply right-click on the VGC service and hit the Properties option.

4. Now, small modal windows will open. You’ll be able to see here the startup type option. Simply click on it and set it to automatic.

5. Select the Start button right there. 

6. Once done, hit the Apply button. And OK

Now, You need to close this window. Just simply go ahead and try relaunching the game. Make sure to run it as administrator, and hopefully, that will fix the Valorant error code 43 on your end.

Solution #3, Check VGC Service Is Running Or Not

However, that still didn’t work. You can try checking whether the VGC service is properly loading up upon startup using the MS config tool on Windows.

Check The VGC service is running

1. So to do. Go to your desktop and close all Valorant-related windows first.

2. Next, Go to the Start menu and type in MSConfig. and then you’ll be able to see here the “system configuration app.” 

3. You need to right-click the System configuration app and select Run as administrator.

4. And then small pop-up windows will open. Go to the Services tab. You’ll be able to see the VGC service again and make sure that the option is checked right here.

Sometimes, it gets unchecked there, which causes this issue in the game. So just, simply check the checkbox there. And hit the apply button. OK.

5. Then go ahead and proceed with the restart on your computer. That would fix your problem.

You can check after restarting your computer. You simply right-click the shortcut file on your desktop again. and click Run as administrator. Hopefully, again, that would fix the problem or the Valorant error code 43 issue.

Solution #4, Delete The RiotClientPrivateSettings.yaml file

If that still doesn’t work for you, another possible solution is to delete the RiotClientPrivateSettings.yaml file on the local AppData folder.

Rename RiotClientPrivateSetting yaml file

To do:

1. Simply go to your desktop and then close this window first. Click on the Start icon, type in the search box %localappdata%, and hit the enter key. It will open the AppData > Local folder.

2. Here, You need to find the Riot Games folder. You’ll be able to see here the Riot games folder; open it up. Next, go to the Riot Client folder. Next, open up the Data folder

You’ll be able to see the RiotClientPrivateSettings.yaml file. What you can do here is you could delete this file or just simply rename it to the RiotClientPrivateSettings.yaml.old file.

3. Suppose you’re prompted with a kind of message. You simply hit the Yes button.

Then go ahead and try launching the game by right-clicking on your desktop shortcut. And making sure that you run it as administrator, and again, hopefully, that would fix it.

Solution #5, Reinstall Riot / VGC Vanguard

If the above still doesn’t work for you. The last resort is to reinstall the Riot Vanguard and the cheat system.

To do:

1. Simply go to your Start menu > Search and then type in here control panel. Then, open up your control panel app.

Got to Programs then Uninstall program

2. Go to the Programs. Click on the Uninstall program under Programs and features. Once you’re already on the window, you need to find the Riot Vanguard app.

2. Go to the Programs. Click on the Uninstall program under Programs and features. Once you’re already on the window, you need to find the Riot Vanguard app.

Select Riot Vanguard and click on Uninstall

3. Select it and click on the Uninstall button. Click on the Yes button to confirm. After this, conduct a refresh just to check whether it’s gone or not. The riot vanguard has been successfully uninstalled

4. Now, You can go ahead and close all the windows. Then go ahead and relaunch your Valorem launcher by right-clicking again and clicking on the Run as administrator. It will proceed and reinstall the dependencies of the right vanguard and the cheat system.  

5. It will ask you to restart your computer, so after installing the correct Vanguard dependencies. You need to restart your computer once the installation is done.

Set Automatic VGC Service Startup to fix Valorant Error Code 43

6. Open up the services. Go to search type services. Right-click on and click on the Run as administrator

7. Then again, locate the VGC service. Just simply right-click on the VGC service and click on the Properties. Make sure that the startup type is set to AutomaticStart the VGC service once done. Click the Apply button and hit the OK button.

8. Now, Restart your system. It will fix Valorant Error Code 43.

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