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Listen to Audiobooks On Apple Watch 🎶: Extraordinary compared to other new features of watchOS 6 is that you would now be able to tune in to audiobooks from your sound library in the Books application. You shouldn’t be inside the scope of your iPhone either, making it perfect for going for a long walk or going for a run.

That is on the grounds that audiobooks are downloaded to your Watch and not streamed from your iPhone.

The Watch application is quite intelligent about how it picks which books are downloaded, given the constrained storage space. Of course, the following five hours of the book you’re presently tuning in to are downloaded.

On the off chance that there’s still space, the audiobook at the top point of your Want to Read list is included, at that point, the next, and so on.

Audiobooks are synced up when your Watch is associated with power, so a greater amount of each book can be downloaded each time you charge it.

To tune in to book audio from your Watch, you’ll need either Bluetooth earphones or speakers. At the point when you dispatch the application, the accessible gadgets are shown, and you simply pick which one to utilize.

REQUIRES: Apple Watch running watchOS 6; iPhone with the Watch app.
IT WILL TAKE: 30 minutes

HOW TO Listen to Audiobooks On Apple Watch

1. Audiobooks Configure

Open the Watch application on your iPhone. Tap My Watch at the base of the screen. Swipe up (go past Passcode and Privacy, and so on) and tap Audiobooks — it’s simply underneath the App Store in the rundown of preinstalled applications.

2. Include audiobooks

Under From Library, tap Add “Audiobook.” Pick an audiobook from your Library and tap it to add it to your Watch. To include another book, if there’s room, tap Add “Audiobook” again and pick one.

3. Delete an audiobook

To erase an audiobook you have recently included, swipe leftover it on the fundamental Audiobook screen and pick Delete. The book will really stay in your iCloud library so that you can include it back again whenever.

4. Want to Read

By default, Reading Now and Want to Read are both set to on, as clarified in the presentation. In the event that you just need to download the book you’re right now tuning in to, just turn off Want to Read.

5. Audiobooks Manage

To deal with the “Audiobooks” arranged in your Want to Read rundown or change the Reading Now book, tap “Reading Now and Want to Read” to go to the Books application and change them from that point.


On the off chance that you have installed macOS Catalina on your Mac, you would now be able to oversee audiobooks in the Books application rather than iTunes.

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6. Launch Apple Watch Application

On your Watch, press the “Digital Crown” to get to the home screen and search for the Audiobooks application — it’s a similar symbol as the Books application on macOS and iOS (white open pages on an orange circle). Tap it.


Reading Now is the audiobook that you’re currently listening to or the most recent one you listened to. So, not actually “reading” at all. also, check apple’s new apple watch series 6 features

7. Play an audiobook

Presently tap the Library. Tap on an audiobook’s title to play it. You may see alternatives for different playback gadgets; simply tap the one you need to tune in to the book. You’ll likewise observe the different playback controls and play audiobooks On the Apple Watch

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If you have downloaded any audiobooks from Audible, you can also listen to those on your Watch using Audible’s own Watch app.

8. Control playback

Utilize the controls to play, stop, skip, change the speed of playback, or pick a track or section. To change the device you use to tune in to the audiobook, tap the AirPlay symbol at the base-left of the screen.

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