Find Enshrouded Oswald Anders Chest Quest Guide

Enshrouded is a popular open-world RPG game that features many quests and secrets. One of the quests you can encounter is Oswald Anders’ Chest, which rewards you with a legendary weapon and some gold

I will show you how to complete this quest in a few easy steps in this article.

How to Find Enshrouded Oswald Anders’ Chest in Enshrouded?

Step 1: Talk to Oswald Anders

The first thing you need to do is to find and talk to Oswald Anders, a carpenter who lives in a small hut near the Carpentry Camp. You can find him on the eastern side of the camp, next to a wooden fence

He will tell you that he buried a chest with his life savings somewhere in the camp, but he forgot where exactly. He will ask you to help him find it and offer you a share of the loot.

Step 2: Look for clues

The next step is to look for clues that can help you locate the chest. There are three clues that you need to find:

  • note that Oswald wrote to himself, which is hidden inside a barrel near his hut. The note says that he buried the chest under a big tree with a red ribbon.
  • shovel that Oswald used to dig the hole, which is leaning against a tent on the western side of the camp. The shovel has some dirt and grass on it, indicating that it was used recently.
  • red ribbon that Oswald tied to the tree, which is hanging from a branch on the northern side of the camp. The ribbon is faded and torn, making it hard to spot.

Step 3: Dig up the chest

The final step is to dig up the chest using the shovel. You need to find the big tree with the red ribbon on the northern side of the camp. The tree is near a rocky hill and a small pond.

Once you find the tree, you need to use the shovel on the ground in front of it. You will see a sparkle indicating that you found the right spot. After a few seconds, you will uncover the chest and complete the quest.

Why is Enshrouded Oswald Anders’Anders’ chest quest significant?

You need to find Oswald Anders Chest in Enshrouded because it is part of a side quest that rewards you with gold and experience points. Lena, a carpenter at the Carpentry Camp, gives the quest. 

She tells you that her father, Oswald Anders, was a famous explorer who hid a chest full of treasures somewhere in the Frosty Forest. She asks you to find it and bring it back to her.

The quest is optional but can help you level up your character and buy better equipment. It also reveals some exciting lore about Oswald Anders and his adventures.


Congratulations, you have successfully found Oswald Anders’ Chest in Enshrouded! You can now open the chest and claim your reward. You will get a legendary sword called Anders’ Blade, which has high damage and a chance to inflict bleeding on enemies. 

You will also get 500 gold and some random items. You can either keep the loot for yourself or share it with Oswald, who will be very grateful and give you some extra reputation. Either way, you have completed a fun and rewarding quest in Enshrouded.

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