Enshrouded Best Sword Get Fast Guide

Looking for a powerful one-handed sword early in your adventure? Look no further!

Sword Summary

  • The Hail Scourge is an upgrade to the legendary Wailing Blade.
  • Provides a light source in darkness, perfect for dungeons and night-time exploration.

Best Sword Location

  • Start from your base, head north towards the Ancient Spire.
  • Glide northeast past landmarks until you reach the Shrouded area near Lone Thistle Village.
  • Avoid enemies if you’re low-level.

Sword Location

  • Search for two graves in the Shrouded area to uncover the Hail Scourge.
  • Be cautious of deadly shroud in the area.

Additional Loot Chest Locations

  • Explore the Alchemist’s house for extra loot and lore.
  • Don’t miss the secret chest upstairs and downstairs in the cellar.

Upgrading Hail Scourge

  • Visit the blacksmith to upgrade the sword for increased damage.

Dark Lore Story

  • Discover the cursed history of Hail Scourge by finding a journal in a nearby house.
  • Despite its history, the sword has no adverse gameplay effects.


Combine Hail Scourge with the Queen Shield for a formidable combo. Get ready to wield the mightiest sword in the game!

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